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6/17/02 6:56:40 PM  Opening "Chat Log 6/17/02"

NiftyFifty677070:   I've heard good things about The Millionaires
HOST WRTR Muse: Paul, F11 is Brad Meltzer
OnlineHost: B4B5Nothin has entered the room.
HOST WRTR Paul: Howdy
F11studios: I've heard good things too -- from my Mom!
B4B5Nothin: Hello Paul and Muse,
PattiJ7:    B4B, you found me! LOL Good for you
HOST WRTR Paul: Clever disguise    ;-)
HOST WRTR Muse: lol
NiftyFifty677070:   Hi, Paul, B4
HOST WRTR Muse: at least she read it, Brad!
TheWordSlayer 2:    Hi Brad, Thanks for comeing :)
B4B5Nothin: Hi Patti
PattiJ7:    B4B :)
HOST WRTR Paul: Proabably cost a million
F11studios: Hey there.
B4B5Nothin: Hi Nifty, how are you tonight.
PattiJ7:    B4B, F11studios is Brad Meltzer
OnlineHost: WriteWithHeart has entered the room.
NiftyFifty677070:   Pretty good, B4.  I'm Ayn Hunt in disguise <grin>
B4B5Nothin: Yep, once you gave me directions to here, I found you no problem.
B4B5Nothin: OH Ayn, LOL
NiftyFifty677070:   LOL
HOST WRTR Muse: Brad are you familar with protocol?
F11studios: If by protocol, you mean, I'm clueless, then yes.
HOST WRTR Muse: roflol
PattiJ7:    F11, LOL
HOST WRTR Muse: what it means is that we'll be fielding questions
HOST WRTR Muse: people will type a ? for a question or a ! for a comment
HOST WRTR Muse: and get in line to be called upon
HOST WRTR Paul: we need to pick a Greeter and Moderator
HOST WRTR Paul: The rest of the gang will be along shortly
WriteWithHeart: hi Brad thank you for coming to our group
F11studios: anytime, write!
HOST WRTR Muse: we'll start with a bunch of questions for you, and then
switch to the group at large
HOST WRTR Muse: when you are done with an answer, or anyone else is done with
what they are saying
PattiJ7:    ?
HOST WRTR Muse: they will type a ga or a / to indicate they are through.  ga
means go ahead
HOST WRTR Muse: yes, Patti?
HOST WRTR Muse: or are you already on line.  lol
PattiJ7:    Brad, did you really see the tunnels in the Whitehouse??? For
"The First Counsel?" ga
B4B5Nothin: ?
OnlineHost: Netera has entered the room.
F11studios: good by me -- hit me with some ?s and As.
OnlineHost: Lumberjackjc has entered the room.
HOST WRTR Muse: oh, we're sort of waiting to start, Patti
HOST WRTR Muse: lol
F11studios: For First Counsel, I saw where the tunnels were, but couldn't get
F11studios: But where the tunnels are, that's where they are in real life.
It's an old bomb shelter
PattiJ7:    Brad, did you really go through the tunnels in the White House in
research for The First Counsel?
PattiJ7:    Really? How interesting.
PattiJ7:    ga
F11studios: and it's the one Cheney was taken to after 9/11.  As for where
the secret tunnels under the White House lead, I don't want to ruin chapter 32
for you...
HOST WRTR Muse: lol
F11studios: am i doing this right?
TheWordSlayer 2:    Braad you can't do it wrng. You are the guest : )
OnlineHost: SarahStNy has entered the room.
WriteWithHeart: ?
OnlineHost: HOST WRTR Dee has entered the room.
HOST WRTR Dee:  Hello all
TheWordSlayer 2:    evening Donna
NiftyFifty677070:   Hi, Dee
HOST WRTR Muse: you are doing great, Brad
WriteWithHeart: hi Donna
HOST WRTR Paul: Muse is moderating and I will greet visitors
HOST WRTR Muse: Dee is Donna our second in charge, Brad
OnlineHost: LittCrazy has entered the room.
F11studios: thanks!
B4B5Nothin: hello Donna and Litt
HOST WRTR Dee:  nice to meet you all
OnlineHost: SteeIBtrfl has entered the room.
NiftyFifty677070:   Nice to meet you too, Dee
TheWordSlayer 2:    I am Don the 48th in charge LOL
HOST WRTR Muse: lol, Don
Netera: LOL
B4B5Nothin: LOL
HOST WRTR Muse: Don is the heart of our group
SteeIBtrfl: Hello everyone
HOST WRTR Muse: :-)
PattiJ7:    Muse, I think B4B was next, then Write with Heart
TheWordSlayer 2:    evening Steel : )
LittCrazy:  then I must be 49yh
HOST WRTR Muse: yes, I have that so far, but keep me on top of things Patti
PattiJ7:    Muse ;)
HOST WRTR Muse: I want to do an introduction and then we'll go back to
B4B5Nothin: Wouldn't caps be easier for the hosts and special guest for us to
distinguish between? Hard to tell who is how without them. :) By the way you
are doing beautifully. Fielding questions and all. /ga
PattiJ7:    B4B, agree
SteeIBtrfl: not caps - maybe bold font - red?
B4B5Nothin: bold then please./
F11studios: is this okay?
HOST WRTR Muse: Welcome everyone, tonight we have bestselling author, Brad
Meltzer, whose most recent book is The Millionaires
SteeIBtrfl: works for me
B4B5Nothin: Better, thanks.
HOST WRTR Muse: Brad, why not use bold too
F11studios: Like this?
LittCrazy:  yes
B4B5Nothin: Wonderful.
NiftyFifty677070:   Cool!
PattiJ7:    excellent
HOST WRTR Paul: this guy has AOL down pat already!    :=)
F11studios: Okay, here I am, in red and bold -- I feel so...dirty...
B4B5Nothin: Ok about your book... how many hours a day do you work on your
HOST WRTR Muse: Brad is also the author of the Tenth Justice, First Counsel
PattiJ7:    F11, but you look so nice and bright!
HOST WRTR Muse: I will start by asking Brad some questions and then we'll
open the floor to questions
TheWordSlayer 2:    you must be part indian Brad :)
HOST WRTR Muse: Brad, we'd love to know how you got your big break.  Can you
fill us in?  ga
F11studios: I start at about 9:30 am and write till I peter out.  Sometimes
that's at 3 pm, sometimes at 8 at night.  It's like squeezing a spounge dry --
you can only squeeze it so much.
F11studios: As for my big break, I stumbled over it..
F11studios: I went to a job at GAMES magazine and the week i got there, my
boss left the job.  So there I was in Boston, knowing almost no one.
B4B5Nothin: Thank you Brad, you answered both our questions at the same time.
F11studios: I thought I wrecked my life, and therefore decided to do what
we'd all do when we think we wreck our lives -- I decided to write a novel.
HOST WRTR Muse: lol
TheWordSlayer 2:    :)
NiftyFifty677070:   LOL
B4B5Nothin: with a sense of humor like that how could you fail? LOL
HOST WRTR Muse: Now was that the real first novel, or was that Tenth Justice?
F11studios: I knew nothing about writing novels, but figured everyone has one
novel in them -- I should take my shot.  My first novel got 24 rejection
F11studios: And there were only 20 publishers out there.  I got 24 letters.
HOST WRTR Muse: we all know that feeling here!
PattiJ7:    F11, but Warner Books grabbed you around the throat and wouldn't
let go?
WriteWithHeart: hahaha
F11studios: As for that novel, it wasn't Tenth Justice -- it was my first
novel.  To this day, it still sits on my shelf, published by Kinkos...
HOST WRTR Muse: How did you move from that novel to Tenth Justice?
F11studios: But I said, "If they don't like that book I'll write another, and
if they don't like that, I'll write another."
Netera: good attitude.
HOST WRTR Paul: yeah!
F11studios: The week after my 23 and 24th rejection, I started the book that
became Tenth Justice.
B4B5Nothin: Writer's spirit rears its lovely head. :)
HOST WRTR Muse: In your mind what were the key ingredients that made that
book more saleable than the first?
F11studios: As for moving, Tenth Justice was just the next idea I had.  To be
honest, I wiish I were more calculating and smart, but back then it was all
instinct.  I had -- and have -- no idea what I'm doing.  Really.  Ask my wife.
HOST WRTR Muse: I will at the next P & P event
HOST WRTR Muse: Did you use a book doctor for the second book, a critique
group or did it just come together?
F11studios: I think Tenth Justice sold bc it had a plot.  The first book,
Fraternity, had characters and was a coming of age story -- and I love that book,
but Tenth Justice had a cold, hard plot that I could hang the characters on.
PattiJ7:    F11, as a book critic I cannot believe you don't know what you're
OnlineHost: LadyJuneBugknows has entered the room.
F11studios: The book just came together.  I always use my family and friends
as readers, but I used the same ones on ALL the books.
F11studios: I think with Tenth Justice, I just got lucky.  Period.
B4B5Nothin: ?
HOST WRTR Muse: How did you get the attention of your agent and Warner?
F11studios: Okay, the one thing I know what I'm doing is that I write what I
love.  I think that's always the key.
F11studios: Warner was my paperback publisher from the start, but not
hardback.  As for getting my agent and first Publisher's attention, I got my agent
with my first unpublished book.
F11studios: She thought it was funny.  That's it.  I was calling all the NY
agents, and none of them cared.  I bothered everyone and clearly came off
TheWordSlayer 2:    You are an Awsome Guest speaker Brad! very honest :)
OnlineHost: MJohn33000 has entered the room.
HOST WRTR Muse: okay, I'm going to open the floor to questions.  B4B5 your
HOST WRTR Muse: you're
HOST WRTR Muse: lol
F11studios: but the place I bothered the least (in Boston), was the one place
to call me back.
B4B5Nothin: Who is your Agent? That is if you don't mind telling us that?/GA
F11studios: Thanks, Slayer!  And my agent is Jill Kneerim, now with the Hill
& Barlow Agency
HOST WRTR Paul: MJohn, you're not getting IMs. Check your email.   :-)
HOST WRTR Muse: Writer with Heart ga
MJohn33000: okay
HOST WRTR Muse: Donna, why don't you step in if Write needs a moment
WriteWithHeart: So the agents weren't friendly?  I was wondering if they are
supportive on unpublished writers
HOST WRTR Dee:  I notice that in the Millionaires, your premise was "the
ethics of stealing". Would a person steal if they thought they wouldn't get
caught. When you come up with an idea for a book, does the concept come first, or a
situation or
HOST WRTR Dee:  characters?   GA
HOST WRTR Muse: Brad answer at will!
F11studios: Agents want what they can't have and if they can have it, they
don't want it.  Except my agent, who rules (cause she didn't neg me).
OnlineHost: Nasdaquero has entered the room.
F11studios: I always start with the characters...
PattiJ7:    !
B4B5Nothin: ?
OnlineHost: Nasdaquero has left the room.
F11studios: If the characters stink, readers won't follow for 10 pages.  If
they're good and believeable, reders will watch for 1000 pages.
HOST WRTR Dee:  interesting...good answer
HOST WRTR Muse: Brad when you're done please say ga.
F11studios: Of course, I may have a nugget of the plot first, but it's the
characters that HAVE to work for the book to work (no matter how great the plot
F11studios: GA
HOST WRTR Dee:  thanks...ga
HOST WRTR Muse: I notice when you start your book, you don't use real action.
You do the hardest thing which is inner turmoil
HOST WRTR Muse: how do you manage to keep that tension going? ga
TheWordSlayer 2:    ?
F11studios: Thanks -- I'm glad you see it like that.  I always feel that it's
the character's turmoil that's the real action.
PattiJ7:    All major writers start with "characters."  You DO know what
you're doing ;)
F11studios: As for keeping it going, I try to make sure that you get a good
painting of the character.  If you feel for the character, the tension will
contionue.  If you don't, you won't care and the tension is gone.
OnlineHost: Cyncity 1 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Coco0609 has entered the room.
F11studios: The key is always, do you feel like you're watching a real
person.  If it's not real (even if it's fiction) it falls apart.  Fiction is at it's
best with one foot in reality.  GA
HOST WRTR Muse: Patti, ga
HOST WRTR Muse: B4 is next
PattiJ7:    Muse, I made my comment out of order, sorry. ga
HOST WRTR Muse: ga B4B5
B4B5Nothin: Where do you get your ideas? Your Characters? Settings? Real
places and people or totally fictional? What inspires you?/ga
HOST WRTR Muse: Word will be next
F11studios: Ideas come from all over -- riding the Metro in DC, talking to
friends, reading the paper.  Just pay attention and you'll see ideas all around
B4B5Nothin: That is my problem ... to many ideas. LOL
F11studios: Of course, lots of the ideas also come from research.  For
Millionaires, I researched wealthy financial people and kept find out that they all
keep their money....
F11studios: in places called "private banks."  I mean, where do you think
Bill Gates keeps him money?  Not where we keep our money.  So I wanted to show
readers this private world, where it takes 2 million just to OPEN an account...
F11studios: The research on the setting kept spreading to new new ideas.  GA
HOST WRTR Muse: Queue is open.  Word ga
TheWordSlayer 2:    How long did it take you to write the Millionaires from
thought to finnished Novel. Not when it was actually published just finnished.
ga ......... Thanks in advance:)
F11studios: I think about 2 years.  The first 6 months are the research and
character sketching.  The rest is wiritng and editing.  GA
PattiJ7:    !
B4B5Nothin: ?
F11studios: i mean writing!
HOST WRTR Muse: Brad would you tell us about Disney world and how difficult
it was to research?
F11studios: Yeah -- in the end of Millionaires, the characters go to the
secret underground tunnels under Disney
F11studios: I was fascinated by this.  Are the tunnels real?  What's down
there? Is Walt down there?  I had to know.
F11studios: Now, I've researched the White House and Supreme Court -- and I
can now say, Disney keeps their secrets better than the WH and Sup Ct combined!
B4B5Nothin: !
OnlineHost: The13thDoctor has entered the room.
WriteWithHeart: ?
F11studios: It was the hardest place to crack, but in the end, Disney was
great.  They invited me into the tunnels and showed me around.
F11studios: So what you see is real.  GA
HOST WRTR Muse: GA Patti
PattiJ7:    Brad, the fact that you entertain and inform in your stories
makes them fascinating. Did you really interview a former President's daughter for
"The First Counsel?"
PattiJ7:    ga
F11studios: I did.  I contacted all the former President's Daughters.  I
calle dthem all up (you can find them all through their Dad's libraries)
F11studios: Every one of them said no.  And then one said yes.  Which one,
you think (though you don't type it)?
HOST WRTR Muse: Amy?
Cyncity 1:  amy
HOST WRTR Muse: Trisha?
F11studios: I'm not saying...  And not bc she said not to -- but if I reveal
who she is, then I'm just another person trying to use her good name to do
something for myself -- and I don't wanna be that guy.  Let other people be that
guy.  GA
HOST WRTR Muse: Margaret is also a writer
HOST WRTR Muse: B4B5 ga
PattiJ7:    Bravo for you, Brad
F11studios: Smart guessing, but I'm tight lipped.
B4B5Nothin: Did you have help in your editing? (bytheway Brad - most of us
read typoneeze just fine)./ga
HOST WRTR Muse: yes bravo, but I hate not knowing.  lol
OnlineHost: Witnes4JC has entered the room.
PattiJ7:    Muse, think about it ;)
Witnes4JC:  HI GUYS
B4B5Nothin: Bravo
HOST WRTR Dee:  whisper name into my ear later!
HOST WRTR Dee:  lol
OnlineHost: Coco0609 has left the room.
F11studios: i had friends from the white house read First COunsel for accura
cy --and the Secret Service helped as well.  But in the end, the characters
were all ours, so we let them run wild.
PattiJ7:    ;) Indeed
B4B5Nothin: ?
F11studios: Of course, the best compliment I got was when the White House
press person said, "How the heck did Meltzer find out this stuff?"
F11studios: That's a nice review -- even better than the one my mom gave me.
HOST WRTR Muse: Donna, ga :-)
HOST WRTR Dee:  Any tricks of the trade to share for mid-book blues?  GA
HOST WRTR Muse: it sure is brad!
F11studios: Ah, the blues.  Never heard them called that, but sure.  I
actually wrote on a sheet of paper what was good about the book I was writing.
Sounds nuts and maybe too new-agey, but it was helpful when I needed it.
F11studios: Also, talk to my wife.  That helped for me.  :)
F11studios: oops.  ga
HOST WRTR Dee:  can I talk to your wife, too?  lol
HOST WRTR Dee:  thanks, ga
HOST WRTR Muse: Write with Heart, ga
WriteWithHeart: Brad, my question has a couple of parts but first, I'd like
to thank you for sharing with us..I'm just getting ready to start looking for
an agent...I have been told by a handful of people that I have a bestseller...
WriteWithHeart: what you said about trying to find an agent is
scarey....people say the best way to find one is through an introduction...
WriteWithHeart: are you, as a published writer, inundated with people like me
asking you to read their books?
HOST WRTR Muse: I assume that's a ga?
WriteWithHeart: Do published writers feel any responsibility to help young up
and coming writer get seen?
WriteWithHeart: ga
HOST WRTR Muse: Brad feel free to answer which ever part you wish.  LOL
WriteWithHeart: Right cause I don't mean to put you on the spont...lol
F11studios: I do get asked for introductions, but the one rule I have is I
don't read while I write.  It's the only way to keep my voice my own.  But as
for feeling pressure, sure -- I did exactly what you're doing -- which is why I
WriteWithHeart: that was spot by the way...
F11studios: to anyone out there -- go ahead and write to my agent.  Use my
name and say I said I thought she was a great agent.  To this day, my name
doesn't mean squat.  If she likes the book, she's represent it.  period.
WriteWithHeart: But what about if YOU tell her YOU like the book?  Does that
PattiJ7:    F11 you are too modest ;)
F11studios: i wish my name opened all the doors, there, but she rejected my
uncle!  true!
WriteWithHeart: hahahaha...
HOST WRTR Muse: B4 ga
B4B5Nothin: Ever think of branching out into Screen scripts as in helping do
an episode of "West Wing"? Or even the Precinct?/GA
F11studios: it may help if i tell here i like it -- but i don't read while i
write, so it's a bit hard to say i like something i haven't read (if that
makes sense).  :)
Cyncity 1:  ?
WriteWithHeart: totally
B4B5Nothin: Yes it does Brad
WriteWithHeart: thank you...
F11studios: I think about Hollywood.  Then I realize they're nuts out there.
And then I remember that Hollywood is great,
Netera: gotta go. Good night.
OnlineHost: Clcwalker has entered the room.
HOST WRTR Dee:  night Netera
OnlineHost: Clcwalker has left the room.
OnlineHost: Netera has left the room.
B4B5Nothin: TV.. not movies.
F11studios: but it's only icing on an already great cake.  Of course, that
doesn't stop my mom from picking out what she's wearing to the Oscars!
SteeIBtrfl: ?
HOST WRTR Muse: lol
F11studios: As for TV, we've developed 2 shows for Hollywood.  One was great.
One..well..they were nuts!  ga
HOST WRTR Muse: so will we see Tenth Justice soon on film?
F11studios: They're on draft 5 of the script.  I'm not holding my breath --
but I still think they need a writer to do a fresh take.
HOST WRTR Muse: well, remember Gone With the Wind, when you get down.  LOL
F11studios: I offered to write it for them -- and if they didn't like it,
they wouldn't have to pay me, but they say right through that one.  "Oh, no,
ywe're not falling for that old trick!"
F11studios: ga
HOST WRTR Muse: why not?
F11studios: ?
SteeIBtrfl: ((are we still on protocol?))
HOST WRTR Muse: are you asking yourself a question, Brad?
HOST WRTR Muse: yes, steel, you're next
F11studios: Cause they're INSANE!  Really.  They're all insane.
F11studios: ga
HOST WRTR Muse: Steel, ga
SteeIBtrfl: what about Cyn?
HOST WRTR Muse: oh Cyn you're first, sorry
HOST WRTR Muse: ga Cyn
Cyncity 1:  i just watched All The President's Men...how have things changed
in DC since this date 30 years ago? has someone already asked that? i'm late/ga
HOST WRTR Muse: no one has asked that, Cyn, don't worry.  LOL
F11studios: In some ways, it's exactly the same -- we want to believe the
best about the gov't, but in the deep dark parts of our hearts, the scary stuff
comes out when we believe the worst.  I love that movie, though.  I wish
Redford played me
F11studios: in a movie.  How cool would that be?  "Yeah, who played you?"
F11studios: "Oh, ah...Redford.  How 'bout you?"
HOST WRTR Muse: lol
F11studios: "Uh...Adam Sandler."
PattiJ7:    lol
F11studios: With less hair.
F11studios: And shorter.
F11studios: ga
HOST WRTR Muse: Steel, ga
SteeIBtrfl: Have you found any particular writing tip books helpful, if so,
which ones? Also,
SteeIBtrfl: do you work with an editor or book doctor prior to submitting
your work?
SteeIBtrfl: ga
F11studios: Not really.  I found one that I liked that basically said to just
write and write for an hour even if it's nonsense.  When I got stuck once,
that helped.
F11studios: As for book doctors, I don't use them at all.  What you see is
all mine.  I won't let the publisher change a comma.  It's the only thing I
really demanded in my contract, and the publishers
F11studios: were happy to give it.  As for editors, I have editors and
friends and family who read it.  They tell me what sucks and then it's up to me to
fix it.  ga
HOST WRTR Muse: You have had phenomenol success with your books.  Which was
the first to be listed on the NY Times Bestsellers List?  Also, how much of
your first advance did you spend on your own PR?
HOST WRTR Muse: queue is open guys
B4B5Nothin: ?
PattiJ7:    ?
F11studios: Tenth Justice hit first.  As for PR, I didn't spend my own money
until the 3rd book came out, First Counsel.  We did postcards and buttons and
insane stuff like that.  We also added 5 cities to the tour.  In the end it
was 5 to 10
F11studios: thousand, but I'm guessing on that.  Never trust a writer's
F11studios: ga
HOST WRTR Muse: did it help?
F11studios: We'll never know for sure.  But I think it did.  ga
HOST WRTR Muse: how did you make the bestseller's list with your first book?
Did Warner really put up a campaign?
HOST WRTR Muse: ga
HOST WRTR Muse: B4 you're next
B4B5Nothin: Speaking of PR, how much help did you get? How many book signing
dates did you do? Any advance copies go out to Oprah?/ga
F11studios: My first publisher, Rob Weisbach Books went nuts with Tenth
Justice.  In reality, they were supposed to launch the imprint with Paul Reiser's
Babyhood book.
Cyncity 1:  !
F11studios: But Reiser book got delayed, so Tenth Justice took the first spot
and the media gave that book far more attention than we ever thought it'd get.
F11studios: Again, we got lucky.  ga
HOST WRTR Muse: wonderful break!
HOST WRTR Muse: B4's question is above, Brad
F11studios: We did some of the PR ourselves, then hired someone to help with
a bit.  The publisher sent me on a 10 city tour for First COunsel, but I
wanted 15.  As for Oprah, she's not picking me.
F11studios: ga
HOST WRTR Muse: Patti, ga
PattiJ7:    Many writers coming in today find themselves pushed onto the
"midlist" with no publicity. Any hints on how to avoid this trap? ga
B4B5Nothin: <<2 minute warning>>
Witnes4JC:  ?
F11studios: I wish I knew the answer to that.  I really do.  I hate when
publishers bury a book.  Or get lazy.  It happens.  To really good books.  And
there but for the grace of God...go me.
F11studios: ga
HOST WRTR Muse: Dee is next
HOST WRTR Muse: ga
PattiJ7:    One thing a writer can do is get advanced copies out to newspapers
PattiJ7:    ga
PattiJ7:    sorry
HOST WRTR Muse: no Patti, as a reviewer we want to know your POV
HOST WRTR Muse: anything else Patti?
HOST WRTR Dee:  You probably don't do it now, but any recommendations on
writing a synopsis to send out on a person's book? What to do to catch their
attention? GA
F11studios: she's right!  we sent copies to press all over -- with a letter
and follow call that ...well, followed.
PattiJ7:    Muse, too any good writers are settling for the dregs, they do
not know how to get their work to the public. ga
PattiJ7:    that's "many good"
F11studios: Let me say one thing...
PattiJ7:    ga
HOST WRTR Muse: thanks, Patti,
PattiJ7:    ;)
F11studios: I had 24 people reject my first book... I had 24 people tell me
no.  And the one lesson I take away (even with the bestseller lists and all
that nonsense)
F11studios: is not that I'm right and they're wrong.  That's pig-headed.  The
lesson is, whatever you do with your lives --- whether it's teaching, or
being a lawyer, or staying home, or writing....
F11studios: DON'T let anyone tell you no.  The only way you find your dream
is to chase it.  And the one thing I wish for you all is that you find it.
HOST WRTR Dee:  You probably don't do it now, but any recommendations on
writing a synopsis to send out on a person's book? What to do to catch their
attention? GA
PattiJ7:    BRAVO!!!!!! to Brad
F11studios: Thanks for having me on.  And if you need to contact me, my email
(and more Q&As on writing) are at
TheWordSlayer 2:    excelent advice Brad....... Thank you.
WriteWithHeart: that was wonderful Brad, thank you....
NiftyFifty677070:   Very good chat, Brad
HOST WRTR Muse: Donna has the last question Brad
B4B5Nothin: i.e. NEVER GIVE UP :)
HOST WRTR Dee:  you are a wonderful role model for us
HOST WRTR Muse: If that's okay?
F11studios: ANytime!  And thanks again!  G'night!  And thanks, Muse -- you
rock and you roll!
Cyncity 1:  thanks brad!
HOST WRTR Muse: Thanks for coming Brad we really enjoyed you
HOST WRTR Muse: you're a wonderful guest
OnlineHost: The13thDoctor has left the room.
HOST WRTR Dee:  Muse, don't worry...brad has done a great job tonight
B4B5Nothin: {s applause
PattiJ7:    Fantastic advice, I hope everyone got it all!
HOST WRTR Muse: I have to say that I really bugged him and he was a great
sport about it all
NiftyFifty677070:   Sure did.  It was great
HOST WRTR Dee:  we'll be sending out the log
HOST WRTR Paul: thank you Mr. Meltzer!!      :-)
HOST WRTR Dee:  thanks Brad...
F11studios: Keep it short, sweet and to the point.  The best letter I
TheWordSlayer 2:    I need to Frame this Log
HOST WRTR Muse: Thanks for that Brad didn't want anyone to go away hanging
F11studios: ever heard was one that said:  "Dear Sir, In 2004 the world's
first female space shuttle fight went up into the atmosphere.
TheWordSlayer 2:    Brad.i havent bought a book in several months.you yours
is next on my list:)
HOST WRTR Muse: no
HOST WRTR Muse: what came next?
PattiJ7:    You can repay Brad by reading his books, you will learn more
about writing by reading his books than from a writing book.
F11studios: In 2005, the flgiht came back to Earth.  The astronaut was 6
months pregnant.  WOuld you like to read my manuscript?"
NiftyFifty677070:   How cool!
HOST WRTR Dee:  short, sweet and too the point...my kind of synopsis...lol
I'd read that book...sounds like a great manuscript
PattiJ7:    Brad, good grief! That's cool ;)
B4B5Nothin: Oh kewl.
SteeIBtrfl: sounds like a query letter to me
HOST WRTR Dee:  was the book published?
F11studios: Thanks friggin' great.  Think of it as if you're writng the blurb
n the insdie flap.  Don't say, if chapter 1, this happen, and in chapter 2...
TheWordSlayer 2:    Sryope make sure that is in the Log hehe
F11studios: Keep it simple and concise and let them feel like they can sell
it (as crass as that sounds).  Thanks again.  G'night all!  Much love and luck
to you all.
HOST WRTR Paul: <--- got it LOGGED    :-)
F11studios: B
TheWordSlayer 2:    :)
PattiJ7:    Good night you wonderful people. Brad waiting for your next book!
HOST WRTR Dee:  thanks again...much appreciated.
HOST WRTR Muse: Goodnight Brad and thanks again!
B4B5Nothin: Great Paul.
HOST WRTR Muse: Everyone I urge you to read his books
HOST WRTR Muse: they're wonderful
B4B5Nothin: Thank you so much Brad, you were great.
LadyJuneBugknows:   Thank you, Paul and Muse
HOST WRTR Muse: and see Patti's reviews too
TheWordSlayer 2:    Thanks Brad .the best you you and yours :)
B4B5Nothin: And very informative.
OnlineHost: F11studios has left the room.
Witnes4JC:  well back to my outlines
HOST WRTR Muse: the eWorlders have the link
NiftyFifty677070:   Thank you Muse, Brad and Paul....great chat
OnlineHost: MJohn33000 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Witnes4JC has left the room.
HOST WRTR Dee:  was that Patti's review you sent us earlier, Muse?
HOST WRTR Muse: yes it was
OnlineHost: NiftyFifty677070 has left the room.
HOST WRTR Paul: anyone wants a copy of the log, please email me
HOST WRTR Paul: (non eWorld members)
B4B5Nothin: Good night all, May all your muses be kind and your words flow
HOST WRTR Dee:  I did read it... good one, Patti
HOST WRTR Muse: Thanks for coming non eWorld members
LadyJuneBugknows:   Night all
OnlineHost: LadyJuneBugknows has left the room.
LittCrazy:  nite june
HOST WRTR Dee:  night all...visit us in our new home soon.
PattiJ7:    Muse, it was a pleasure. Enjoyed every moment.
HOST WRTR Muse: see you in the next life -- uh forum  -- Career and Work,
after July 1
HOST WRTR Dee:  wherever that may be...lol
OnlineHost: Lumberjackjc has left the room.
PattiJ7:    Dee, your new home is????
HOST WRTR Muse: Career and Work Patti
OnlineHost: SarahStNy has left the room.
HOST WRTR Dee:  Career and Work...
HOST WRTR Muse: we'll be your new neighbors
B4B5Nothin: Muse you are Coming to Career and Work? Yippie!
HOST WRTR Dee:  Writing and Publishing
HOST WRTR Muse: we might have a new name too,
HOST WRTR Dee:  our whole group is traveling there
PattiJ7:    Muse, hooray, remember Daytime Writers Group, Wed. mornings in
Career and Work, Field of Dreams. :)
HOST WRTR Muse: how could I forget, Patti, great group
HOST WRTR Muse: :-)
PattiJ7:    Night all ;) Great evening.
HOST WRTR Muse: Patti runs that group
OnlineHost: PattiJ7 has left the room.
TheWordSlayer 2:    hmmmmmmmmmm sounds liek a group i could make
OnlineHost: WriteWithHeart has left the room.
HOST WRTR Muse: bye
B4B5Nothin: Great Dee, will be wonderful to have so many more talented and
great hosts join the happy family.
TheWordSlayer 2:    night all. Sleep well.
HOST WRTR Muse: It was a great chat guys,
HOST WRTR Muse: night Don
Cyncity 1:  night don
OnlineHost: TheWordSlayer 2 has left the room.
HOST WRTR Muse: thanks for all the great questions
HOST WRTR Dee:  it was a good chat
B4B5Nothin: :)
B4B5Nothin: Good night.
OnlineHost: B4B5Nothin has left the room.
LittCrazy:  tomorrow is the big move day.  I haate packing
HOST WRTR Muse: you'll do fine, Litt
HOST WRTR Muse: and you'll be home!
HOST WRTR Dee:  Litt...just take your time...
Cyncity 1:  moving where litt?
HOST WRTR Paul: Litt where are you headed, finally?
HOST WRTR Dee:  Anyone know if Jasmine had her baby?
HOST WRTR Muse: I was just going to ask that
LittCrazy:  I'm going to Salt Lkae city
HOST WRTR Paul: no word from J
HOST WRTR Muse: if she's not here, she must have
HOST WRTR Paul: not so far
HOST WRTR Paul: wow . . . maybe so!
HOST WRTR Dee:  well, take care all...and Litt...good luck on the move.
HOST WRTR Paul: I could call her hubby.  No, wait . . . he'll be a Nervous
HOST WRTR Muse: Glad the other people came, a lot of our group was missing
HOST WRTR Dee:  Muse, you did an excellent job tonight.
OnlineHost: Cyncity 1 has left the room.
HOST WRTR Muse: thanks,
HOST WRTR Dee:  night all
OnlineHost: HOST WRTR Dee has left the room.
LittCrazy:  I don't know m\how much I'll be on in the next two weeks I
haven't found an apartment yet so I'll be staying with a sister
HOST WRTR Muse: well, just make sure to check your mail and find out where
we'll be after July 1
LittCrazy:  k
HOST WRTR Muse: Remember, Paul is up next week
OnlineHost: SteeIBtrfl has left the room.
HOST WRTR Paul: Force your sister to buy a computer!   ;-)
LittCrazy:  lol
LittCrazy:  I was thinking of buying her a new eMac
HOST WRTR Paul: yeah!
HOST WRTR Paul: and then hog it
HOST WRTR Muse: well, I'll talk to you guys later.  goodluck tomorrow Litt
HOST WRTR Muse: bye paul, Litt
LittCrazy:  well I'll keep my Powermac G4
LittCrazy:  nite

6/17/02 8:15:57 PM  Closing "Chat Log 6/17/02"