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  Dear eWorlders,
   Tonight more than 20 members and friends packed the Den to chat with
.  We asked a wide variety of questions, and Pat was
not at all shy with her opinions about writing, and especially the people in the business. I've never learned so much about Vampire Detectives and Gone Stupid Agents before in my life!   :-) 


5/20/02  Opening "Chat Log 5/20/02"

SteeIBtrfl:     whoooo ooo

SteeIBtrfl:     major info dump into my brain

The13thDoctor:  no spoilers Steel

PNELROD:    He certainly is. Has me spoiled for working with a collaborator.

SteeIBtrfl:     trust me - I won'

Kathi Smith 116:    steel, did it live up to the hype?

Mod Gonne:  Lucas needs to find someone to write dialogue...

SteeIBtrfl:     Kathi - I needed to sleep for 3 hours after

PNELROD:    Our next one in the series has been out for some time, has just

gone to paperback last month

SteeIBtrfl:     it is better much better than the last one

OnlineHost:     BornToVector has entered the room.

The13thDoctor:  the can he bit at the con went for $500, all for charity

SteeIBtrfl:     Barry***

Kathi Smith 116:    sleep? that could be from sensory overload or

OnlineHost:     HOST WRTR Paul has entered the room.

SteeIBtrfl:     Kathi - was from too much stuff in the flick

SteeIBtrfl:     lots to process

PNELROD:    His Father's Son blows Keeper out of the water.  our next is even


BornToVector:   Hiya steel kathi Sry Don Paul

BornToVector:   everyone else I missed Hi

Kathi Smith 116:    hi barry, paul

The13thDoctor:  cool

PNELROD:    Yeah--i started that tradition--I sold one of his old beer bottles

for 25. at a charity con

HOST WRTR Paul:     hello all

PNELROD:    he's never had to buy a beer since, this girls buy him one, he

drains it and signs the bottle

Kathi Smith 116:    i HATE telemarketers

HOST WRTR Paul:     used to be one   (now I know why I get people so upset

sometimes)  twice, actually

HOST WRTR Muse:     Pat, Paul is our fearless leader

PNELROD:    If he wasn't a brit the beer intake would have killed hium by now

Kathi Smith 116:    lol paul

OnlineHost:     HOST WRTR Dee has entered the room.

PNELROD:    Hello Paul

Kathi Smith 116:    hi donna

HOST WRTR Paul:     who's the berr Brit?

The13thDoctor:  he had a can of pepsi while auctioning collectibles for

Lamb's farm.  when he was done with the regular collectibles, he was also

done with the pepsi.  he bit the can, cutting his lip, and auctioned that off

for $500

HOST WRTR Paul:     (beer)

HOST WRTR Muse:     Pat, Dee is Donna, our second in command after Paul

HOST WRTR Dee:  hi all...and Pnelrod

HOST WRTR Dee:  glad to meet you.

OnlineHost:     HOST WRTR Paul has left the room.

BornToVector:   Hey Donna

OnlineHost:     HOST WRTR Paul has entered the room.

PNELROD:    I believe there are now more Hosts than attendees

PNELROD:    hello dee

HOST WRTR Muse:     PN Elrod is a bit formal.  Would you like to be addressed


PNELROD:    Ewww

HOST WRTR Paul:     guy bites cans for money? I know . . . Homer Simpson

OnlineHost:     Gfoxygra has entered the room.

PNELROD:    PN is fin, nice and short

Gfoxygra:   Hello

PNELROD:    fine, too.

HOST WRTR Muse:     hi, welcome

HOST WRTR Dee:  Remember, PN, a Host a Day keeps the Doctor away...

PNELROD:    unless you're Catholic?

Kathi Smith 116:    what if one of the hosts is a doctor?

HOST WRTR Muse:     uh oh, that means that Doc will have to go, and me too!

The13thDoctor:  paul, i was talking about Nigel Bennett, one of PN's


HOST WRTR Dee:  even better, Kathy'

OnlineHost:     MTALLPAUL has entered the room.

HOST WRTR Muse:     although Doc's only honorary

PNELROD:    I'll have to kid him about shedding blood for charity

Kathi Smith 116:    brb...try not to say anything profound till i get back

The13thDoctor:  <---- observational humanity Muse

PNELROD:    "anything profound"

Gfoxygra:   LOL, pn

The13thDoctor:  it was at the last visions con in chicago

HOST WRTR Muse:     come on everyone, let's get PN to be profound while


MTALLPAUL:  "Life's a bitch - then you die."

BornToVector:   So PN, while Kathi is gone share all the secrets to getting

published with us

OnlineHost:     MTALLPAUL has left the room.

PNELROD:    I'll be guesting with him and once of my book cover artist in N

Olreans this august

The13thDoctor:  Cool

OnlineHost:     SHoffer77 has entered the room.

The13thDoctor:  afk a mo

PNELROD:    Born--write something send it in.

HOST WRTR Dee:  we promise not to tell Kathi unless she pays us each a

princely sum.

HOST WRTR Muse:     Hey Sarah

SHoffer77:  hi all

HOST WRTR Paul:     are we doing Protocol or Free-for-all?

BornToVector:   Nawlins  one of my favorite towns

HOST WRTR Dee:  I suggest Protocol

PNELROD:    That

HOST WRTR Muse:     Actually, Pat has suggested not to use protocol

BornToVector:   Gee,  why didnt i think of that

PNELROD:    That's where nigle 1st talked to me about doing a collaboration

HOST WRTR Dee:  That's fine, too...

Gfoxygra:   i was on protocol once; it did wonders for me....no, wait, that

was Prozac

HOST WRTR Muse:     although I think it helps

HOST WRTR Dee:  I'm flexible.

HOST WRTR Muse:     roflol, Gfox

HOST WRTR Dee:  Pat, if it gets too much, you can request Protocol.

HOST WRTR Muse:     PN, SHoffer77 is Sarah, who recomended you

PNELROD:     Same convention.  The infos on my website.

HOST WRTR Paul:     I am logging and Donna is greeting

HOST WRTR Muse:     just so you know. 

PNELROD:    well, we should get started...

PNELROD:    Hello sarah.

OnlineHost:     TheWordSlayer 2 has entered the room.

SHoffer77:  Hi  :)

Gfoxygra:   somebody is logging this conversation?  You mean, I have to watch

what I say in here?

Gfoxygra:   darn....

HOST WRTR Muse:     always, Gfox! 

The13thDoctor:  groovy

PNELROD:    yeah, and your spelling too. There will be a pop quiz

HOST WRTR Muse:     lol

Gfoxygra:   my spelling is impecable

Gfoxygra:   LOL

HOST WRTR Dee:  I'll start with a question: Pat..you are a prolific

writer...does that mean you are a fast writer too?

PNELROD:    If I wanna keep up with the rent, yes.

The13thDoctor:  thank the seven pillars of booloo for the OED

Gfoxygra:   I hope you don't live in california, pn

PNELROD:    They have a state income tax, NO way.

OnlineHost:     Sterlingvision has entered the room.

Mod Gonne:  if you odn't groan when you lift it, your dictionary's too small.

Sterlingvision:     hello room

HOST WRTR Dee:  lol...was it something you had to work up to, as far.

Gfoxygra:   the rent here goes up faster than anywhere I know

PNELROD:    next question?

OnlineHost:     JsmnStrm has entered the room.

Kathi Smith 116:    ok, i'm back, did i miss anything profound?

JsmnStrm:   Hi all.

The13thDoctor:  which is harder, solo work or collaborations?

PNELROD:    yes, we solves world hunger

SteeIBtrfl:     Jas****

SteeIBtrfl:     Don***

TheWordSlayer 2:    evening all

JsmnStrm:   Hey steel.

HOST WRTR Muse:     How many years have you been writing?

HOST WRTR Muse:     and how long did it take for you to get published?

PNELROD:    both have good and bad points.  I've been very lucky working with

Nigel,  since he's not only very talented, but very easy to work with

PNELROD:    Muse--alll myyy liiifffe.

SHoffer77:  Pat, what made you decide on a vampire as your main character?

PNELROD:    Well, I answer that one on my website.  He started out as a gaming

character and went to 3-d

PNELROD:    site is www.vampwriter.com

PNELROD:    I was 1st published in 86, sold a game module to TSR for one of

their magazines.  It only took me all my life to get there too.

PNELROD:    I can trace Jack's roots to Dark Shadows, though.  I adore


PNELROD:    He's in the dedication to my 1st novel

HOST WRTR Dee:  Dark Shadows...brings back memories.

HOST WRTR Paul:     The dashing mr Collins

HOST WRTR Muse:     loved that show!

PNELROD:    It's still on Sci fi--they've just started the Adam story line

The13thDoctor:  i tried watching that one once on sci-fi channel.  i am lost

Kathi Smith 116:    i used to dash home from school to see barnabas

HOST WRTR Paul:     there was a brief revival, but I never saw that one

PNELROD:    It's like wine--an acquired taste

SHoffer77:  that was the one  I saw Paul

HOST WRTR Muse:     me too, Kathi, and hide and watch it, my Mom forbade me!

Kathi Smith 116:    it's past its prime, but it was the twin peaks of the


PNELROD:    I did get to meet Frid once at a convention--VERY charming man

HOST WRTR Paul:     cool

PNELROD:    Next query?

The13thDoctor:  in other words, like the comedy "keeping up appearances"

SteeIBtrfl:     How much time do you spend online?

PNELROD:    I limie myself to an hour a day or i'd never get any work done

OnlineHost:     SarahStNy has entered the room.

BornToVector:   I am not real familiar with your history PN.  Did you ever

have to hold down other jobs while you wrote?  If so, how did you find time

to write?

Kathi Smith 116:    so we're your hour today? i feel honored!

Kathi Smith 116:    hi janice

PNELROD:    sorry about the typos, I'm on a different keyboard than I'm used

HOST WRTR Dee:  what is your writing schedule like...do you set number of

pages or set a certain time?

SarahStNy:  hi

PNELROD:    Well I was only on for 30 this morning. mail and junk.

SteeIBtrfl:     Janice***

PNELROD:    I try to do 10 pages a day,

HOST WRTR Muse:     Can you give us some insight into how your got your big


Kathi Smith 116:    i try to do that too...if i'm lucky i end up with one or


HOST WRTR Paul:     TEN!? That's more than Jack London! (but he never had to

a second draft)

PNELROD:    I finished a novel asnd started sending it in.  Each time it came

back I'd send it out again.

PNELROD:    Jack London had to work with a pencil.

PNELROD:    I rewrote my novel at least twice, and the 1st chapter 25 times

JsmnStrm:   I can't imagine hand writing a whole novel...  :::shivers at the


HOST WRTR Dee:  Did you work up to the ten pages, or does that just come

naturally to you?

The13thDoctor:  hey jas:  two words:  harry potter

PNELROD:    The it got picked off of Ace's slush pile.  The Assistant editor

was reading it on her way home and nearly missed her stop.  She thought any

book that can do that was worth passing up the food chain

PNELROD:    I had to work up--I'm on tight deadlines lately, but it's a good

habit to get into

HOST WRTR Paul:     sounds like you did not have an Agent.

JsmnStrm:   That's great for the author of Harry Potter.  I could never do it.

NO one would be able to read it.

PNELROD:    Hell, Ardath Mayhear does 20 pages a day.

Gfoxygra:   I could never write a book like War and Peace in longhand

SteeIBtrfl:     all of us could actually

SteeIBtrfl:     and would have

SteeIBtrfl:     if that is what we had

PNELROD:    It's a matter of practice to get that fast AND good.  You don't

learn piano by playing a hard piece  in your 1st class, your work up to it

The13thDoctor:  concur, Steel

JsmnStrm:   But we have technology, no matter how infuriating it can be.

PNELROD:    The writing doesn't matter, it's the practice that matters.  You

can't hit a pitch from Nolan Ryan until you've hit 100K OTHER pitches

HOST WRTR Dee:  20 pages...sigh...makes my little bitty 3 pages look so

anemic. LOL

Kathi Smith 116:    steel, good point

TheWordSlayer 2:    agrees with steel...we don't write 10 pages because we

make ourselves.Priority :)

BornToVector:   my goal is to rewrite 5 pages a day and I have trouble

findidng time for that.

PNELROD:    So writing every day is the best habit to get into

PNELROD:    I used to do 3 pages a day--until they started paying me. 

BornToVector:   pay helps

PNELROD:    Money is a wonderful motivator--sets your priorities straight!

HOST WRTR Dee:  everyday...that is my goal. doesn't matter how many pages.

And I'm glad that you mentioned that you built up from 3 to 10...kind of like

building a muscle.

Kathi Smith 116:    donna, 3 pages is nothing to sneeze at

HOST WRTR Paul:     amen to that!   :-)

OnlineHost:     JES No Time has entered the room.

SteeIBtrfl:     Jes***

The13thDoctor:  13th rule:  anything worth doing is worth doing for money

JES No Time:    Hi everyone

HOST WRTR Paul:     LOL Doc

HOST WRTR Muse:     that's so true!

PNELROD:    My fastest book at one time was I, Strahd--four months,  Didn't

know I'd could do one that fast, but I did, and it was a damn good read

according to PW.

JsmnStrm:   Just sitting down and writing a really good paragraph can be an


HOST WRTR Paul:     Hi Jes  (and everyone else, while I'm at it)     :-)

PNELROD:    next question?

HOST WRTR Dee:  When you think of when you first started out, and where you

are now today, professionally, what do you think has been the biggest skill

you've picked up as a writer?

Kathi Smith 116:    hi jes

PNELROD:    Schmoozing with the public.

HOST WRTR Muse:     lol, like us?

HOST WRTR Dee:  Schmoozing...like at bookstores and stuff, and like us?  lol

PNELROD:    Letting them know I won't waste their time with my books.

JsmnStrm:   what do you mean?

HOST WRTR Dee:  so, marketing your writing?

TheWordSlayer 2:    Do you ever have trouble sleeping because the story and

characters wont let you?

PNELROD:    It's all that, yes.  They like me an they check out the books.

I've been told jack Fleming is a lot like me personality-wise, which is a

great compliment

PNELROD:    Nope.  i had insomnia for a time, but a divorce cured that.

JES No Time:    Hi Paul and Kathi

HOST WRTR Dee:  lol

TheWordSlayer 2:    :)

HOST WRTR Muse:     Where do you get your ideas?

HOST WRTR Muse:     Are you a what if situation writer like King?

HOST WRTR Muse:     or do you have another technique?

PNELROD:    It's the practice again.  sometimes I'll bee too wasted to write

any more, then i write myself a short note of what to put in tomorrow when my

brain's fresher, then I do it.

PNELROD:    Muse--I am going to shoot you.  Do NOT move.

HOST WRTR Muse:     :::: ducking:::::

The13thDoctor:  LOLOL

PNELROD:    I've not read King in decades.

PNELROD:    But all writers use the What if...?

SteeIBtrfl:     :::hands PN some duct tape for Muse:::

SteeIBtrfl:     ::we keep it handy::

PNELROD:    There is no technique, you just use whatever works best for you.

Writing is a very solitary event.

The13thDoctor:  We got rope too.

HOST WRTR Dee:  Did you start out selling short stories or jump into novels.

HOST WRTR Muse:     Thanks guys, I'm leaving!  lol


PNELROD:    i like a bright sunny room, no noise, no ringing phone. Nigel

the light out, night work, with a glass of wine.

HOST WRTR Muse:     hmmm, that sounds like fun!

PNELROD:    I did novels 1st, then short stories.

HOST WRTR Dee:  glass of wine would put me to sleep by the 2nd


OnlineHost:     Roy Gugat has entered the room.

HOST WRTR Muse:     But what techniques work for you in getting ideas?

PNELROD:    Well, he's a Brit, they have the stamina for it.

Kathi Smith 116:    i find wine helps when i'm trying to write humor...maybe

that's how writers become lushes...

PNELROD:    I just stit down and scribble through until the outline gels.

Gfoxygra:   ones with no sense of humor to begin with you mean, kathi?

Gfoxygra:   :)

HOST WRTR Dee:  so you do an outline?  Do you stick to it much?

PNELROD:    I'll put ideas of what i want IN the book on index cards, and

string them together in order.

SteeIBtrfl:     a  clothesline

Sterlingvision:     PN, have you ever used a dream you had as a basis for a


Roy Gugat:  I find that my alcohol consumption is way down since I started to

write seriously

HOST WRTR Muse:     This is really helpful

PNELROD:    When I'm on a tight deadline an outline is essential. You need a

roadmapo so you know where you're going.

SteeIBtrfl:     laundry is always unfinished and a nightmare

SteeIBtrfl:     that fits

PNELROD:    ster--not that i can recall

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - do you ever read your competition?

BornToVector:   do you ever get to a point where you just dont know where to

go next in a book

PNELROD:    There is no competition.  Readers will always read a book faster

than we can write them.

PNELROD:    Born--nope--that's what the outline is for.

SteeIBtrfl:     Do you read other books which have vampires in them?

HOST WRTR Dee:  you said you sent out your novels at the beginning of your

career.  To publishers? or to Agents?

PNELROD:    You always know you'r heading for the big climax, if you don't

what that is, you're going to disappoint the reader

OnlineHost:     Coco0609 has entered the room.

SteeIBtrfl:     Carol***

HOST WRTR Dee:  Carol...good to see you.

Coco0609:   hi steel nd all

TheWordSlayer 2:    Evening Carol : )

PNELROD:    Both, dee--I got so damn mad at one agent who said "You're a good

writer, but it's unpublishable, " I rewrote it all over again

HOST WRTR Dee:  really? and you got that particular book published after the


PNELROD:    steel--rarely, I like Fred |Saberhagen's stuff,. but hardly any of

the tohers, though many of us are good buds.

PNELROD:    Dee-took 2 more tries.  I was really po'd with that guy.  He

an easy sale is all.

PNELROD:    My 1st was a mixed genre, and they didn't know how to market it

HOST WRTR Muse:     Steel writes some vampira, by the way. 

Gfoxygra:   what do agents know anyway?  Those who can write will, those who

can't become agents

PNELROD:    Now they have vamp P.I.s all over the place, I could SO sue


HOST WRTR Dee:  lol

PNELROD:    Gfox--not really.  i've got a very good agent.

HOST WRTR Dee:  how about a vamp PI who is a dentist?

PNELROD:    Try Buffy for that one.

HOST WRTR Dee:  lol

HOST WRTR Muse:     lol

HOST WRTR Dee:  Have you considered other genres to try out? If so, what

tweaks your interest?

PNELROD:    My vamp just bought himself a night club, and it's still a passel

of trouble

JsmnStrm:   Jump on Joss Wheaton.. Go for it , I dare you! :) 

PNELROD:    I've turned in a number of short satories in fantasy, mystery and

romance, and just finished my 1st fantasy novel, "Myhr's Adventure in Hell."

JsmnStrm:   tee hee hee

HOST WRTR Dee:  I love that title.

SteeIBtrfl:     cool

PNELROD:    I'm going to start the next book in that series before summer's


PNELROD:    I'ts all on the website, includeing photo's of Myhr.

The13thDoctor:  i've had many adventures in hell.  i worked retail for 11


JsmnStrm:   lol doc

HOST WRTR Dee:  lol

PNELROD:    rhymes with "purr"

PNELROD:    Coming from Baen in spring of 2003

HOST WRTR Dee:  You sound as if you enjoy writing...

JsmnStrm:   What is the time between a finished manuscript and a release date?

PNELROD:    Ray Bradbury said "Marry someone you love and do what you love,

can't go wrong"  I got half of that anyway.

OnlineHost:     Dcudlbug has entered the room.

PNELROD:    Jsm--about 18 months

SteeIBtrfl:     Cuddles***

HOST WRTR Muse:     PN, as you know we're a critique group for all genres of

fiction.  Can you tell us what distinguishes fantasy from other genres?  What

your audience is, and what things those of us who don't write fantasy should

look for when we

HOST WRTR Dee:  half a loaf is better than none.

HOST WRTR Muse:     critique those who do?

HOST WRTR Dee:  hi dennis

PNELROD:    Muse.  No.


HOST WRTR Muse:     roflol

HOST WRTR Muse:     :::: ducking again::::

Dcudlbug:   Hi, all.  Don't let me interrupt.

PNELROD:    I never analyse the stuff I just write it!

OnlineHost:     Bard522 has entered the room.

PNELROD:    It's like asking a soap actor what his character will be doing


SteeIBtrfl:     Fantasy suspends rational assumptions.        Science Fiction

extends rational assumptions.

HOST WRTR Muse:     But what makes your market different?

OnlineHost:     oldamerico has entered the room.

PNELROD:    You don't worry asbout the damn market, you just write what

you and let the book sell itself

HOST WRTR Paul:     good definitions Steel

OnlineHost:     Coco0609 has left the room.

PNELROD:    My market isn't different.  I have an audience, they just happen

like the same stuff I do.

SteeIBtrfl:     thank you

PNELROD:    I write what i like and let my agent do the rest

JsmnStrm:   how did you find your agent?

JsmnStrm:   (You didn't already answer that did you?  If so, I'm sorry.)

TheWordSlayer 2:    I agree PNELROD.......... Write what you like and write it


PNELROD:    I asked a friend whop her agent was.  He took me on, then he got

stupid, so I fired him and found another agent through another friend

PNELROD:    This was over a 6 year period

JsmnStrm:   Do agents go stupid regularly?

OnlineHost:     Typosarus has entered the room.

PNELROD:    This one did.  I couldn't deal with a man who annoyed so many

people on publisher's row!

OnlineHost:     Typosarus has left the room.

Gfoxygra:   I'm currently writing a short story called "A Water Apocalypse

Thus Ruled Out" but first I have to talk to God some more to see what His cut


Roy Gugat:  Jsmn -- just the human ones

PNELROD:    Finding an agent is like finding a good date, you have to shop


Gfoxygra:   :)

TheWordSlayer 2:    What is the best way to check out an agent or publisher?

PNELROD:    I made some calls, talked with another writer, then had a meeting

at a convention, my new agent si SO much better.

PNELROD:    go to their websites

OnlineHost:     oldamerico has left the room.

Gfoxygra:   ouch, pn, you mean I have to resort to dating again?

Gfoxygra:   i gave up dating during Lent

PNELROD:    see who they represent.  If the writers do stuff similar to you'rs

then you have a chance of interesting them

Gfoxygra:   5 years ago

TheWordSlayer 2:    thank you : )

PNELROD:    so if you do alternate histories, then see about finding who Harry

Turtledove's agent is.

Dcudlbug:   At my age the only dating I do is carbon-dating

JsmnStrm:   lolol

Kathi Smith 116:    dennis, nice residue


Roy Gugat:  Bug -- you dated her, too?

PNELROD:    damn keyboard...

Dcudlbug:   They count the rings in my ear lobes.

Kathi Smith 116:     try these

PNELROD:    you do need to find an agent who is excited about your writing. If

they're lukewarm, get another

Gfoxygra:   all the strategies and marketing involving writing make me really


PNELROD:    If they don't return your calls, fire em

JsmnStrm:   That's actually, the best advice I've ever heard about agents.

Dcudlbug:   No, no, no.  I get a new ear ring every decade.

PNELROD:    you have to learn this stuff, though.  Writing is a profession

any other and what you don't know can cost you OR bite you in the ass.

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - do you work with specific editors - would you move your

work to follow a good editor?

Kathi Smith 116:    oh...earrings...lol

The13thDoctor:  <---- doesnt use an ergonomic keyboard.

PNELROD:    Steel--I've not had to do that.  My editor at Ace has been there

forever, ditto for Baen

SteeIBtrfl:     <---- always uses ergo keyboards

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - would you move with them?

JsmnStrm:   Folks, I'm outta here.  I can barely sit in this chair any more

tonight.  Darn baby! :)

Gfoxygra:   If I have to learn it, I may as well become my own agent

Mod Gonne:  keyboard? wuzzat?

SteeIBtrfl:     some writers say a good editor is like a great marriage

OnlineHost:     JsmnStrm has left the room.

HOST WRTR Dee:  night Jasmine. take care of yourself.

Roy Gugat:  <===   uses no keyboard at all

PNELROD:    I've had "words" with |TSR editors, but thankfully THAT's done

with..They've still not found the bodies, either

PNELROD:    steel  and lose my backlist???  nope

JES No Time:    Night Jaz

OnlineHost:     SnowyNight has entered the room.

PNELROD:    I've got 9 books with Ace, I move and they have no reason to keep

them in print

SteeIBtrfl:     :::nods:::

PNELROD:    I tend to grind up editors, but I'm always willing to listen.

PNELROD:    they're resiliant

OnlineHost:     SHoffer77 has left the room.

The13thDoctor:  PN, i see them dahmer barrels and kitty litter came in handy.

OnlineHost:     SnowyNight has left the room.

BornToVector:   thanks for letting us pick your brain, PN.  I'm off to bed.

good night all

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - do you research your locations - ever travel?

PNELROD:    Another reason to have a good agent, mine runs interfereance for

PNELROD:    doc--nope it was a wood chipper and a catfish pond...

OnlineHost:     BornToVector has left the room.

PNELROD:    Steel I try to travel.  I'm using Toronto a lot in my next book,

ditto for Chicago.  when I can't travel I use the library to make up for it

SteeIBtrfl:     :::nods:::

SteeIBtrfl:     I was always jealous of Anne Rice for travelling

SteeIBtrfl:     to research locations

SteeIBtrfl:     what a dream

PNELROD:    there's no substitute for actually BEING in a place though

PNELROD:    Don't be.

HOST WRTR Dee:  do you also do research online, too...for backgrounds?

Roy Gugat:  I am going to Idaho this summer to research a site for an

upcoming novel

The13thDoctor:  Chicago is a good town

PNELROD:    Who was that nut of a poet who never left her house?

Mod Gonne:  mmm...travel

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - I don't

Mod Gonne:  Dickenson

SteeIBtrfl:     do that much now

PNELROD:    dee--yes

SteeIBtrfl:     LOL

Dcudlbug:   I'd get so involved with the travelling that I'd forget about the


SteeIBtrfl:     I WANT to see those castles in Scotland

SteeIBtrfl:     durn

PNELROD:    you can sing all opf her poems to the tune of the Yellow Rose of


OnlineHost:     Librettist01 has entered the room.

OnlineHost:     Librettist01 has left the room.

Mod Gonne:  Lucky, I guess, that I've seen what I'm writing about

SteeIBtrfl:     thankfully I don't write poems

Kathi Smith 116:    you do that too? wow, i thought i was the only one

SteeIBtrfl:     I have saved the world from piles of true drek

Roy Gugat:  Steel -- go, but keep records for tax deductions

PNELROD:    But you can use where you live as a location.  I did a hit man

story set in Dallas's deep Ellum, and one of the clubs there.

Kathi Smith 116:    steel, you and me both

PNELROD:    It went over well.  You have to just LOOK at where you are and

pretend to be outside it.

HOST WRTR Muse:     See, when you said no state tax, I knew it was either TX


HOST WRTR Muse:     But Deep Ellum is just made for vampira

SteeIBtrfl:     I do that already PN - SF is a great town to be near

Kathi Smith 116:    stories can be set anywhere, it's not the location you're

really writing about, but the people

SteeIBtrfl:     tons of good stuff so far as locations go

PNELROD:    Yeah, but the gothic themes are a bit stale for me.

SteeIBtrfl:     PN are you writing urban decay now?

PNELROD:    I'm working on a script where the vampire's on a subway with a

gallon of cow blood he's taking home and sitting across from him are some


OnlineHost:     Gfoxygra has left the room.

SteeIBtrfl:     I would like to see a vampire who is a clean freak

PNELROD:    they have NO clue he's the real deal.


SteeIBtrfl:     dress in white

Mod Gonne:  hmm...I had a friend who tried to buy some pig's blood once...

Mod Gonne:  not a successful endeavor

HOST WRTR Dee:  a good "what if" situation if I ever saw one.

PNELROD:    It'll be a pretty funny visual when I'm done

Mod Gonne:  apparently, you have to be 21 here...

PNELROD:    What happend Mod?

SteeIBtrfl:     Mod - Carrie repercussions  LOL


HOST WRTR Muse:     It sounds great, PN

SteeIBtrfl:     I think they used pigs blood in the movie

PNELROD:    Where did he go to buy it?

HOST WRTR Dee:  so, why did he want pig's blood?

Mod Gonne:  They carded him for a bucket of pig's blood at the butchers.

Blood pudding

HOST WRTR Dee:  ah...the proverbial blood pudding

SteeIBtrfl:     ::whispers::: all Brits are closet vampires

HOST WRTR Muse:     If you really want a visual, how about your vampire at


The13thDoctor:  LOLOL

Kathi Smith 116:     never open a closet in britain

SteeIBtrfl:     LOL

PNELROD:    steel--it would be an artificial make-up blood.  Real blood on a

film set gets rank pretty fast, and brings flies.

PNELROD:    Muse--did that in HIS FATHER'S SON with Nigel

HOST WRTR Muse:     oh, I have got to read that one!

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - I meant what the actors said

SteeIBtrfl:     I think they said it was pigs blood

HOST WRTR Dee:  note to Kathi...a closet in Britain is not same as closet in

America. Trust me, you won't open it.

HOST WRTR Muse:     <---- lived in Dallas

PNELROD:    We caloled it Bubba Rob's and made it a topless place though.

HOST WRTR Muse:     with our without the in door rodeo?

Kathi Smith 116:    <--spent a night in dallas

PNELROD:    No rodeo, but we had a belly dancer

SteeIBtrfl:     a jordan Dee???


HOST WRTR Dee:  lol..water closet.

Kathi Smith 116:    breb

Kathi Smith 116:    er...that should be brb

PNELROD:    I based her aon a friend of mine I lost to cancer,  wish I could

have told her she'd be in one of my books

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - Anne McCaffrey does that too

HOST WRTR Paul:     breb to you too.   Do't ask me what that means in

Dcudlbug:   I used to be a belly dancer.  My belly got so big nobody could

tell when I was dancing!!!

SteeIBtrfl:     writes about the friends she has lost

HOST WRTR Dee:  I bet she knows...and appreciates it.

PNELROD:    we're nealy out of time if there's another group coming in--any

last ??s

SteeIBtrfl:     no one coming

SteeIBtrfl:     just us

HOST WRTR Paul:     no other group


HOST WRTR Paul:     too late back east

PNELROD:    ok, I can field a few more then

HOST WRTR Paul:     but we do tend to wear out everyone's keyboards   ;-)

HOST WRTR Dee:  we keep you prisoner all night....now that could be something

your vampire PI could investigate, lol

OnlineHost:     Dcudlbug has left the room.

The13thDoctor:  the closest i ever came to having a vampire in any of my

stories was a reanimated cadaver crashing through a locked door, killing the

IS secretary with the lab badge

HOST WRTR Dee:  the disappearance of his author

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - do you have trouble typing out what you write longhand?

SteeIBtrfl:     do you tend to get bogged down ?

HOST WRTR Dee:  you write longhand? wow...

TheWordSlayer 2:    We will let you go just before SUNRISE! :)

PNELROD:    Jack's got a separate life from me.  He'd deadl with it.

SteeIBtrfl:     she did say she uses a pencil

PNELROD:    Much of my long hand stuff tends to be notes, snatches of

I refine it on the keyboard.

SteeIBtrfl:     :::nods:::

HOST WRTR Dee:  shall we tell her now, that we are a room full of vampires

nere?  The writer vampire club.

PNELROD:    Steel--i said jack London used a pencil

SteeIBtrfl:     I never met him

PNELROD:    I write longhand when I hang at the local coffee shop to get out

the hosue

HOST WRTR Dee:  Velcome....

PNELROD:    I work 20 years at this to end up being "ambiance"

SteeIBtrfl:     he used to hang around where I live actually

SteeIBtrfl:     little shacky places

HOST WRTR Muse:     What do you think of "gothics"

HOST WRTR Muse:     really?

HOST WRTR Paul:     went by Wolf House on the way back from Santa Rosa. Also

shopped at the Jack London Book Store in Glen Ellen.

HOST WRTR Muse:     or should I be cool and say goth

OnlineHost:     Tokugawa1220 has entered the room.

SteeIBtrfl:     modern primitives

PNELROD:    I was once VERY flattered when another writer compared one of my

stories to Jack London, then I got one of his collectiosn to see for myself.

HOST WRTR Paul:     my dad has been a fan since before I was born

PNELROD:    But I was only ever writing in the voice of the main characters

HOST WRTR Paul:     my grandma was a little girl not far from where he lived


SteeIBtrfl:     I ain't that old Paul  LOL

SteeIBtrfl:     yet

OnlineHost:     Tokugawa1220 has left the room.

PNELROD:    Writing is like acting to me, over my desk I have a sign that

"Get into character" that makes the work VERY easy

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - do you dress up like Anne Rice does?

HOST WRTR Muse:     so do you dress goth at home or at bookstores?

HOST WRTR Paul:     Sounds like a very good idea, Pat

PNELROD:    it's all part of the Practice Thing

PNELROD:    steel--I don't shjop at omar the tent makers yet, so why should I?

SteeIBtrfl:     LOL

PNELROD:    Right now I'm wearing jeans, an a tropical print shirt with

on it.

SteeIBtrfl:     might be forced to belly dance in there

Kathi Smith 116:    when i 'get into' my characters, it can be hard to come

of it...i'm irrational for a bit afterwords

SteeIBtrfl:     I wouldn't shop there either

PNELROD:    socks...underwear....or is that TMI

The13thDoctor:  LOLOL

SteeIBtrfl:     what color underwear?


The13thDoctor:  Steel!

SteeIBtrfl:     :::giggles:::

PNELROD:    Thge closest I got to goth was playing Magenta during a showing of


TheWordSlayer 2:    no all writers should be discriptive: )

PNELROD:    steel-- I will answer that ONLY if you look like Mel Gibson.

SteeIBtrfl:     Hey - I can sell the info to the Enquirer


PNELROD:    My roomie can talk goth, but I don't car for the music and most of

them don't read much, so they don't know who I am anyway

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - I look exactly like Mel Gibson

The13thDoctor:  and ruin your rep?

SteeIBtrfl:     in fact - Mel is my twin

PNELROD:    I prefer swing music or the Beatles

The13thDoctor:  I listen to classical when i write

PNELROD:    to me much of the techno stuff is based on the breathing exersises

they give to women in labor

SteeIBtrfl:     geesh - no one believes me  :::stumps off in stillettos:::

Kathi Smith 116:    steel, that must be where he got the idea for 'what women


SteeIBtrfl:     :::twinkles:::

SteeIBtrfl:     I  loved the shaving scene

TheWordSlayer 2:    I like to listen to James Taylor when i write.

SteeIBtrfl:     NADs for men

SteeIBtrfl:     yehah

Kathi Smith 116:    i'm going to try that on hubby's back

Kathi Smith 116:    maybe his ears too

SteeIBtrfl:     tie him down first

PNELROD:    writing queries?  anything I can disillusion you about some more?

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - you have been wonderful

Roy Gugat:  please

HOST WRTR Muse:     yes please

SteeIBtrfl:     thank you for standing up to our mischief

PNELROD:    I try.

Roy Gugat:  I do not understand queerires

SteeIBtrfl:     it was lovely to have you as a visiting author

Sterlingvision:     I have a quick question

HOST WRTR Dee:  Pat, I second the thanks for your willingness to join us.

PNELROD:    well, it's not as though we "shared unity"....

HOST WRTR Muse:     Actually any advice on Queries?

HOST WRTR Dee:  I need to take off...take care all.

PNELROD:    ster--GA

HOST WRTR Paul:     Thanks, PN     :-D

Sterlingvision:     Does a writer just send a copy of his/her manuscript to a

publisher or agent or do you need to  send a query first?

TheWordSlayer 2:    thank Pat.you were great : )

PNELROD:    They each have different requirements.  Read Writer's market or

visit their website for that infor

HOST WRTR Muse:     Yes, thanks for coming on such short notice Pat

OnlineHost:     HOST WRTR Dee has left the room.

Sterlingvision:     thanx

PNELROD:    Many houses will not look at an unsolicited MS, ditto for agents.

query 1st

Sterlingvision:     It was a great evening, I really enjoyed it

PNELROD:    Yeah, I haven't watched Angel yet....

Kathi Smith 116:    usually they ask for a cover letter and three chapters, i


TheWordSlayer 2:    Pat i have never read any of your books.but after tonight

will go get one. I enjoyed your honesty.

Sterlingvision:     Thanks again PNELROD

TheWordSlayer 2:    thank you.

PNELROD:    that's standard letter and 50 pages + outline

The13thDoctor:  thanks PN

PNELROD:    than'd word--try my website for more info.  The FAQ section has

some fun stuff

PNELROD:    www.vampwriter.com

PNELROD:    and a pic of me as Magenta

The13thDoctor:  paul please make sure it winds up in the log


SteeIBtrfl:     Doc - the guidelines are noted in the books

PNELROD:    and "the Blues Sister Elrod"

TheWordSlayer 2:    I will check it out.Thank you very much for spening this

time with us.

The13thDoctor:  LOL Hey I love the blues brothers

OnlineHost:     Wndrmr has entered the room.

PNELROD:    My pleasure.  I'm glad you all laughed at the jokes!

SteeIBtrfl:     PN - thank you for your time - it is getting late on this end

I am heading off

Kathi Smith 116:    great talk, pat...very informative. thank you

SteeIBtrfl:     nighters everyone****

PNELROD:    I still have to shoot Muse though for asking wher I get all my


TheWordSlayer 2:    night Steel , sleep well

OnlineHost:     SteeIBtrfl has left the room.

Sterlingvision:     well all see you next week, nite

OnlineHost:     Sterlingvision has left the room.

TheWordSlayer 2:    lol

PNELROD:    Be vewy vewy qwiet...I'm hunting Muses... he he he he he

HOST WRTR Muse:     gee, and I was going to tell everyone to APPLAUDE

TheWordSlayer 2:    :)

Kathi Smith 116:    she's not hiding behind me, really she's not

Kathi Smith 116:    that's just a figment of your imagination

HOST WRTR Muse:     thanks for coming, PN, we really appreciated it!

HOST WRTR Muse:     and Kathi, stop moving!

TheWordSlayer 2:    muse's Inspire people.we just never know how our muse will

insire us LOL

The13thDoctor:  kill da wabbit!  kill da wabbit

PNELROD:    ;-)  Ok, I know when to make an exit,  thanks all..... POOF!

OnlineHost:     PNELROD has left the room.

HOST WRTR Muse:     lol, well, I guess it's time to turn off the log

TheWordSlayer 2:    this was a really good session! I am glad i made it

Roy Gugat:  sorry I missed the first half

Roy Gugat:  I'll be tuned in for the log

Kathi Smith 116:    i enjoyed it, thanks for setting it up, muse

TheWordSlayer 2:    No Prob Roy it will all be in the log :)

Kathi Smith 116:    taking off now. see you all next week

OnlineHost:     Kathi Smith 116 has left the room.

HOST WRTR Muse:     bye Kathi

OnlineHost:     Roy Gugat has left the room.

TheWordSlayer 2:    night yall, sleep well

HOST WRTR Muse:     well good session everyone

HOST WRTR Muse:     Don, glad to see you here

OnlineHost:     TheWordSlayer 2 has left the room.

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HOST WRTR Muse:     bye

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SarahStNy:  nite

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