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7/22/96 About 8:05 PM Opening "Chat Log 7/22/96" for recording.

Trina Pink : Well, I guess the room's all ours now.
Sushiwritr : I have a list of questions!
Mstrebe    : I'm just going to heckle. ;-}
Trina Pink : Good, Paul!  Should be here anytime now, Matt.  LOL.
Trina Pink : Heckle away.
Trina Pink : Did you get a chance to read anything of his, Matt?
Sushiwritr : Who's greeting?
Trina Pink : Al
Mstrebe    : Actually, no. I've been too busy to read road signs
Trina Pink : We may have to resort to protocol tonight, btw.
Sushiwritr : Sounds familiar.
Trina Pink : LOL.  I can imagine.  How's your new life going,
Sushiwritr : Protocal--first time for everything!
Trina Pink : Yeah...weird thought, huh?
AlPerryNC  : It seems to be working now, trina.
Kerrannyn  : Good evening, all.
Trina Pink : Hi, Dylan!
Trina Pink : Goodnight, Megold.
BAPetersen : Hello everyone
Trina Pink : Hi, Brad
Sushiwritr : Hi Brad, all.
BAPetersen : How's it going?
Trina Pink : We're going to pick our guest speaker's brain .
Mstrebe    : My new life? I think I'm going to get tendonitis from
            typing so damn much.
Stotan717  : Is this the place?
Trina Pink : Speak of the...oh, hi, Chris!
Mstrebe    : Other than that,  busy but cool.
Trina Pink : This is the place.
Stotan717  : Pick my brain, but not my nose.
Stotan717  : Ooops.  Offended the group already.
Trina Pink : Gang, :::gestering to Stotan717::: please meet Chris
            Crutcher.  Author extraordinaire.
Trina Pink : LOL, Chris
Sushiwritr : We're hard to offend--and offer much welcome.
Kerrannyn  : Hi, Chris.
Stotan717  : I've been wanting to know how to spell
Stotan717  : HI
BAPetersen : Hi Chris
AlPerryNC  : Whoops, sorry, guest speaker!
Trina Pink : My Mom taught me that word.
Stotan717  : Okay, okay.  I have spellcheck
Trina Pink : Ah...Al, I should have also warned you not to greet
            him.  ;-)
Trina Pink : Well, shall we dive right in?  First, welcome, Chris.
             We're delighted to have you.
Sushiwritr : Boiong!
Stotan717  : Thanks.
Mstrebe    : So chris, how do you like editors?
Stotan717  : I like them well-done.
Stotan717  : Actually, I like mine fine.
Stotan717  : She lets me write what I want, and doesn't edit much
            at all.
Sushiwritr : Glad to hear that . . .
Stotan717  : But I know some bad ones if you want to bad mouth
            them for awhile.
BAPetersen : That would be a blessing...
Mstrebe    : Chris: What do you like least about writing?
Stotan717  : Sitting down to do it.
Stotan717  : I don't like being alone that much of the time.
Trina Pink : LOL.  What do you do to motivate yourself?
Stotan717  : I record TV programs I like and don't let myself
            watch them until I write a certain number
Stotan717  : of pages.
Mstrebe    : Check your bank statement?
Stotan717  : That will do it.
Stotan717  : Lately I've had movie people oiling that a little for
Ken Lac    : Caio friends
Mstrebe    : What movies?
Trina Pink : Lucky you!  Now...how do you get there????
Stotan717  : Angus, The Deep End (in development) Staying Fat for
            Sarah Byrnes (I'm writing for
Cybertyger : <meow>
Stotan717  : Penny Marshall) and Ironman (in development with
Trina Pink : How much slog time (in years) did you have to put in
            before the movies started oiling your account?
Mstrebe    : I've seen Angus previews.
BAPetersen : Full plate
Amylf1     : I think we're impressed...
Sushiwritr : Just read "Sarah Byrnes." Who would play Virgil, I
            wonder. The Kruger guy?
Trina Pink : Was Angus yours?  I didn't know.
Stotan717  : Actually it took awhile.  Probably my fifth book.
Stotan717  : I'm making Virgil a bit more of a slick character for
            the movie.  Less an out and out psycho
Stotan717  : More like a stalker.
Sushiwritr : You have that much screenplay input?
Stotan717  : Angus was mine.  they chickened out.  The story was
Amylf1     : <is that a favorite character.. for movie scenarios?
Stotan717  : No input on Angus.  Total input so far on
            Sarah Byrnes.  A lot of phone time with the
Stotan717  : of The Deep End.
Sushiwritr : Great!
Trina Pink : Chris:  I was wondering how you got together with
            your editor.
Mstrebe    : Publishing: How does one get good work seriously
            considered by a decent publisher?
Sushiwritr : Do you have an Agent?
Trina Pink : LOL.  Perhaps all the same question!
Stotan717  : A friend of mine Terry Davis, had an agent.  I
            had some great luck getting going.
Stotan717  : She took my first book and found the publisher
            right away
Trina Pink : Did you spend time writing short stories first?
Mstrebe    : You wrote your first book with no editorial input?
Trina Pink : I've read some of your short stories (in scholastic
Stotan717  : No editorial input.  Had been thinking about
            the story a long time.
Trina Pink : How much did the editor change it?
Mstrebe    : How long?
Stotan717  : Didn't write any short stories until my sixth
            book--or fifth--when I did a collection.
Trina Pink : Wow.  Is this typical or you are just lucky????
Mstrebe    : How long ago did you first publish?
Stotan717  : The editor didn't change much at all.  I toned
            down the language--I had been working in
Stotan717  : an alternative school in Oakland for ten years
            and was using the language I heard every
Stotan717  : day.
Sushiwritr : Personal: what school>?
Stotan717  : I'm still known for pretty rough language.
Trina Pink : But it's real, Chris.
Stotan717  : Lakeside School.  Was up from Lake Merritt
Trina Pink : That's the way people honestly speak (especially high
Amylf1     : Oakland is a rough place to live... <I lived there
            for one year in the '60's>
Sushiwritr : I went to Pinel School out in Martinez.
Stotan717  : Yes.  I believe the truth needs to be told in
            its native tongue
BAPetersen : It's real to a point... then it gets in the way..
Stotan717  : Yes.
BAPetersen : My opinion..
Trina Pink : Matt asked how long ago you first published.
Stotan717  : Never for shock value
Stotan717  : I first published in 1982
Amylf1     : How long have you been writing?
Trina Pink : Can I ask...how old were you?
BAPetersen : how many books total do you have published?
Cybertyger : 35
Stotan717  : And I've had the good luck of having the same
            editor for all my YA.  A different one for adu
Stotan717  : lt.
Mstrebe    : Trina: 36.
Stotan717  : I started at 35
Stotan717  : Took me a little while to write it.
Trina Pink : LOL, Matt.  You're better at Math than I!  That's why
            I teach English.  ;-)
Stotan717  : I've published 8
BAPetersen : hey.. I'm 35!
Stotan717  : slowed down a little with this screenplay
Trina Pink : That's remarkable, isnt it, Chris?  Having the same
Stotan717  : screenplay is a pain in the butt.
Trina Pink : So am I, Brad!
Mstrebe    : Ah, rules and formalities.
Stotan717  : I think so, but she's always loved my stuff
            and doesn't mess with it much.  Lots of guts.
Mstrebe    : Hey, I'm not 35!
Sushiwritr : You do use a fair amount of slang. Doesn't that date
            the work?
Stotan717  : I'm always careful not to use the slang of the
BAPetersen : ya gotta love a editor like that!
Stotan717  : You can make up language that works.
Sushiwritr : I don't even know what "adjusto" means!
Stotan717  : I hang out with a lot of kids.
Amylf1     : <catcher in the rye.. used slang... Paul...>
Mstrebe    : All writing is dated by the style of english used
            anyway, Sushi. There's no way to avoid it.
Stotan717  : Worked as a child and family therapist for
            fifteen years after teaching for 12
Trina Pink : So did Clockwork Orange!  Ai yi yi.
Sushiwritr : True.  :-)
Trina Pink : You taught 12 years?  Then worked as a therapist for
Mstrebe    : And there is the copyright date.
BAPetersen : but dating a work by it's english is part of the
            works charm...
Stotan717  : You don't need to know what adjusto means--you
            don't know what most words kids use mean
Stotan717  : but you can understand it anyway.
Sushiwritr : Yes, I most certainly did!
Stotan717  : Yes.  I still do some therapy.
Trina Pink : Yes, true.  Remember "bloody garbo?"  We all followed
            the story regardless.
Stotan717  : Lots of work in abuse etc.
Trina Pink : So you have a lot of life experience from which your
            writing can spring.
Sushiwritr : My mom managed an abused women's shelter.
Cybertyger : editor abuse?
Stotan717  : I don't think it's possible to write good
            stories without life experience--for me at
Stotan717  : And I wouldn't be as passionate about writing
            if I hadn't had--and keep having--those ex
Stotan717  : periences.
BAPetersen : You can't
Trina Pink : How much of what you write is based on what you
            actually experiece?
Mstrebe    : Tis true, tis true
Stotan717  : A lot is based on experience.  A lot.
Stotan717  : Not necessarily personal experience, but
            things I've been exposed to and can run
Stotan717  : my imagination.
Amylf1     : Is your writing - also a means to gain clarity on
            some of your life experiences?
Mstrebe    : I've had a hard time motivating myself to write--
            what do you do?
Stotan717  : Yes.  Fiction is a wonderful way to tell the
            truth--with a small t.
Kerrannyn  : Do you base your characters on people you know?
Stotan717  : You can find it for yourself by writing your
Trina Pink : Ah, how lovely!  Chris, you're just like us.  ;-)
Stotan717  : I base some of them on people I know, but they
            quickly take on lives of their own.
Stotan717  : I am just like you.
Mstrebe    : Ah. Perhaps I should give up technical writing.
Trina Pink : Do you ever feel overprotective of your work?
Stotan717  : Everyone who knows me personally has started
            writing because if Crutcher can do it...
Stotan717  : I don't get too protective.
Trina Pink : ROFL!
Sushiwritr : LOL
Cybertyger : LOL
BAPetersen : writing is easy... writing well is the trick...
Trina Pink : Well, you can't BE too protective.  THAT we have
            taught one another!  ;-)
Stotan717  : Yes, BA
Sushiwritr : Do you get a lot of fan mail?
Amylf1     : would you go as far as saying that the current
            generation -- has evolved.. very far from others?
Stotan717  : You have to remember that marketing is a big
            deal.  If you can't make money, no one is
Stotan717  : to publish you.
Trina Pink : So do you write for a market?
Mstrebe    : The current generation is no more (or less) different
            than any other.
Stotan717  : But, I've been lucky because my stories are
            unique in some way that seems to take.
Amylf1     : <come on, Matt!>
Stotan717  : No.  I don't think the current generation
Stotan717  : has evolved more than others.
Sushiwritr : Though they may think so . . .
Stotan717  : I think they have some things to deal with
            that we didn't
Stotan717  : But basic emotions, basic pain, basic fear, is
            the same.
Trina Pink : But we had to deal with things they didn't.
Amylf1     : more problems... less structured society...
Stotan717  : Everything is relative.
BAPetersen : I agree.. the current generation is just like any
            other.. trying to find it's place...
Amylf1     : change in morality...
Trina Pink : I realized, after teaching recently, that students no
            longer expect to die in nuclear war (I did).
Strebe     : More problems? Different problems, maybe.
Trina Pink : They expect to die of AIDS or random violence.
Sushiwritr : Do kids identify with the characters? Write to you
            about them?
Stotan717  : Kids are afraid of the same things I was
            afraid of.  I just need some ways to translate
Stotan717  : their time to mine.
BAPetersen : sure they did trina...
Trina Pink : Do they write to you?
Stotan717  : I tell my adolescent stories from MY seventeen
            year old head.
Stotan717  : Yes I do get a lot of fan mail
Sushiwritr : Can you answer it all?
Stotan717  : I also get mail from people who think I should
            be banned to Mars.
Stotan717  : I do answer it all
Trina Pink : I remember, the first time I read Running Loose (in
            my late 20s) that I identified strongly.
Mstrebe    : I'm afraid of dying by improperly administered
            heimlich maneuver.
Trina Pink : LOL
Stotan717  : It gets to be more and more a pain in the
Strebe     : ROFL MStrebe
BAPetersen : LOL
Sushiwritr : Hire a secretary?
Stotan717  : Could, but she couldn't answer my mail.
Trina Pink : Chris, do you use an agent?
Ken Lac    : (I was pretty sure I was going to die in the ticket
            line at the train station in Rome on Wednesday...)
Stotan717  : I take personal connection seriously.
Stotan717  : If people take the time to write, they should
            be respected.
Ken Lac    : (Italy does NOT have a service economy...)
Stotan717  : Only way to do that is to answer.
Stotan717  : (Although I'm sure I've lost a few in my time)
Sushiwritr : I write authors sometimes--about half answer.
Amylf1     : <I think as a reader of any author, I would
            appreciate a personal response..from the author>
Stotan717  : I do know some who don't.
Sushiwritr : Some very graciously.
Trina Pink : I never have written one.
Trina Pink : (Except Chris, here)
Stotan717  : In reality, it's nice to be appreciated.  We
            love to hear good things about our work.
Amylf1     : <I wrote to Roald Dahl... many years ago... he had a
            rather rude response...>
Sushiwritr : Not the Mars stuff . .
Stotan717  : I got one the other day that said I offended
Stotan717  : And this girl's mother.
Cybertyger : rotten peaches
Trina Pink : Do you have readers who see you too clearly through
            your writing?  Is it threatening?
Trina Pink : LOL
BAPetersen : I don't think it was God you offended...
Trina Pink : Which time, Chris?
Stotan717  : It isn't threatening.  It used to be, but I
            think it's only fair that readers know we're
Stotan717  : telling stories we care about.
Stotan717  : Sarah Byrnes offended God.
Trina Pink : Oh, I see.
Stotan717  : Actually I asked God and It said It hadn't
            read it.
Sushiwritr : Wow. Takes it personally out there.
Trina Pink : LOL
BAPetersen : You should send him a comp copy...
Stotan717  : I was on the top ten list of banned authors
            last year.
Stotan717  : USA today
Trina Pink : No way!
BAPetersen : congratulations!
Sushiwritr : Congrats!
Stotan717  : I do send it, but it keeps coming back.
Strebe     : Banned! Wow. Who bans?
Mstrebe    : Outstanding. Let's burn you!
BAPetersen : postage due?
Stotan717  : It isn't easy to get on a list with Kurt
            Vonnegut and Mark Twain.
Rhyssa2    : good company, though.
Mstrebe    : I'd like to be banned. How do you do it?
Sushiwritr : Do you need a bodyguard?
Ken Lac    : High company indeed.
Strebe     : I'd rather be bought.
Trina Pink : First you need to publish, Matt.
BAPetersen : I'd like to be read...
Stotan717  : Say bad words and challenge people's beliefs.
Mstrebe    : BAmm!
Sushiwritr : Sent to God but not to Iran?
Kerrannyn  : LOL, Trina
Trina Pink : Ah.  I can do that.  I think...
Stotan717  : I don't think I need a bodyguard
Stotan717  : though I live in the part of the country where
            the Aryans are.
Stotan717  : And I've offended them BIG TIME
Trina Pink : Yes, I lived up there, Chris.  I'm writing about it
Trina Pink : (oops...I may have just given myself away)
Amylf1     : challenging people's beliefs... that's what artists
            do... though...
Stotan717  : Yes. we do.
Stotan717  : Good for you.  I got hit for being intolerant
            of intolerance at one point.
Trina Pink : LOL.  So did I.  :-{
Sushiwritr : I met some Aryans in Twin Falls. Wanted to take a
            shower--esp. since I'm interracially married.
Stotan717  : They're some bad ingnorant dudes.
Stotan717  : And dudettes.
Rhyssa2    : Never met one and hope I never do.
Trina Pink : Can I change the subject?
Stotan717  : They're a real humourous bunch
Stotan717  : Yes.
Strebe     : I dunno. I think they're kind of funny.
Trina Pink : I was wondering whether you write out complex
            character sheets before you start a book?
BAPetersen : unfortunatly their attitude can come in all colors...
Stotan717  : I don't write out anything before I start.
Ken Lac    : Funny "haha" or funny "strange"?
Sushiwritr : True, Brad.
Trina Pink : Really???
Trina Pink : How much stewing internally do you do?
Mstrebe    : Till a fine simmer is acheived.
Stotan717  : I start with the story.
Sushiwritr : (Trina is big on ch. sheets.)
Trina Pink : (Yep.  No doubt about it)
Stotan717  : I heard an artist quoted as saying he puts
            three swatches on the canvass then expects the
Stotan717  : nvass to do half the work.
Stotan717  : I feel the same way about story.
Mstrebe    : Do you concentrate on character, plot, or setting
            when you are starting?
Trina Pink : Ah, I like that.
Trina Pink : My story, "The Metate" is one (the only one) that
            started itself.
Sushiwritr : Asimov said he started and plowed all the way through
            without stopping or changing his course.
Trina Pink : Oops.  we lost him.
Ken Lac    : If only I could get my stories to FINISH
Kerrannyn  : Chris got punted.
Trina Pink : LOL, Ken!
Amylf1     : AOL punts another..
Mstrebe    : Asimov could also write a story when dead asleep, and
            it would read like it.
Trina Pink : Until Chris returns...did you all notice that Phyllis
            is back?
AlPerryNC  : I didn't do it!
BAPetersen : This time it punts the famous!
Trina Pink : Now we're ALL in good company, Brad!
AlPerryNC  : The bouncer strikes again!!!
Trina Pink : All right, he's back on AOL.  He should return
BAPetersen : Hi phyllis... nice to meet you...
Mstrebe    : I don't see her anywhere.
Trina Pink : Oh, she's not here right now, Brad.
Trina Pink : I mean she has joined AOL.
Stotan717  : Must have offended God.
Kerrannyn  : He's back.
Sushiwritr : Welcom eback!
Trina Pink : WB, Chris.  :-)
BAPetersen : Well I don't feel silly at all!
Stotan717  : I'm BAaaaak
Trina Pink : ROFL
Amylf1     : hello again..
Stotan717  : So what's been happening?
Ken Lac    : God? God needs eMail?
Rhyssa2    : LOL
Amylf1     : we were waiting for AOL to return you to the group..
Ken Lac    : "god@omnipotent.org"
Trina Pink : We were talking about you.  ;-)
Stotan717  : He doesn't need it.  It's a luxury
Stotan717  : What's the org?
Cybertyger : God is just a big computer...
Stotan717  : I hope not...
Sushiwritr : I noted in "Byrnes" you referenced "Stotan!" A sure
            sign of success?
Stotan717  : Yeah.  I was being a smartass.
Trina Pink : Well...Robin Williams did it in "Hook"
Stotan717  : I actually used Lion from Stotan in "Ironman
Trina Pink : ("Seize the Day" and "Good Morning Neverland")
Stotan717  : He's a teacher now.
Stotan717  : Yes.
Sushiwritr : Ah, so they grow up.
Stotan717  : Keeps me thinking.
Sushiwritr : It's good to revisit a favorite character.
Trina Pink : Do your characters grow and develop, quite apart from
Stotan717  : Yes.
Stotan717  : Once the thing gets going, it takes on a life
            of it's own.
Amylf1     : is there a story... that screams to be written...by
Trina Pink : How do you choose names for them?  I have a terrible
            time with names.
BAPetersen : I find that too...
Stotan717  : I wrote a book of short stories and all the
            characters were from books.
Stotan717  : Books I wrote.
Trina Pink : Oh, neat.  Fans would love it.
Mstrebe    : Phone book and darts.
Stotan717  : I listen for names all the time.
Stotan717  : When I hear one I log it somewhere.
Ken Lac    : (If God is omnipotent, can he create a program so big
            that even he doesn't have enough RAM to run it?)
Trina Pink : LOL, Ken!
Stotan717  : Good, Ken.
Trina Pink : In real life?  Conversation?  Not other books?
Stotan717  : Usually real life.
Stotan717  : One first name here, a last name here.
Stotan717  : Then I lie my ass off
Trina Pink : Do you carry a little notebook or have a great
Sushiwritr : I use street names.
Cybertyger : God is all RAM, baby...
Trina Pink : ROFL.
Ken Lac    : (Sorry, Chris - I assume Kat briefed you on the
            wise-ass quotent around here?)
Stotan717  : No notebook.  I keep putting it in my back
            pocket and washing it.
Stotan717  : Names blur in my mind and in my pocket.
Trina Pink : I keep leaving mine by the computer!
Ken Lac    : Ouch - more great writing down the drain!
Rhyssa2    : I have several and the one I want is the one I can't
Stotan717  : I have a great new name
Stotan717  : for my next character.
Trina Pink : Yes?  Will you tell us?
BAPetersen : What?
Stotan717  : His parents were raised in the sixties.  They
            named him The Tao.
Stotan717  : Their last name is Jones.
Trina Pink : ROFL!!!
Stotan717  : He's The Tao Jones.
Trina Pink : LMAO
Trina Pink : I knew a man one, named Larry Hawke, who named his
            kid Tommy.
BAPetersen : poor kid..
Stotan717  : Quite a philosopher, this kid.
Stotan717  : And an investor too.
Stotan717  : Each chapter starts with a graph, telling us
            whether The Tao Jones is up or down
Trina Pink : Oh, what a great idea!
Sushiwritr : ROFL!!!
Trina Pink : Are you serious?
Stotan717  : Yes, I'm serious.
Rhyssa2    : Too fun :)
Trina Pink : In whose perspective?
Stotan717  : It's good to go for the outrageous and make it
Amylf1     : <like a mood stone...>
BAPetersen : That is a wonderful idea
Ken Lac    : <grin>
Trina Pink : I would be afraid it might look to gimicky...but how
            clever if you can pull it off!
Sushiwritr : Katrina wondered about your using First person in
            your tales.
Sushiwritr : We have troube writing that way.
Trina Pink : No, Paul, not first person!  Present tense.
Ken Lac    : (Oh no! The first person paradox again!)
Sushiwritr : You explain, please?
Stotan717  : I use present tense with certain stories to
            bring them up close.
Stotan717  : It's dangerous, because when it doesn't work,
            it REALLY doesn't work
Stotan717  : but when it does, it's pretty effective.
Ken Lac    : (Can't we just compromise on second person and all be
Trina Pink : LOL, Ken.
Mstrebe    : My current work is in second person.
Sushiwritr : Hear, hear.
Trina Pink : The Deep End was pretty effective, Chris.
Stotan717  : Thanks.
Trina Pink : One of things I liked best about it was...you could
            tell easily which sections were flashbacks...
Trina Pink : because they were in past tense.
Trina Pink : (That's often confusing to me).
Stotan717  : You lose the mystery of whether the narrator
Stotan717  : But lots of other bad things can happen to
Trina Pink : In PAST tense, you mean, Chris, right?
Mstrebe    : Unless the story ends when they do.
Stotan717  : Right.  "And then I died."
Stotan717  : Or "now I die.'
Trina Pink : ROFL.
BAPetersen : or "AARrrrrrrrgggggg"
Ken Lac    : Or, "Well, I'll be dying now!"
Stotan717  : Bunch of periods to end the story......
Sushiwritr : I wrote a scene with Cassandra--she dies, alright . .
Trina Pink : Sandy DIES????????
Trina Pink : (Sandy's a character in his book, Chris)
Sushiwritr : No, the old Cassandra.
Sushiwritr : of Troy.
Trina Pink : Oh.  Got it.
Stotan717  : I'm dying to read it.
Ken Lac    : <grin again!>
Sushiwritr : Send you a manuscript?
Stotan717  : But I can't, because I'm dying in present
Sushiwritr : No, you're busy, I know!
Mstrebe    : Is there an acronym for Rolling on floor throwing up?
Stotan717  : Actually I'm from the Sahara and I'm dying in
            present tents.
Trina Pink : :::giggling hysterically::::
Stotan717  : Take that, Ken.
BAPetersen : geeze
Amylf1     : <the tv series "the fugitive" used first
            person...format, and it worked for the
            character..dif. medium
Ken Lac    : Matt, I don't know if there's an acronym for it, but
            I'd love to see the emoticon!
Trina Pink : (Oh, Gosh!  There's that adverb again!  :::giggling,
            holding my sides and crying:::)
Mstrebe    : All movies are in present tense, Amy.
Ken Lac    : Taken, Chris!
Amylf1     : really???
Amylf1     : what about flashbacks...
Trina Pink : Not all.  Seen A River Runs Through It?
Mstrebe    : You mean a River Ran Through It?
Trina Pink : Nope.  A River Runs Through It.
BAPetersen : past tents?
Mstrebe    : I River has been running through it?
Stotan717  : I'm writing a story about a serious beer
            drinker called A River Runs Through Me.
Sushiwritr : silence
Trina Pink : (OOps.  I feel stupid.  Just got it!  ;-))
Jackatbrun : LOL, ST
Trina Pink : Sounds hystercial, Chris
Strebe     : A River Ran Over It.
Ken Lac    : ROTFL
Rhyssa2    : He fits right in with this group, doesn't he?
Trina Pink : Oops.  Too much beer running through me.
Mstrebe    : ROTFTU
Trina Pink : Oh, please!  Too much, too much!
Jackatbrun : Amyl, flashbacks are a no-no these days. Too many
            people are used to movies or something.
Trina Pink : Chris, do you agree?  About flashbacks?
Stotan717  : I'm having to use them in Sarah Byrnes.  
            They're hard to write.
Stotan717  : But sometimes necessary.
Amylf1     : <you can call me amy... historical pieces require
Mstrebe    : It's not the sixties man, flashbacks just aren't
            REALISTIC any more.
Ken Lac    : (flash my back and I'll flash yours... someone stop
Stotan717  : The story takes place in the present but the
            history is important.
Stotan717  : It doesn't work without them.
Stotan717  : Sometimes they're very effective
Stotan717  : You need a good movie maker to pull it off,
Mstrebe    : So start in the past.
Sushiwritr : brovo! I love history!!!
Sushiwritr : I'll buy a ticket.  :-)
Ken Lac    : Chris, do you think movies have affected the way
            people write?
Mstrebe    : Or a good dose.
Stotan717  : Buy a bunch of them.  Angus lost 24 million.
BAPetersen : bummer..
Trina Pink : You're kidding?  It looked great.
Trina Pink : (Oh how embarrassing...and I meant to go see it but
Mstrebe    : (althoug, I didn't see it)
Stotan717  : Yes, I do think that.  There's a lot of
            attention to attention span.
Sushiwritr : :::check my Tao Jones shocks :::
Amylf1     : <remember Lawrence of Arabia...? all flashback..>
Stotan717  : They used big bucks to make it, though.  Big
            time actors.
Amylf1     : David Lean..
Trina Pink : What about the quick snaps from one scene to another?
             Would that work in writing?
Trina Pink : (Just went to see Harriet the Spy...like USA Today
Ken Lac    : How about descriptives or scene setting (yeah, that's
            it Kat...)
Stotan717  : Just moving on.  You do it much the same way.
Stotan717  : You can jump ahead as well in fiction as you
            can in movies
Stotan717  : You just don't have to do it as much
BAPetersen : do you think writing became more "visual".
BAPetersen : (Because of TV?)
Trina Pink : Or perhaps less visual?  Think of the description in
            the Bronte's or Austen books!
Stotan717  : I think some people are visual writers, and
            others aren't.
Trina Pink : And that's OK?
Ken Lac    : Perhaps some stories are more visual than others too.
Stotan717  : Different kinds of books.  Tim O'Brien is a
            master writer
Stotan717  : but I would consider him more a word man.
BAPetersen : depends on the story
Sushiwritr : <---visual writer.
Mstrebe    : Some people are visible writers, others aren;t
Trina Pink : So some books will ride more on dialogue and others
            on description, etc.
BAPetersen : invisible writers?
Stotan717  : Yes.
Mstrebe    : <--Emperors New Writer
Ken Lac    : Ah, good point Chris.
Eyeballkid : what about screenwriters, do you consider them
            "visual writers'?
Stotan717  : They'd better be.
Kerrannyn  : Do you think the general quality of writing is going
Ken Lac    : <grin>
Stotan717  : If they aren't they aren't screenwriters very
Trina Pink : <g>
Stotan717  : I don't know if the quality is going down.  
            Some of the really good stuff is still really
Stotan717  : good and
Stotan717  : there's always been trash.
Trina Pink : Perhaps just more trash because publishing is easier
            (not for writers, for publishing houses)?
Trina Pink : Or that a misconception altogether?
Ken Lac    : S. Rushdie mentioned (New Yorker) that he thinks it's
            more that the market is flooded with material
Kerrannyn  : But I think more of the trash is getting published
            these days.
Trina Pink : Mmmm.  The percentage of readers in the population is
            certainly higher than Dickens dealt with!
Ken Lac    : For a "dying" artform, there certainly seems to be a
            lot of books about, doesn't there?
Stotan717  : Maybe.  I think publishing houses are always
            looking for more things that will sell.
Stotan717  : We all get a little offended when some
            celebrity puts out a piece of poorly written
Stotan717  : Mostly because so many people come to their
Sushiwritr : Estimating the taste of the American people?
Trina Pink : "We all"?  Writers?
Stotan717  : But good writing sells, and good stories sell.
Stotan717  : And usually gets its due in the long run.
Sushiwritr : Amen!
Mstrebe    : I blame word processing software. When you had to
            bang it out, it stopped a lot of people
Stotan717  : That may be true, but I sure like word
Ken Lac    : Hmmm. interesting Matt.
BAPetersen : it stopped me... I hate typing...
Stotan717  : I wrote my first book long hand.
Trina Pink : Wow.
Sushiwritr : <--started on typewriter. Hated it.
Trina Pink : I can't imagine.  My fingers cramp.
Stotan717  : Typewriters are made to irritate.
Mstrebe    : I did my first writing with Word Perfect. Nearly as
Rhyssa2    : I would have a hard time reading what I wrote a month
            or two ago.
Trina Pink : We only have about five more minutes.
Trina Pink : So....Back to the critical question:  how does one go
            from aspiring to published?
Stotan717  : Write passionately, keep at it, don't let
            anyone tell you you can't.
Stotan717  : The voice that almost stopped me was the voice
Stotan717  : of a million well-meaning adults who didn't
            want me to be disappointed--
Stotan717  : didn't want me to fail
Trina Pink : How sad, Chris.
Trina Pink : So...listen to your own voice?
Stotan717  : That's true for almost everyone.
Trina Pink : Well, one thing we are definitely doing is writing!
Mstrebe    : Critical Question: How does one find an agent?
Trina Pink : Or, Matt, perhaps...should one?
Ken Lac    : Whoa! Disapointment is gas - it seeps in around the
            cracks, whether you open the door or not.
BAPetersen : I know... there are too many people not willing to
            take risks anymore...
Sushiwritr : We're glad you did anyway!
Stotan717  : How many times did somebody tell you not to be
            too big for your britches.
Trina Pink : Matt asked how to find an agent.  I question should
            one use an agent?
Stotan717  : I've had great luck with agents, but I hear
            they're as hard to come by as publishers.
Stotan717  : I'm not sure that's true, but you have to go
Stotan717  : The good ones can get you good deals
Trina Pink : You found yours through a writer-friend?
Mstrebe    : Where do you hunt?
Stotan717  : I don't need to send my YA stuff to them, but
            all the movie stuff and all the adult stuff ne
Stotan717  : eds one.
Stotan717  : An agent gets your stuff read by someone who
            can make a decision.
Trina Pink : Hm.. Why not the YA stuff?
BAPetersen : why not YA stuff?
Stotan717  : Because I've written so many books, they know
            they'll make money
Trina Pink : Oh, yes.  Of course.
BAPetersen : ok... I just thought there was something about YA
            material that agents didn't like...
Stotan717  : I did need it in the beginning.
Stotan717  : Without an agent, you don't know where to
            go--you have to do all that legwork yourself
Stotan717  : I wouldn't have known where to start.
Trina Pink : Matt asked where to hunt for an agent.
Stotan717  : The Writer's Market
Mstrebe    : Does publishing in one genre help in another? Say,
            non-fiction to fiction?
Stotan717  : Yes. it does help.  My publishing house had
Stotan717  : kinds of genres
Stotan717  : But a lot of their marketing people do more
            than one.
Stotan717  : You want your name known
Stotan717  : The more your name is known the better chance
            you have.
Trina Pink : I heard once that the YA market is wide open and that
            the publishers would at least READ anything.
Trina Pink : (That was several years ago though)
Stotan717  : I'm not sure about that.  I hear YA is tough
            because you get lost in it.
BAPetersen : Still it gives me hope, Trina...
Stotan717  : That may be the reason.
Stotan717  : If you tell good stories in any genre, you'll
            finally get published.
Stotan717  : Good stories make connections.
Stotan717  : You connect with me, I'll read you.
Stotan717  : That's what good reading is all about for me.
BAPetersen : Really?
Mstrebe    : Don't tell this group that Chris. You'll be
BAPetersen : How do I connect?
Trina Pink : I don't think he meant it literally, guys!
BAPetersen : Oh well... I can try...
Stotan717  : Call God.  He sets up my appointments when
            he's not offended by me.
Sushiwritr : Whew!
Trina Pink : LOL.
Kerrannyn  : LOL
Amylf1     : <I think we hit the magic hour again...>
Ken Lac    : "God@heaven.com"
Mstrebe    : .com?
Trina Pink : Yes, we have, Amy.
Stotan717  : I believe that's Heaven.com
Mstrebe    : I knew it!
Trina Pink : But I think we can hang around and chat until the new
            group comes in.
BAPetersen : @AOL.com
Amylf1     : <god has to make a living too...>
Trina Pink : LOL, Chris
Stotan717  : That's right.  He can't get his stuff read
Stotan717  : At least not well interpreted.
Trina Pink : No kidding, Chris!  I'd hate for some many people to
            be telling others what I meant!
Stotan717  : Funny.
Mstrebe    : Everyone: What would you like to see from me next?
Mstrebe    : 1. More Uriah
Mstrebe    : 2. Characterization shorts
Mstrebe    : 3. Poe-esque shorts
Kerrannyn  : More Uriah, Matt.
BAPetersen : more Uriah...
Ken Lac    : (Are characteriazation shorts the ones with Mickey
            and Goofy on them?)
Sushiwritr : Uriah--we're hooked.
Rhyssa2    : I vote for #2, Matt.
Stotan717  : Daffy and Dandy shorts.
Trina Pink : I'd say Uriah, Matt.
AlPerryNC  : Whew. The bouncer just quit bouncing. Greeter, I
Strebe     : Just don't write about my childhood, Matt.
Trina Pink : Now Chris...we're not in THAT room!
Stotan717  : What room?
Amylf1     : characterization shorts...<my vote>
Mstrebe    : I wasn't there in your childhood, daan.
Stotan717  : I just turned fifty,  I forget things.
Trina Pink : Oh yes!  Happy Birthday!
Mstrebe    : I've only heard unsubstantiated rumor
Ken Lac    : Something that doesn't involve spaceships, please.
Trina Pink : Dandy, Daffy shorts, Chris.
Stotan717  : Send Prunes to .....
Sushiwritr : Spaceships are MY turf!
Rhyssa2    : Poor, Ken.
Stotan717  : Spaceshorts are your turf?
Mstrebe    : How about a bovine messiah?
Ken Lac    : Ouch!
Kerrannyn  : Well, I must sign off.  Goodnight, all.  Thanks for
            the chat, Chris.
Trina Pink : By the way...in case anyone has to leave...Daan's up
            for next week, and Dylan's greeting (right?)
Stotan717  : Good night.
Sushiwritr : Sci-fi man, here.
AlPerryNC  : Chris, thanks. Sorry I couldn't join the discussion,
            but will read the log.
Sushiwritr : Thaks, Chris!!!
Amylf1     : bye dylan..
BAPetersen : see ya later...
Amylf1     : thank you Chris
Stotan717  : Don't read the log, read one of my books!
Trina Pink : I'll be out of town for the next two weeks, so Paul
            is takin gover.
Rhyssa2    : Night Dylan
BAPetersen : Thanks Chris... stop by any time!
Stotan717  : I get ten percent.
Trina Pink : And,,, please BUY them, huh Chris?
Mstrebe    : Bye!
Stotan717  : Yes.  Or have kids steal them from the
            library.  They replace them
Trina Pink : LOL.
Trina Pink : Chris, thank you for coming.  This was delightful and
            fun and motivating.
Ken Lac    : Thanks Chris.
Rhyssa2    : Thanks Chris, It was fun.
Stotan717  : Better go.  Thanks for having me, it was fun.
             Don't let anyone tell you you can't write.
Trina Pink : Ah...thanks!
Ken Lac    : <<<cyberapplause>>>
BAPetersen : Talk to ya all later!
Sushiwritr : Yup!
Stotan717  : Or that you shouldn't. Or any of that crap.
Stotan717  : Good night.
Rhyssa2    : Night All.  See you next week.
Trina Pink : Good night.  And again, thanks.
Sushiwritr : They aren't here yet?
Stotan717  : welcome.
AlPerryNC  : BTW, could we vote on calling this group something
Trina Pink : Well, I'm just callin git the "Fiction Writers Group"
Sushiwritr : Ideas?
AlPerryNC  : FWG is OK with me.
Trina Pink : Ken suggested I send out a "newcomers" packet to all
            of you (just to let you know what we're sending..
Trina Pink : these days)
Sushiwritr : Gues we've outgrown eWorld by now, huh?
Amylf1     : night all...
Trina Pink : Yes, Paul.  I think so.
Trina Pink : BTW in case you missed it...I'll be out of town for
            the next two weeks.
Trina Pink : (I'm leaving Saturday)
Trina Pink : So write to Paul if you need something.
Sushiwritr : OK.
Sushiwritr : Well, dinner's waiting. No LesbiGays in sight, so
            turn off the room ights.
Sushiwritr : lights
Trina Pink : Well...I have a lot to do, so I'm logging out.
Trina Pink : Great session!  Think we should do it again?
AlPerryNC  : Yes.
Sushiwritr : Bye, all.
Trina Pink : G'night
AlPerryNC  : Nite.