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7/27/03 3:32:23 PM  Opening "Chat Log 7/27/03"

       TheUsurpKing:   Hi Paul
       Dhewco: My first time like this time too.....
HOST WPLC Sushi:    so you can see me ?
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Welcome everyone to the special chat with Piers Anthony
HOST WPLC Sushi:    my first time in this sort of chat room
       TheUsurpKing:   Hi Dhewco
       Online Host:    Lera al has entered the room.
       TheUsurpKing:   Hi Lera
HOST WPLC Sushi:    cecil, how many chat windows can you see?
       TheUsurpKing:   Yes I can see the Sushi man
       Dhewco: is everyone here a fan?  or just writers here for advice?
       TheUsurpKing:   Stage Chat area and Audience Chat area
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Lots of storms about tonight my friends. We'll pray for juice
all the way ;)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    wow, so you type and it comes out on the bottom window?
       TheUsurpKing:   yes
HOST WPLC Sushi:    this was arranged in advance by AOL, as I understand it
       JES No Time:    How do the two screens work?
       TheUsurpKing:   Good, two areas, Stage Chat Area in top screen and
Audience Chat Area in lower screen
       Sunan21:    The speaker is in the stage chat area if I've read the
directions correctly.
       Dhewco: I feel so inferior down here at the bottom   :P
       Fjm3eyes:   can we bottom guys get to the top?
Docks153:   This must be the place.  The address is quite different from what
I had.
       BornToVector:   Hi Steel, gabby, paul and of course you Sry
G1ft0fgabn0t:   I love your Xanth novels and I'm a very unique individual
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes, everyone is having AOL trouble at the moment Mr.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   hopefully the problems have been corrected
       Dhewco: I preferred the Immortality series better than the Xanth
SteeIBtrfl: Mr. Anthony - you are on the stage area
SteeIBtrfl: which is the right one
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Okay, for those of you who don't know what is going on
HOST WPLC Lyric:    This is a special auditorium type chat room
Docks153:   As long as the planking is solid.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    the main conversation will be going on in the top screen
HOST WPLC Lyric:    so that if people don't behave by observing protocol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    the main discussion will not be disrupted and so that
people can follow much easier
HOST WPLC Lyric:    So for everyone in the bottom screen
Docks153:   How will I know where the questions are coming from?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    sorry but we won't be able to see your comments if we're
paying attention up here
HOST WPLC Sushi:    jes, we ought to use Protocol or there may be chaos
G1ft0fgabn0t:   We will post the questions for Mr. Anthony in the top window
SteeIBtrfl: Docks - Lyric will post your questions
SteeIBtrfl: Right here
Docks153:   Okay.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Tonight we will be observing strict protocol
Docks153:   I keep trying to read that name as Steel Butt.
SteeIBtrfl: Members of the audience were invited to send in questions prior
to tonight
HOST WPLC Lyric:    since we're in this auditorium instead of our normal chat
SteeIBtrfl: Docks - <grins>
HOST WPLC Sushi:    you can email me questions, and I will select some more.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    so we can have 'fresh' ones along with those pre-submitted
Docks153:   It looks more interesting on the lower stage where the people are.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Dion, we will all notice
Docks153:   I gather everyone can read both stages?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    <-- one of Mr Anthony's aliens   (not people)    ;-)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Eagle, everyone, please email me your questions
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I will sort 'em out
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Okay, gang
Docks153:   And I always see LOL as Lots of Love.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    tonight we're pleased to welcome Piers Anthony to our chat
HOST WPLC Lyric:    He is the author of 124 books
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Books that entertain and change lives
Docks153:   Hello.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we are incredibly excited to have him here tonight
       TheUsurpKing:   Hello, Mr. Anthony
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I know you all will have questions
HOST WPLC Lyric:    but please DO NOT IM him, me or anyone else on stage
HOST WPLC Lyric:    We will take questions from the audience by email only
HOST WPLC Lyric:    please email them to HOST WPLC SUSHI
       ChicagoGail1988:    Thank you for coming welcome
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and he will pass them on to me to post on stage, okay?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Mr. Anthony, can you please tell us a little about how
you got started as a writer
HOST WPLC Lyric:    what made you WANT to write
Docks153:   Yes.  In college I needed to decide on my major, and I pondered
it overnight, and realized I wanted to be a
Docks153:   writer.  It was like a light turning on, and it guided me ever
Docks153:   I'm not sure how to signal the end of my answer.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    How long from realizing you wanted to be a writer
HOST WPLC Lyric:    till the time you wrote your first successful book?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    you can type ga for go ahead if you like
Docks153:   Eight years for my first story, five more to my first novel.
Docks153:   ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    So it definitely wasn't an overnight process!  LOL
HOST WPLC Lyric:    LOL means laugh out loud in this case!
Docks153:   Definitely not overnight!  It isn't for anybody, I think.  ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    a few people in the audience have asked, what made you
stick with it?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    not give up hope?  ga
Docks153:   I tried fifteen types of employment.  The only one I like was
writing--the least successful.  ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Sunan asks
HOST WPLC Lyric:    What do you feel, out of your 140 books, written in
numerous genres, would you consider your most personal work
HOST WPLC Lyric:    hmm did I get it wrong, is it 140 or 124?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    sorry the last word should be accomplishment
Docks153:   But I need to know the question: my most personal what?  Book?
Sex experience?  Job?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    book
Docks153:   The book that means the most to me in Tatham Mound, my first big
historical novel.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Of your 124 books which one do you think is your best
HOST WPLC Lyric:    is it because of the subject or the research?
Docks153:   However, I feel all of them are good.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I frankly, agree!
Docks153:   Yes, I favor my historicals, because they require much more work,
and have greater relevance to people.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Frank would like to know, what kind of writer's schedule
you maintain and how do you feel about revisions?
Docks153:   For fun, of course, it's Xanth.
Docks153:   I try to start my day at 9, work to 1:30, break for lunch and a
slew of mail, then work from 3-5 and 6-8.
Docks153:   But usually that pattern gets interrupted, so it's an ideal more
than a reality.  ga
       TrounceM13: Whoa! I am impressed with his writing regimen. He works
about 9 hours a day on it.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    wow
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and how many words or pages do you turn out every day
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we all wonder how you got to be so prolific!  ga
Docks153:   One thing to clarify: I love to write.  I resent the breaks, but
force myself.
Docks153:   I would write all the time if life did not get in the way.  ga
Docks153:   oops, now I'm typoing.  I trust the essence came through.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    it did!
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Frank also wanted to know how you felt about revisions
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and if you employed an editor
Docks153:   I like revisions I do myself.  I tend to feel that editorial
revisions should be outlawed.
       TrounceM13: What would be the point of having an audience chat area
if the audience couldn't chat?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    lol, we all do
       Tdmsrm9801: true that
       Genjii555:  LOL
HOST WPLC Lyric:    how do you deal with those.  ga
Docks153:   To address an audience remark: I agree: folk should get to chat.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Then the guest prevails
HOST WPLC Lyric:    as long as it's tame conversation down there
HOST WPLC Lyric:    We CAN see you by the way
Docks153:   How do I deal with editorial revisions?  I got to the point where
I could ban them.  For the past decade
Docks153:   I've had none.  I had to leave a publisher to make my point, but
I made it. ga
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Yes, please DO stay on topic. Anyone gets rowdy, please
note, that mythical Host zapper is real!   :-)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Jasmine wanted to know specifically about your editorial
       TrounceM13: Strict Protocol... I'll try to give you a concise
explanation but I am no expert, either...
HOST WPLC Lyric:    with But What Of Earth.......
HOST WPLC Lyric:    How common are the difficulties you encountered with
writing that novel in the publishing world?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and When did you get your original manuscript back, and
how could you read it, (considering all the editing/slashing it received.  ga
Docks153:   But What of Earth was such a disaster I got it reverted, the
publisher apologized, and shut down the line.
Docks153:   They never showed me what they were doing to my novel.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    gee if they do that to you, the rest of us don't have a
HOST WPLC Lyric:    lol
Docks153:   I found out when it was published.  They had rendered it into an
illegal collaboration, degraded.  ga
       TheUsurpKing:   LOL
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Gabby loves your Xanth line so I'm going to let her ask
some questions about that
Docks153:   They did it to me only once.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    While we're waiting for Gabby
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Marie wants to know
Docks153:   That editor is no longer in business in this genre.  He screwed
too many writers.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    What ingredients did you stir together to create Xanth,
and how long did it have to cook  before you were read
HOST WPLC Lyric:    you were ready to serve it
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    (Really, was this something that you thought about  for a
long time, or was it an inspiration?)
Docks153:   This is dull: I wanted to work with Lester Del Rey at BALLANTINE,
and he was the fantasy editor.
Docks153:   So I wrote a fantasy novel.  It just sort of filled in from
Florida, with magic added.  not very original.  ga
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Yet somehow you have almost a cult following now. How do you
feel about that?
G1ft0fgabn0t:   ga
Docks153:   I love having a following.  I just wish my publisher knew it.
Docks153:   ga
G1ft0fgabn0t:   We'll have to do something about that. Perhaps some of the
nightmares can set them straight ;)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    lol
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Do you find it difficult to continue writing the Xanth novels
after so many have been written?
Docks153:   The fact is, all publishers want from me is Xanth.  They won't
ever read anything else.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Mr. Anthony, can you tell us something more about how YOU
got involved in science fiction/fantasy?
Docks153:   Xanth is easy, and I like it, and it makes a lot of money.  So
it's fine, as long as I'm not confined to it. g
HOST WPLC Lyric:    sorry, my question was premature
HOST WPLC Lyric:    can you see it?
Docks153:   I discovered science fiction at age 13, and disappeared into it,
never emerging, really.
SteeIBtrfl: Do you still have the opportunity to read much science
fiction/fantasy today?
Docks153:   I don't read much of anything, because as I said, I'd rather
write.  I make myself read one or more books a
SteeIBtrfl: ga
Docks153:   month.  ga
SteeIBtrfl: Which authors do you like to read the most?
SteeIBtrfl: ga
Docks153:   This is a problem, because when I reread a favorite author,
he/s"he may not remain a favorite.
SteeIBtrfl: lol
Docks153:   I'm way more critical as a reader now than I was when younger.
So I can really answer.  ga
SteeIBtrfl: Do you feel your 'writing' has ruined some of your 'reading'
SteeIBtrfl: ga
Docks153:   oops, that should be I cannot really answer.
Docks153:   Does writing spoil my reading enjoyment?  To a decree, because I
see all the flaws.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    PulitzerPlease asks:  can you talk about the crisis of
being stereotyped as a mid-lister
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    perhaps you can also tell us more about the problem with
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga
Docks153:   I surely could say a lot about being steor--I forgot dot to spell
it--stereotyped.  The essence is I hate it.
Docks153:   There's no problem with Xanth except that it prevents publishers
form considering my more serious work.
SteeIBtrfl: Have any of your books or series been optioned for movies? ga
Docks153:   For example, ChroMagic, my most serious fantasy, had to go to a
small press.  ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Mr Anthony, what advice do you have for us, following in
your footsteps, not to be in the same stereotyped
HOST WPLC Lyric:    situation?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga
Docks153:   Three series have been optioned for movies: Xanth, Adept,
Docks153:   Advice?  as someone in the trenches below remarked, I think,
there are worse things than having a ready
Docks153:   market for a series.  so it may be better to be steor--whatever,
than ignored.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Donna asks:  How do you know when you are finished
rewriting / editing a book?
Docks153:   over the years I have learned to be professional.  I can write to
a specific length, and it ends at that
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Do you rewrite?
Docks153:   length.  I know my editing schedule, and follow it.  So I always
know when the end comes' it's no surprise.
Docks153:   I do rewrite when it goes wrong, as it sometimes--not often--does.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Genjii555: I'd like to ask what his longest dry spell
he's had or period he's gone without writing anything
Docks153:   I don't have dry writing spells.  Dry selling spells, maybe, but
then the novels pile up.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Actually, Gabby had a question about that
HOST WPLC Lyric:    about dealing with all the plots dancing in your head
Docks153:   Yes, RB--I don't have to do rewrites.  That comes under the
heading of non-editor-interference.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    how do you manage them?
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Yes. How do you deal with all the plot bunnies? I'm sure
there are many :::grinning:::
G1ft0fgabn0t:   ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Welcome Back
SteeIBtrfl: errant magic
SteeIBtrfl: zap
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes, a wizard is fooling around with you
Docks153:   I must have typoed.  Suddenly I was out of AOL.
SteeIBtrfl: <---- completely innocent
Docks153:   tell me where I was and I'll continue.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I think Gabby was still asking her question
You have just entered room Careers & Work (Special Events II)
Docks153:   PS, you who was glad I was gone...
HOST WPLC Lyric:    What do you do with all the ideas in your head you can't
get to
HOST WPLC Lyric:    that was gabby's question
SteeIBtrfl: Docks - Gabby wanted to know if you get lots of storyline ideas
while you are writing
G1ft0fgabn0t:   and how you deal with them <g.
SteeIBtrfl: etc...
Docks153:   I don't remember what I was in' I was blanked by the oust.
Docks153:   I do get story ideas while writing.
Docks153:   I save them and look them up later when I need them.
Docks153:   But I'm not sure than answers the question I had been in.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Sushi would like to ask a question
Docks153:   ga
HOST WPLC Sushi:    In "Hard Sell" you have many details about several very
specialized careers. How much research do you do?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    g/a
Docks153:   Hard Sell: I followed up on things I was interested in, so it
wasn't much research for that project
HOST WPLC Sushi:    how?  ga
Docks153:   Bur rather the project using what I had .ga
HOST WPLC Sushi:    so these were things you already knew about
Docks153:   Yes.  I have many interests.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    cool!    :-)     ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    JES No Time: He went from Happy go lucky stuff in Xanth
to Rides a Pale horse about the figure of death.  How
Docks153:   in fact I'm interested in just about everything, and feel I won't
live long enough to learn about everything.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Refresher for newcomers:  we have lots of Q's lined up.
If you have more please email them to me.    :-)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    can you go so easily from one to the other?  ga
Docks153:   I make notes on ideal and projects, so when I change from one to
another I do spot homework in my notes.
Docks153:   It takes a few minutes to orient, and them I am on my way.
Docks153:   ga
       Online Host:    STROMBOS has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Bev would like to know:   When you write a book, do you
know what the ending will be when you start writing?
Docks153:   Yes, I know the ending.  What I don't know is the middle, and I
can get in trouble there.
Docks153:   To those below: my presence is supposed to end at 8.  be patient.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Donna had also asked a similar question
HOST WPLC Lyric:    how much plotting do you do?
Docks153:   8 my time, not necessarily yours.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    We appreciate as much time as you can give us
HOST WPLC Lyric:    please don't let anyone rush you out
Docks153:   Plotting: if I don't have a plot, I don't have a story.  I work
hard to figure it out, always.  sometimes
Docks153:   my notes are longer than my text.  ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Honey, a teen writer asks:  Do you ever find yourself
doubting your writing abilities? How would you  overcome
HOST WPLC Lyric:    overcome that feeling, and what would you suggest an
unpublished writer do?
Docks153:   Doubting my writing abilities?  Not any more.  What I doubt is
the ability of the editors to appreciate them.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    roflol
G1ft0fgabn0t:   lololol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam asks:  Just how close do you think Fantasy is to
Docks153:   I have been in the business several decades now, you see.  go
Docks153:   I see fantasy and SF as two quite different genres.  But they get
lumped together, so okay.  I once tried to
Docks153:   merge them, in the Adept series, experiencing [?] loud screams of
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Frank asks:  Should a first time novelist work with an
agent?  Several people are asking that one!
Docks153:   But the only objection I ever got was from a reviewer, and they
are hopeless.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Please don't worry about answering the questions I post
until you are ready
Docks153:   Agent: a first time novelist can't get an agent, so it's academic.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Frank asks, along with many others, should a first time
novelist use an agent?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I've heard that the publishers, this year, really don't
even want to publish established writers
Docks153:   I didn't get an agent until I had soled several novels on my own.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    any advice for those of us who haven't established our
Docks153:   I have my doubts that publisher ever want to publish anything
other than a best seller.  But I regard publishers as idiots.  ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Susan asks
   As a teacher, what do you think is the most important piece of
information you could pass on to a student to help him or her become a better writer.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga
Docks153:   Just keep learning, keep writing, keep submitting pieces, and
hope for some good luck.  I did that for 8 years
HOST WPLC Lyric:    NovelEagle asks: Could you please tell us something about
your experiences in working with Xlibris?
Docks153:   Writing can be a distressing job, because publishers really don't
Docks153:   I am a part owner of Xlibris, and am on it's board of directors.
Docks153:   I wanted to help open up the system.
Docks153:   So I'm not an objective judge.  I learned a lot about major
financing, though.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    AWeiss4338 asks: How did it feel to be successful as a
writer, when you had your first best seller.
Docks153:   Overall I think Xlibris is okay, but so are the other self
Docks153:   I loved making it to bestsellerdom, and hated coming off the
lists when publishers messed up the marketing.
Docks153:   Let's fare it, it's better being on top than on the bottom, as
you folk
HOST WPLC Lyric:    hart asks, What's your opinion about the need for
writer's to have formal training, like MFAs and attend
Docks153:   there is the bottom window know. ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    writing workshops such as Breadloaf?
Docks153:   A writer doesn't need formal training.  if he can write well
without it, that's good enough.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    lol, yes we are trying for everyone in the bottom window
Docks153:   I happen to have a BA in creative writing, but that wasn't what
got me published.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Cecil asks:  Are you involved in any critique groups, if
not why, and if so do you think you still have room t
Docks153:   I had to keep learning and improving for six years after my
Docks153:   Some good writers are high school dropouts, like Fred Pohl.  ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    room to improve your writing by using them?
Docks153:   I was once in a critique group, and it was great.  But that was
decades ago.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    He also wanted to know
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Do you have to consciously think about pacing your books
or do you just write and come what may?
Docks153:   For those still learning, I think it's good.  ga
Docks153:   Xanth I know where it places.  other I write for the love of it.
Those don't sell.
Docks153:   For the average writer, it is important to know the market and
write for it.
Docks153:   But luck still plays a huge part.  ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Marie asks
HOST WPLC Lyric:    When did you decide that such usually horrifying
creatures could be so  funny/human/appealing?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    in reference to Xanth
Docks153:   When I started fantasy, I found I just couldn't take it
seriously.  So everything was funny, even monsters.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Any further Q's please email them to me.    :-)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    and do make them as clear as possible.   :-)
Docks153:   We are running out of time.  I don't want to miss my supper.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    BBlack asks:   We are honored to have him.  Why does he
give so few interviews?
Docks153:   I'd rather be writing than interviewing.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and we'll make that the last question then
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I tried to get in as many questions as possible everyone
Docks153:   The funny thing is many writers don't seem to like to write.  I
do.  ga
       AttyBBlack: thank you so much for your time
HOST WPLC Lyric:    if it were up to me, we'd be here all night answering
them for everyone
       TrounceM13: Thank you so much for your time.
       Dhewco: thanks
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we had over 125 questions submitted by email!
       TheUsurpKing:   Thank you Mr. Anthony, I enjoyed your session and
hope to see you again.
       Rdpelleg:   thanks
G1ft0fgabn0t:   wow!
       NovelEagle: Thank you for "And, Eternity"
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I think you did a great job answering what you could!
       Tdmsrm9801: yes, thank you very much I've been a fan for years
Docks153:   Nice to meet you folk down there in the hole below.
       STROMBOS:   Thank you so much. This was inspiring. I intend to go on
being cranky.
       TrounceM13: Standing ovation for Mr. Anthony.
       PulitzerPlease: Dock....thank you for time and opinions
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Thanks so much for coming.  Any thing you'd like to have
us run out and publish
HOST WPLC Lyric:    besides your autobiography?
       Dancingcloud42: great fans, and enjoyed everything you said tonight.
       Fjm3eyes:   nice meeting you, Docks!
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I disavow all responsibility for this setup
       JES No Time:    Great having you Mr. Anthony
HOST WPLC Lyric:    me too!
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us
Docks153:   I'm just being my usual ornery self.  but thanks.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Me three gang ;)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    we have had better suggestions -- but far too late for
this occasion   :-/
       Lera al:    great job
       BornToVector:   I truly enjoyed it.  thanks Mr. Anthony and those who
arranged it
SteeIBtrfl: thank you Piers
       Genjii555:  LMAO Brag
SteeIBtrfl: very cool chat
HOST WPLC Sushi:    there are other ways to arrange these chats, or so I am
told -- again and again    ;-)
       Braguine:   thanks you Docks for your time
HOST WPLC Lyric:    lol, we don't consider that ornery, but we'll take what
ever you've got!
Docks153:   Okay, I'll go now, so you folk can have your chat room back.  Bye!
HOST WPLC Lyric:    :::::: APPLAUSE:::::::
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks for coming!!
       Rdpelleg:   bye
G1ft0fgabn0t:   <><><>Clapping<><><>
       RBOZO55:    bye Docks, thanks for coming
       Dancingcloud42: bye
       STROMBOS:   Bye and thanks hosts too
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Clapping
       Trecho226:  bye, piers...from oenone...terri
       Tdmsrm9801: if he thinks that's ornery he should meet my Grandpa
       TheUsurpKing:   Great Job Sry!
       Braguine:   good work, HOSTS
       Lera al:    Thanks, Lyric, for setting this up
       Sunan21:    Thanks for coming Docks
       JES No Time:    Thanks again Docks
       AttyBBlack: That was so cool
       Tdmsrm9801: thanks again
       Fjm3eyes:   Sushi...Lyric....that's very good to know/////////////
       AttyBBlack: Sry, Excellent job!!!!
G1ft0fgabn0t:   A big round of applause for the hosts with the mosts
       AttyBBlack: Thanks for arranging it
       Dancingcloud42: It was great
HOST WPLC Sushi:    THANKS to everyone    :-D
G1ft0fgabn0t:   <><><><><><><><><><><>
       TheUsurpKing:   Great Job to all the Hosts!
       BornToVector:   Bye and THANKS to the hosts
       Sunan21:    Great job HOSTS
       JES No Time:    I second that.  Great job Sry
       AttyBBlack: already Sry they're asking for the next rabbit you're
pulling out of your hat
       HOST WPLC Mgr:  The reason for the two-level room is so that you can
see the questions and answers
       Trecho226:  me too...here's an evil little plan...go to his website
and send e-mail asking your unanswered questions
       Dhewco: hehehe
       AttyBBlack: That man really writes.  What a schedule!!!
       Sunan21:    Good night everyone
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Anyone interested in our regular critique group, please
email me for info
HOST WPLC Sushi:    we meet every Monday     :-)
       JES No Time:    The hour really zoomed right by.  See you guys
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Thanks for sticking with us guys, I know this format
wasn't the best
HOST WPLC Lyric:    some of you didn't understand to email questions
HOST WPLC Lyric:    But I really tried to get in as many as I could
HOST WPLC Sushi:    adios, amigos

7/27/03 5:15:53 PM  Closing "Chat Log 7/27/03"