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On this page we've provided links to information about our organization, related topics, or sources that simply provide entertainment.

Maintained by our on HostWplcSushi


Support your fellow writers. Buy your books, gifts, CDs, toys, electronic stuff, auction goodies, and much more, right from this very link!

Agents Grammar and Usage Resources Research Book Buying Steel's Favorite Links


This page is a sort of BBB for writers, provided by the prestigious group Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. There are other useful pages as well.


Many unscrupulous people take advantage of eager, but naive, aspiring writers. The folks at this site will 'check out' an Agent in advance.

Agent Research

Speaking of Agents, this site has many common-sense tips.

Agent Advice

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This site was established for professional journalists, but all writers can benefit from their keen observations.


After some 80 years, William Strunk's Elements of Style remains the Bible of careful writers. Here it is, in full and on line, along with many other classic texts.


Here's a site maintained by Capital Community College.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

This is a topical site from Washington State University.

Common Errors in English

Richard Lederer is the world's leading expert on the English language.


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These writer-oriented sites feature a lot of good content, as well as many other links to writer's resources and organizations. Writer's Digest Books has a large assortment of 'how to' titles.

Writer's Digest

Management Alternatives

Red Ink Works
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Good writers need to be scrupulously accurate, and research can be a time-consuming endeavor. The Web can really help, and here are some good places to start.

The New York Times Navigator

The Internet Public Library

Information Please

Research It

Google Search

Encyclopedia Britannica

Reference Desk

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Writers are also voracious readers! If you're looking for a new book, you can support the eWorld Fiction Writers (and their tireless webmaster) by buying it through our own special Amazon.com link. They have lots of other goodies, too!

The Edward R Hamilton Co. has a huge selection, online and from their catalog. They have cheap shipping, and prices ranging from a dollar on up.

Edward R Hamilton

Some books are so rare that the Big Booksellers and Public Libraries cannot even confirm their existence. However, all is not lost! These two networks of Used and Rare Book sellers are almost certain to have them.

ABE Books


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Steel's Favorite Links

  Steel has been gracious enough to provide some of her favorite writing references and sources, including quite a few good freelance market sources:

Literary Agents, Hard to Find Address
Author's Guild
Word Origins, The List
Writer's Market.com
Writers Digest.com
Writer's Spec Market
World Writer Paying Markets
Freelance Writer's Page
Best Websites of 2002

Exploring PAYING markets for writers is a very important aspect for writers. Below I am including several links to freelancing markets. The key to look for on all of these sites are links to MARKETS or FREELANCING. Each of these sites HAS these listings posted.

Absolute Write.com
Fiction Factor.com
Writer's Weekly.com
Freelance Markets
Maxx Books.com
Freelance Sucess

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Note: Except for the Amazon.com link, none of these sites or organizations have any formal relationship with Writing to Publish. We've checked them out, and found them to be both legitimate and helpful. However, we cannot be responsible for their actions. As with everything on the Net, please be cautious, especially when it involves your money.

When eWorld closed and we moved to AOL, the Writers Club welcomed us with open arms. The Club is now part of iUniverse.com, and continues on that company's web site. Many writer's groups meet therein.

The Writers Club

We have developed an informal working relationship with Yard Dog Press.They started out as an "underground comic," and now publish novels and anthologies.

Yard Dog Press

Another of our friends is Sheree Bykofsky. She is a successful author, columnist, and literary agent based in New York City.


Here are some links to sites created by our fellow writer's group leaders.

We hope to add many more in the future.

Maverick Writers

Somniloquy (Horror)

Gotta Write Network

Christian Writers Network

Johanna Lindsey (Romance)

Please let us know of any sites that you find interesting and we will consider adding them to our list.  Also, if you find any of these links no longer working please notify me.