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10/1/01 6:57:35 PM  Opening "Chat Log 10/1/01"

HOST WRTR Paul: : : :: thruuummmm : : : :
JsmnStrm:   :::::clearing throat:::::::::::
SteeIBtrfl: :::stares at Jas:::
TheWordSlayer:  ?
HOST WRTR Dee:  getting goosebumps
JsmnStrm:   I just found out.........  I'm
OnlineHost: WingedKzintiLord has entered the room.
SteeIBtrfl: whoooo ooooo
Coco0609:   wowow
HOST WRTR Paul: My oh my
TheWordSlayer:  Congrads Jas : )
JsmnStrm:   SRY BABY!!!!!!!
Coco0609:   congrats
HOST WRTR Dee:  Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sryope2:    Hey everyone.
SHoffer77:  good job  ;)
WingedKzintiLord:   hi all :)
Mod Gonne:  good lord, a tiny Jas....
JsmnStrm:   Thanks all..... :)
Sryope2:    Don!!!!
Sryope2:    welcome back
Cyncity 1:  Yeah!!!!! that is if you want to be...if not, well, yeah anyway
WingedKzintiLord:   hi steel :)
SHoffer77:  heya Sry
SteeIBtrfl: that is scary Jas
SteeIBtrfl: really scary
HOST WRTR Dee:  Congrats <------------hugs
JsmnStrm:   It's a scary thought, I know ash...
JsmnStrm:   :)  :) :D
HOST WRTR Paul: Jasmine "tempest-in-teapot" is on the way    :-)
TheWordSlayer:  Jas please tell everyone it isnt mine before the rumors start
flying around    hehe
Mod Gonne:  well, I'm happy for you all the same.
WingedKzintiLord:   what's up jsmn?
JsmnStrm:   Okay, it's not Word's, not this time.........
OnlineHost: JAxler2 has entered the room.
HOST WRTR Paul: Don appears this very week. Coincidence??
SteeIBtrfl: gotta name yet Jas???
TheWordSlayer:  hehe
SteeIBtrfl: Hello J Axler our guest
JsmnStrm:   I'm pregnant KZ
SteeIBtrfl: :::waves:::
Sryope2:    Hey I thought it was a secret
Sryope2:    lol
JsmnStrm:   Yeah, Steel we do have names picked out.
JAxler2:    Hi, all.
WingedKzintiLord:   great! :)
SteeIBtrfl: lasted - oh - 1 second Sry
JsmnStrm:   Well, I changed my mind.
SteeIBtrfl: lol
JsmnStrm:   :)
TheWordSlayer:  I have missed yall : )
Roy Gugat:  Jas -- when are you due?
HOST WRTR Paul: Boy name, girl name, alien name .. .
HOST WRTR Dee:  JAxler2...you're going to have a tough act to follow...just
had an announcement of Jasmn's pregnancy!
JsmnStrm:   Chrysalis AnnMarie -- girl  Brandon James -- boy..  Alien  1 of
WingedKzintiLord:   :::passes jsmn a nice vanilla cigar::: <G>
JsmnStrm:   I'm due June 6th.
JsmnStrm:   Thanks, KZ
Mod Gonne:  Chrysalis? nifters.
Yoyogimah:  some other name and not what you think
JAxler2:    Yeah, I'm always being upstaged by women.
JsmnStrm:   chrysalis was my husband's demand.. actually.
SHoffer77:  lol
Roy Gugat:  6/6?  probably not showing much yet?
OnlineHost: LittCrazy has entered the room.
SteeIBtrfl: JAx  - we have better shoes <grins>
JsmnStrm:   Nope.........
JsmnStrm:   :)
Coco0609:   hey mr jaxler : )
Roy Gugat:  :)
JsmnStrm:   Okay, I'm done now.. Mr Axler.. it's all your show now.
JAxler2:    Hi, Coco.
JsmnStrm:   wb littcrazy.
SteeIBtrfl: Paul - are we protocol tonight or free for all???
HOST WRTR Paul: Protocol
JsmnStrm:   Okay,I'll be green tonight now..
SteeIBtrfl: oh durn
HOST WRTR Paul: Unless Mr A wishes it otherwise
SteeIBtrfl: I gotta be good???
SteeIBtrfl: tsk
JsmnStrm:   Steel, you'll make it, I'm sure you will.
Roy Gugat:  SteeIBtrfl, can you?
SteeIBtrfl: :::giggles:::
JsmnStrm:   :)
TheWordSlayer:  Steel is better when she is bad : )~
Yoyogimah:  you gots to be good unless
SteeIBtrfl: sufficiently motivated for magnificent moments :::twinkles:::
OnlineHost: JES No Time has entered the room.
SteeIBtrfl: JES***
JsmnStrm:   hey JES.......
HOST WRTR Paul: Okay folks, you know how this works.   :-)
JES No Time:    Hi Steel****
OnlineHost: Pandora574 has entered the room.
WingedKzintiLord:   hi pan :)
JES No Time:    Jas ***
HOST WRTR Paul: First, would our guest like to make an opening statement?
Pandora574: Hello :)
SteeIBtrfl: ?
JES No Time:    Protocol?
HOST WRTR Dee:  yes, protocol tonight
JAxler2:    Uh...has anybody ever read any Outlanders novels?
HOST WRTR Paul: I just finished "Tigers of Heaven"
HOST WRTR Dee:  ? for questions, ! for comments, wait til Paul calls on you
HOST WRTR Dee:  I just got Tigers of Heaven
HOST WRTR Dee:  haven't read it yet
HOST WRTR Paul: Okay, I guess we can roll with the questions.
Coco0609:   i have read a deathlands one
HOST WRTR Paul: Deathlands isd set 100 years earlier. Steel, go ahead
SteeIBtrfl: How can a person contact a writer if that writers last publisher
is defunct and
SteeIBtrfl: the writer used a pseudonym anyway? - ga
OnlineHost: JAxler2 has left the room.
OnlineHost: JC WON 6 has entered the room.
SteeIBtrfl: lol
SteeIBtrfl: hey now
JsmnStrm:   oh no... our guest got booted.
SteeIBtrfl: I swear it weren't me
HOST WRTR Paul: whoops--looks like he got booted
OnlineHost: JC WON 6 has left the room.
JsmnStrm:   lolol  Steel, you know you did it, fess up!  ;)
SteeIBtrfl: did not
HOST WRTR Paul: These novels are all in a series
JsmnStrm:   j/k.........
The13thDoctor:  oopsie
SteeIBtrfl: I know <grins>
HOST WRTR Paul: Deathlands in the 21st century, Outlanders 100 years later
HOST WRTR Dee:  Steel, you scafred him off?
HOST WRTR Paul: Involves surviving in a post-nuke world
SteeIBtrfl: I knowDonna
SteeIBtrfl: slagged him
SteeIBtrfl: must be my heels
OnlineHost: JAxler2 has entered the room.
SteeIBtrfl: <eg>
JsmnStrm:   lol
HOST WRTR Dee:  ah...wb
SteeIBtrfl: wb JAx
HOST WRTR Paul: The same band of characters, heroes and heroines, battles
their way across a desolate landscape
JsmnStrm:   wb mr Axler.
SteeIBtrfl: do I need to type that again JAx???
JAxler2:    Thanks...got bumped.
HOST WRTR Paul: Aliens gets involves too
JAxler2:    No, you don't Steel. The answer is easy. I haven't the faintest
SteeIBtrfl: durn
SteeIBtrfl: no help at all
SteeIBtrfl: lol
HOST WRTR Paul: web research! Dig up their bios
SteeIBtrfl: been there Paul
HOST WRTR Paul: book review details, fan pages, etc. Donna, go ahead
HOST WRTR Dee:  was it hard making a transition from newspaper writing to
HOST WRTR Dee:  ga
OnlineHost: Pandora574 has left the room.
OnlineHost: GeorgeJim has entered the room.
JAxler2:    Dee--Nah. It was harder making the transistion from comics
scripting to journalism.
JAxler2:    Actually, it was a return to journalism.
SteeIBtrfl: ?
JsmnStrm:   hey George.
HOST WRTR Dee:  what is comics scripting?
JAxler2:    Yas, Steel?
GeorgeJim:  hey
SteeIBtrfl: Do you get tired of writing in one universe? ga
JAxler2:    Scripting comic book stories, Dee.
HOST WRTR Dee:  thanks
JAxler2:    Steel-You have no idea.
Yoyogimah:  ?
SteeIBtrfl: how do you relieve that?
JAxler2:    Think about writing other things. But that doesn't really relieve
JAxler2:    My schedule is usually so tight, it doesn't leave me much room to
write other things.
JAxler2:    Which of course, the publisher has planned.
HOST WRTR Paul: Wicked publishers!   ;-)Yoyo, go ahead
WingedKzintiLord:   ?
Yoyogimah:  how hard to make transition from journalism back to comic
scripting, which must be a love of art?
JAxler2:    Yo--I made the transition from copy-writing to comics scripting.
I returned to Journalism after the comics stint.
JAxler2:    Dee?
HOST WRTR Paul: WKZ, go ahead
HOST WRTR Paul: (It's okay--I have a written list here.)
JAxler2:    Sorry, Paul. You choose.
WingedKzintiLord:   how can writing stories be scheduled? isn't the progress
HOST WRTR Paul: Just trying to keep the requests in order.    :-)
JAxler2:    Sometimes it is. Like the past three weeks has thrown my schedule
into the toilet.
JAxler2:    You can only do the best you can.
JAxler2:    Real life intrudes on the best intentions.
HOST WRTR Paul: Got that right!     Donna, go ahead
HOST WRTR Dee:  How do you plan for your books...outline? What tricks do you
use to keep going? ga
Yoyogimah:  ?
JAxler2:    No tricks. Just a sort of "What haven't I done recently?"
HOST WRTR Dee:  no outline?
OnlineHost: ProgChan has entered the room.
JAxler2:    Only the broadest of outlines. I'm an organic writer. The story
grows as I go along.
JAxler2:    Paul?
OnlineHost: Mod Gonne has left the room.
HOST WRTR Dee:  I like that
HOST WRTR Paul: Yoyo, go ahead
JsmnStrm:   Like that, organic writer.....
OnlineHost: ProgChan has left the room.
Yoyogimah:  is that anything like sometimes life sucks?  fodder for the
fiction writer and the biographer
OnlineHost: ProgChan has entered the room.
JAxler2:    Yo--I would acccept that as a truism.
OnlineHost: LittCrazy has left the room.
Yoyogimah:  ;)
WingedKzintiLord:   ?
Yoyogimah:  truism is worth discussing
HOST WRTR Paul: Paul, go ahead.    ;-)
HOST WRTR Paul: I noticed some real old fashioned "cliff hangers" in Tigers
of Heaven.
HOST WRTR Paul: Most stories have
HOST WRTR Paul: some sort of resolusion
HOST WRTR Paul: How about in your series?
JAxler2:    Well, that book is the second in a trilogy, so it ends on
something of a cliff-hanger. The preceding book did too
JAxler2:    I introduce sub-plots which might go for three books or so.
HOST WRTR Paul: But the third will have some wraps-ups? Yet the series goes
JAxler2:    I resolve the sub-plot, then introduce another one.
ProgChan:   ?
JAxler2:    It's something of a soap opera approach, but it seems to work.
OnlineHost: Mod Gonne has entered the room.
HOST WRTR Paul: Okay.   Prog, go ahead
JAxler2:    The third does have some wrap-ups, but not as many as I'd like.
ProgChan:   How much of major l=plot resoltution do have in book 1, or #2,
WingedKzintiLord:   ?
ProgChan:   I ask merely because of my own series.../ga
JAxler2:    Prog--The first book in the trilogy actually has a resolution to
an incident that happened several books earlier.
SteeIBtrfl: ?
ProgChan:   ! really? how interesting....
JAxler2:    In fact, the entire trilogy springs from incidents that occurred
in earlier novels.
JAxler2:    What series is that, Prog?
Yoyogimah:  ?
HOST WRTR Paul: WKZ, go ahead
WingedKzintiLord:   then you basically know where your story starts and
WingedKzintiLord:   where you want it to arrive, and the rest is built to
WingedKzintiLord:   make the journey?
ProgChan:   Oh, you wouldn't know it... published by a little house in
canada. go ahea.
HOST WRTR Paul: (let's get to Mr A's question first)
HOST WRTR Paul: ah! go on
JAxler2:    Yeah, I have an idea of a beginning and an end...then I just sort
of fill in the rest.
HOST WRTR Paul: Steel, go ahead
SteeIBtrfl: What would you write today - if you weren't contracted? ga
JAxler2:    I'd probably still be writing some sort of sci-fi/adventure thing.
JAxler2:    But a little looser and in a different kind of situation.
SteeIBtrfl: :::nods::: thank you
HOST WRTR Paul: Yoyo, go ahead
Yoyogimah:  if the resolution has no ultimate solution, then the solution at
hand must render more than one option to address these problems
JAxler2:    That's inherent in all ongoing series with a continuing cast of
characters, wouldn't you say?
Yoyogimah:  literally speaking
JAxler2:    It's both its blessing and its burden.
ProgChan:   ! good one Yoo-- that's really what i wanted ask...
HOST WRTR Paul: (like a TV series, not just soaps either)
HOST WRTR Paul: Any further questions?
JAxler2:    However, unlike most other series that Gold Eagle publishes,
Outlanders has a serial story arc format.
JAxler2:    Very few of the novels are stand alones.
HOST WRTR Paul: So you have a definite end in mind
ProgChan:   ?
Yoyogimah:  we understand
JAxler2:    No, not really.
HOST WRTR Paul: hmm  . . . .      Prog, go ahead
SteeIBtrfl: ?
ProgChan:   Yes, I joined late. and do not know your work, can you give me a
lead to you?
JAxler2:    Try Jamesaxler.com. From there check out Outlanders Archives and
the Outlanders/Deathlands Chronology.
WingedKzintiLord:   !
ProgChan:   cool. thank you!
JAxler2:    Or check out Amazon.com.
HOST WRTR Paul: steel, go ahead
SteeIBtrfl: What are your favorite SF writers and stories? And, how do they
influence you today?
SteeIBtrfl: ga
WingedKzintiLord:   i can forward the bio that we were sent.\
HOST WRTR Paul: (his books are available at all K Marts)
WingedKzintiLord:   oops.
ProgChan:   pls do wizard.
JAxler2:    Don't forget CVS too, Paul. And some of the better Wal-Marts.
ProgChan:   or winged. (sorry.)
HOST WRTR Paul: :-)
Yoyogimah:  coulsd we just bypass K-mart
JAxler2:    I have a lot of favorite s.f. writers...Harlan Ellison, Heinlein,
Edmond Hamilton...too many to list, really.
Yoyogimah:  i mean we're here
JAxler2:    And they're all influences to some degree or another.
JsmnStrm:   ?
SteeIBtrfl: Do you find yourself writing in an older style? . More similar to
JAxler2:    Steel--I don't know about that...a couple of copy-editors have
complained that I write too outre' for the readership.
SteeIBtrfl: <grins>
ProgChan:   ? outre' ?
JAxler2:    But then, those copy-editors think the audience for Outlanders is
the same as Deathlands.
JAxler2:    Essentially over the road truck drivers with 8th grade educations.
SteeIBtrfl: ouch
HOST WRTR Paul: (like me?)     WKZ, go ahead
JsmnStrm:   lololol
TheWordSlayer:  Ouch Paul
ProgChan:   heheh.
TheWordSlayer:  : )
ProgChan:   ! sounds like me, I worryat my avg 10th grade level.
JAxler2:    Well, Outlanders if far more sci-fi than anything else Gold Eagle
WingedKzintiLord:   sorry paul, i made my comment early by mistake.
ProgChan:   (fiesch-Kincaid)
JAxler2:    It's their first major inroad into that field.
JAxler2:    At first, Outlanders was just classfied as "Action Adventure".
WingedKzintiLord:   ?
JAxler2:    Finally, after me pestering them (and marketing getting into it),
they stamped Science Fiction on the spine
SteeIBtrfl: (thinks Jas is next)
HOST WRTR Paul: Cool!       Okay, Jasmine, go ahead
JsmnStrm:   Ummmmmmmm.........  I forgot my question (bows head sheepishly.)
Let whoever is next go.. I'll think of it again and ask later.
JsmnStrm:   Sorry.
JAxler2:    Quite understandable.
Sryope2:    preggers altzheimers
SteeIBtrfl: :::giggles:::
HOST WRTR Paul: youch
JsmnStrm:   SHHH Sry and STEEL@!
JsmnStrm:   :)
HOST WRTR Paul: Okay, KZ then Jasmine
ProgChan:   Sry: love ya....
WingedKzintiLord:   are they looking for new writers?
JsmnStrm:   (KZ stole my question.......  sigh...............)
WingedKzintiLord:   :P
SteeIBtrfl: lol
ProgChan:   ?
JAxler2:    Not for Outlanders, since it's my series. I created it. However,
they may be looking for contributers to
JAxler2:    Deathlands.
JAxler2:    And the Mack Bolan books, too.
JsmnStrm:   ?
WingedKzintiLord:   i was thinking of what i'm working on.
JAxler2:    You'd have to start out in the Bolan program, probably.
SteeIBtrfl: ?
JAxler2:    They're pretty much work for hire.
WingedKzintiLord:   k
SteeIBtrfl: ewww ouch
HOST WRTR Paul: Prog, go ahead
ProgChan:   How much "pestering" did you do? Knowing that they had not the
venue for your work...
ProgChan:   /ga
JAxler2:    They came to me.
ProgChan:   really? quite a feather in your cap!
JAxler2:    They were wanting to launch another series with the Axler house
name on it.
ProgChan:   congats!
JAxler2:    But I was orignally approached to write a series based on a TV
show they were considering licesning.
JAxler2:    But when that deal fell through, they wanted me to create the new
ProgChan:   that's wonderful....
JAxler2:    But they wanted it in a post-nuke war setting, like the other
Axler series.
HOST WRTR Paul: (somewhere, someday, there's a real Axler out there.)
Jasmine . . . ready! . . .  go ahead
JsmnStrm:    Okay, I remembered   Are they looking for new sci fi series
stories???  have a great cyborg story.. :) (shameless plug, I know)  :)
JsmnStrm:   ga.
JAxler2:    I hope so. Then HE can write this stuff.
ProgChan:   ! lol jasmn!
HOST WRTR Paul: (It's a she!)
JsmnStrm:   :)
JAxler2:    Jas--Sorry, no. Like I said, they're pretty much work-for-hire.
JsmnStrm:   well, i just wondered..  :::sigh:::::
HOST WRTR Paul: Steel, go ahead
SteeIBtrfl: is Deathlands also a work for hire deal??? And how do they get
the different writers
SteeIBtrfl: voices to sound similar in different books??? ga
JAxler2:    Yeah, all of Gold Eagle's stuff is work fir hire.
Yoyogimah:  i just don't understand why it matters
JAxler2:    For hire, I mean.
SteeIBtrfl: money Yoyo
SteeIBtrfl: and ownership
JAxler2:    Steel--Actually, one of the main complaints at least with DL is
there is no consistent voice any longer.
OnlineHost: Dcudlbug has entered the room.
JAxler2:    At one point, when I and a couple of other people were writing
it, we tried to stay in touch with each other.
SteeIBtrfl: :::nods::: I can't imagine them sounding the same
JAxler2:    Let each other know what we were doing to keep things consistent.
Yoyogimah:  guess this is why i will always be a sand crab
OnlineHost: GeorgeJim has left the room.
JAxler2:    But that's a thing of the past now.
SteeIBtrfl: can I follow up Paul?
Sryope2:    Goodnight everyone, thanks Jaxler
JsmnStrm:   Bye Sry............................
HOST WRTR Dee:  night, Sry
JAxler2:    You're welcome, Sry.
SteeIBtrfl: if Outlanders is work for hire does that mean they can have
ProgChan:   ! steel
HOST WRTR Paul: george, sry, good eveing
SteeIBtrfl: else write it after you?
TheWordSlayer:  night Sry : )
JAxler2:    Definitely. But they'd prefer not to have it happen that way.
SteeIBtrfl: wouldn't that bother you alot???
Yoyogimah:  jax - nice to see you again
JAxler2:    Steel--After five  years, I don't think so. Same here, Yo.
OnlineHost: Drhotd has entered the room.
Dcudlbug:   Gosh.  I got here just in time to see people leaving.
JAxler2:    At this point, it would be sheer broth of hell for any writer to
try to step into that series.
SteeIBtrfl: yikes - the hour is gone
Cyncity 1:  night sry
HOST WRTR Paul: any more questions? All you silent types out there!
OnlineHost: Sryope2 has left the room.
HOST WRTR Paul: we have ten more minutes
JAxler2:    And sheer broth of hell for the editors to find anybody.
SteeIBtrfl: oh okay
HOST WRTR Paul: Donna, go ahead
JAxler2:    Case in point--I didn't write the most recent Outlanders novel,
Sargasso Plunder. Check out the reviews on Amazon.com.
ProgChan:   only a comment for steel...
HOST WRTR Dee:  Do you come up with all the ideas, or do the publishers have
certain themes they want you to elaborate on?
HOST WRTR Dee:  ga
HOST WRTR Paul: (Broth of hell? No problem for Kane and Grant!)
SteeIBtrfl: ? Prog
OnlineHost: Drhotd has left the room.
JAxler2:    Dee--No, that's the good thing about them. They pretty much leave
all that to me.
HOST WRTR Dee:  sounds like a nice deal
ProgChan:   (wit til the end Steel... )
JAxler2:    As long as it sells, they'll let me do what I want.
ProgChan:   (wait)
HOST WRTR Paul: stell, did yoou ahve a question?
SteeIBtrfl: sorry Paul - that was for Prog <smiles>
JAxler2:    For the most part, the Gold Eagle people are very old
school...they're unaware of current trends in popular culture.
WingedKzintiLord:   ?
Yoyogimah:  publishers don't think-that is what they pay the writers for
ProgChan:   !?
JAxler2:    I've often thought that they're still stuck in 1979, when the
imprint was formed.
HOST WRTR Paul: (No political correctness I would see!)
JAxler2:    However, they have hired some younger people in the marketing
department, so perhaps they're a little more on the ball.
OnlineHost: JimProimos has entered the room.
HOST WRTR Paul: WKZ, go ahead
WingedKzintiLord:   doesn't the lack of ownership bother you when it comes to
your work?
OnlineHost: JimProimos has left the room.
JAxler2:    Yes it does. But frankly, I had no idea the series would last
this long.
JAxler2:    Gold Eagle launched around a dozen titles between 1990 and 95.
None of them lasted more than four books.
JAxler2:    I figured OL would be about the same.
JAxler2:    So, it was like: "A year worth's of novels...big deal."
JAxler2:    I could deal with that.
HOST WRTR Paul: At least you name is right there in print.
WingedKzintiLord:   that shows me that you are better than their average
JAxler2:    Yeah, on the indicia page. If you know where to look.
OnlineHost: GeorgeJim has entered the room.
JAxler2:    Wing--Thanks.
JAxler2:    (My blushes)
HOST WRTR Paul: Mr A, any final remarks?
JAxler2:    Uh...
SteeIBtrfl: lol
HOST WRTR Paul: (not a requirement here)
HOST WRTR Paul: ;-)
Mod Gonne:  give us your two favourite words :)
JAxler2:    I guess that's about deep as I can be under the circumstances.
GeorgeJim:  Many thanks...
JAxler2:    Longshoreman and cockamamie.
JsmnStrm:   Absolutely...  Thanks for coming!  :)
HOST WRTR Dee:  yes, JAxler...thanks for a good session.
HOST WRTR Paul: Thanks!
JAxler2:    Quite welcome. I very much enjoyed it.
TheWordSlayer:  Thank you JAxler : )
SteeIBtrfl: Prog - did you have a question for me?
HOST WRTR Dee:  Hope you stop by our group...we always enjoy company
HOST WRTR Paul: Here's a real macho-Mag salute
ProgChan:   Yes, thank you very much!
JsmnStrm:   We enjoyed having you.
WingedKzintiLord:   thanks mr a. :)
JES No Time:    Very good session
HOST WRTR Paul: with Sin Eaters held high
Mod Gonne:  thank you...they only let me out of the attic when we've got
ProgChan:   oh, more a comment for you Steel, and a question for our guest...
JAxler2:    So go buy them damn books if you really want to thank me. I get
royalties, y'know.
JsmnStrm:   lololol ash........
HOST WRTR Dee:  now it's time for you to go back in the attic, Mod!
JsmnStrm:   Well, just tell us how you feel axler.. lol
ProgChan:   the questio: re: Old school: Are you saying I have to contact
them for my 1950's styled sci-fi? ;-)
OnlineHost: MBrez has entered the room.
HOST WRTR Paul: but with a new copy of his books!
Mod Gonne:  But...it's dark...
OnlineHost: MBrez has left the room.
JsmnStrm:   lololololol.... take a candle...... ;)
HOST WRTR Dee:  well, I'm taking off...good session tonight. I see GeorgeJim
has already submitted his first chapter for our knives
GeorgeJim:  Jax...in regard to reading your work...please recommend one with
which to start
JAxler2:    Prog--Not necessarily. Like I said, they rarely accept anything
over the transom.
SteeIBtrfl: lol
WingedKzintiLord:   i will certainly check them out.
HOST WRTR Dee:  see you all next week...bye-bye
JsmnStrm:   ::::sharpening knives for the submision:::::
SteeIBtrfl: bye Donna
OnlineHost: HOST WRTR Dee has left the room.
GeorgeJim:  Yes...I'm excited
ProgChan:   for you steel: I've found that ghost writing, (sound-like
another) is actually quite easy, as I've been asked to rework several pieces.
Mod Gonne:  transom. That's my favourite word.
HOST WRTR Paul: light enters that way as well
TheWordSlayer:  Night Donna : ) sleep well
JAxler2:    George--I guess you could start with Armageddon Axis. I think
that one is still available to be ordered on Amazon.
GeorgeJim:  I am a rare writer....sharp knives needed indeed
SteeIBtrfl: Prog - I have found it very hard
SteeIBtrfl: my style is perhaps too distinct
GeorgeJim:  Thanks
Deluge3:    How do you do that, Prog? Use their favorite words?
ProgChan:   hmm, that's interesting to me...
JAxler2:    I don't see many of them in the used book stores. Don't know if
that's good or bad.
GeorgeJim:  I like it
GeorgeJim:  Good, I should think...
ProgChan:   means to me that you have a much more clear sense of your "vice"
than I have.
Mod Gonne:  they're either hoarding them or burning themmm.
ProgChan:   vice=voice
HOST WRTR Paul: Well, it made ME buy a new copy!
GeorgeJim:  And I haven't seen them at yard sales, either...even better
HOST WRTR Paul: That's rare for me, believe it
JAxler2:    Mad--Yeah, I figure it's one or the other.
JsmnStrm:   LOLOLOLOL george.
SteeIBtrfl: perhaps - although I tend to think it is more a product of my
environment - how I speak
WingedKzintiLord:   i would say good, if not in used book stores then they
must be bought new.
Mod Gonne:  which means more royalties..
ProgChan:   good point, good point. it would be interesting to find out the
JAxler2:    I've noticed on Amazon that the first couple of years worth are
going for around 10 bucks or so per book.
WingedKzintiLord:   and a better idea of how many actual readers you have too.
ProgChan:   I mean, I've spent many a year writing under's names, so it would
be fun.
HOST WRTR Paul: collector's items . . . good!
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ProgChan:   Hi Roy!
GeorgeJim:  Goodnight, All.  Thanks again, Mr. "Axler".
ProgChan:   yes, thank Mr. Axler....
JAxler2:    You're welcome, "George".
GeorgeJim:  ;)
SteeIBtrfl: bye JAx***
OnlineHost: SteeIBtrfl has left the room.
OnlineHost: GeorgeJim has left the room.
JAxler2:    Bye, Steel.
OnlineHost: WingedKzintiLord has left the room.
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ProgChan:   I may have arrived late, but i enjoye every minute...
JsmnStrm:   Nighters all.  I'm getting tired.
JAxler2:    Thanks.
TheWordSlayer:  Night all : ) i should be back in 3 or 4 weeks for good.
Thanks JAx for the good information : )
Dcudlbug:   nytol
Mod Gonne:  I knew that sugar rush couldn't last...
JsmnStrm:   bye....................
JsmnStrm:   i ain't on sugar.. bad for baby, lands on my hips.. :)
Cyncity 1:  night jas...get your rest
JAxler2:    No problem, Word.
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Mod Gonne:  eh, feh.
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JsmnStrm:   nighters all....  behave, if just a little.
OnlineHost: JsmnStrm has left the room.
HOST WRTR Paul: great to have Don back
OnlineHost: SHoffer77 has left the room.
Yoyogimah:  no sugar rush can last; next?
Mod Gonne:  I should also be back on critiques now, as I'm writing four
others a week now
Cyncity 1:  night everyone...good session...
OnlineHost: Cyncity 1 has left the room.
JAxler2:    Good night, all.
HOST WRTR Paul: I ate dinner early, so less temptation to dash away
HOST WRTR Paul: Thanks, and good night
Yoyogimah:  night jax - thanks
OnlineHost: JAxler2 has left the room.
Mod Gonne:  I still have bioethics and Irish history papers to write...
Mod Gonne:  and more costumes...
JES No Time:    It's been fun and it's time to say good night.
Mod Gonne:  I need more hours in a day. Or amphetamines.
Deluge3:    By the time you get finished writing about history, Mod, they
change it.
JES No Time:    Know just how you feel Mod.
Mod Gonne:  Tell me about it, Del...
OnlineHost: JES No Time has left the room.
Mod Gonne:  especially Israeli and Irish History (my specialties)

10/1/01 8:10:29 PM  Closing "Chat Log 10/1/01"