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Who Can Join?

We invite anyone sincerely interested in writing to join our group.  We do ask that you participate on a regular basis, offering critiques for submitted works and attending weekly sessions.  We are fortunate to have writers of all levels of experience and knowledge, and everyone, even the least experienced can make helpful comments.

Benefits of Joining

Ask any member, no matter the experience level, and you'll be told the benefits of this group are immeasurable. We help the new writer as well as the pro on any fiction project, from start to finish.
Our members contribute a wide variety of experience, interests and expertise, in different genres and styles, which you may draw upon to make your story as believable and realistic as possible. The benefits of their knowledge and research into both writing and subject matter are at your disposal. You receive unbiased, objective reviews of your work where the focus is on positive, helpful suggestions that will polish your work to get it into acceptable form for editors, agents and publishers. You receive more than just an edit, you are given comments, reactions, opinions and impressions from a variety of readers.
There's no inconvenient traveling, you stay in the comfort of your own home, submitting and reviewing at your leisure. This also gives you the benefit of anonymity. You won't be sitting in front of the entire group, redfaced and squirming, while you listen to criticism. Anonymity also helps if you're shy about commenting on another person's material.
Feedback is received within hours or days. There are no dues to pay or costs for space rental or refreshments as well as not having to pay for copies to hand out to the group. You'll experience growth as a writer through understanding the problems of other's work. We offer advice, encouragement and a good kick in the backside now and then. So come join us for a session or two, and you will be hooked.

Visitor Information

Dear Visitor,

Thanks for dropping by the official web site of Writing to Publish, formerly the eWorld Fiction Writers group.

Our writer's critique group was founded in 1994 on eWorld (the former online service of Apple Computer) by the Editors of Writers Digest magazine, as a part of their forum therein. Unfortunately, as you may know, eWorld vanished from cyberspace. But our work continues! We've built real friendships, and our group is still growing, together with AOL and the folks at their Writing & Publishing forum.

All of us have found this group to be helpful in improving our work. We have several members who are already "pros," having been published in one venue or another. Here, we seek to improve our fiction-writing skills. We've worked with many genres, from children's tales, to short stories, to chapters of full novels ranging from Romance to Science Fiction.

We follow the basic ground rules instituted by Writer's Digest. All are welcome to participate, especially aspiring writers. In order to become a full member, one is expected to express their sincere interest to the group leader, and to attend a couple of our Monday live chat sessions. After two weeks, if you find our work to be of interest, you may then begin to participate by making critiques of your own.

Prospective members are expected to submit at least two of these critiques, working through the group leader. The leader will email you the pieces, and receive your critiques by email. Thus, it takes one month, or four active visits, to become a group member.

Here's how the group works: Members take turns submitting portions of their work to the group, by email. The members then read it and send back (also to everyone) their written critiques. These can -and do- cover grammar, style, dialogue, plotting, characterization, world-building, and much more. Often the author will respond, and several rounds of email discussion follow. We discuss the submission and critiques further during the Monday conference. We're polite, but honest.

Later, it will be your turn to submit your own work. This is always a bit scary, but we've all taken the plunge. My own work has improved greatly thanks to my previous sessions with the group. As a group we maintain strict standards of respect for each member's unique work and copyrights.

Our regular meetings are on AOL in the Writer's Den chat room every Monday at 7 PM Pacific Time (10 PM Eastern). To reach us sign on to America Online. Then go to Keyword: WRITERS, click on: Chat With Pros, then on our link. The session's Greeter will be available to answer any questions via Instant Message.

Thanks again for your interest. We're an eclectic bunch, and we welcome new members. After you visit us two times, you will receive a more detailed New Members Packet.

Sincerely, Paul Carlson

Hayward, California

AOL nom de plume: Host WPLC Sushi WritingToPublish@aol.com


This section is provided as an actual example of how our critique group functions.  It includes the story Oasis, by group member Paul Carlson, several written critiques, and the weekly "live" chat session log discussing the submission

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