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1/13/03 6:57:59 PM  Opening "Chat Log 1/13/03"

G1ft0fgabn0t:   Hiya Donna :)
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Hello Paul
Vladytoe:   Hello Rain
HOST WPLC Sushi:    howdy
Floydaka:   Hi Ya DEE
pvogelbacher:   hello paul
Floydaka:   Hey Paul
PHeeren:    did you get a chance to read my crit, paul?
BornToVector:   Wow, big crowd tonight
PHeeren:    hi paul
SPultz: Hi all
PHeeren:    or not?
SarahStNy:  Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SPultz: Hi all
Floydaka:   Hey Spultz
WriteWithHeart: hi there
Rainlyte:   there's room up here on the floor in front of me.. don't be shy
pvogelbacher:   hi back
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Okay, Rainlyte has requested that we be in protocol
Floydaka:   Sounds German
Kathi Smith 116:    hi cindy! good to see you again
WriteWithHeart: how are you Janice?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    since this is a long lesson
Kathi Smith 116:    hi janice!
Rainlyte:   ::make me the meanie - go ahead:::
OnlineHost: Fjm3eyes has entered the room.
WriteWithHeart: hi Kathy, good to see you too
PHeeren:    hi kathy
ClayHandlr: this group can get out of hand without protocol
SarahStNy:  good cindy
G1ft0fgabn0t:   oh yeah
BrownDvs:   It is?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    for questions, please type ?....for comments, type !  and
wait til you are called...thanks.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Rain couldn't be a meanie if she tried
Rainlyte:   just means your having fun Clay
OnlineHost: CPeete has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks Donna
BrownDvs:   Hello WriteWithHeart. Nice sn
OnlineHost: Sunan21 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Roy Gugat has entered the room.
ClayHandlr: lol, rain
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Donna aka Host wplc Deer will be running the queue
WriteWithHeart: thanks Brown
OnlineHost: SusanIs has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    so you'll be called in turn as your turn comes up
HOST WPLC Dee R:    so, IM me if I miss your ? or !
CPeete: Hey Everybody!
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I'd like to introduce Rainlyte
Nsummers882:    ok
OnlineHost: SusanIs has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    She is also known as Host Wplc Rm Angl in the Writer's
OnlineHost: Suspensewriter has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    which meets on Wednesday nights
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and works on motivating writers in many different ways
OnlineHost: KD et al has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    she's had a lot of success in approaching editors and
agents in person
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and is a fantastic teacher
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I'm so very happy she's here
HOST WPLC Lyric:    <G>
Rainlyte:   :-)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Tonight she'll be talking about how to make a live pitch
to an editor or an agent
CPeete: ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    which you might be doing when going to a conference
HOST WPLC Lyric:    or over the phone
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes Connie?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga
CPeete: are we not doing a crit session?
CPeete: did I miss something??
BrownDvs:   Next Monday Connie.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Connie, Adam is going next week, we had him submit early
just in case there was a foul up
HOST WPLC Lyric:    so he was also our standby
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Before we start...some house keeping...on process. Rain
will first do a presentation, then at certain points...take questions.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Rainlyte is our scheduled guest for tonight
OnlineHost: PPoppyMe has entered the room.
CPeete: oh...Okay
OnlineHost: PPoppyMe has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    good point Donna, thanks for putting me in order
HOST WPLC Dee R:    So, please hold your questions until the question section
is open...
OnlineHost: JsmnStrm has entered the room.
OnlineHost: ClayHandlr has left the room.
OnlineHost: JsmnStrm has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    when you finish your question or comment, please type ga
meaning go ahead
HOST WPLC Dee R:    ga, Rain...the virtual floor is yours...
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and wait for the ga when you're called upon
HOST WPLC Lyric:    so heeeeeerrrrrrrssss RAINLYTE
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ::::: Applause::::::::
BrownDvs:   :::::::::::applause:::::::::
CPeete: {{{{whistle!}}}}}
OnlineHost: SusanIs has left the room.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   :::clapping:::
HOST WPLC Lyric:    The floor is yours Rainlyte
Hillwithit: (stomping feet until bleachers collapse)
OnlineHost: SusanIs has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Roy Gugat has left the room.
Floydaka:   ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    hold questions until the end Floydaka,
Floydaka:   OKDOKIE
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Floy...we'll wait on questions until end...Rain is doing
a presentation first.
pvogelbacher:   rainlyte the floor is yours
Floydaka:   10:30
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I think Rain is having a wee AOL problem
HOST WPLC Lyric:    what is your question Floydaka
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga
HOST WPLC Dee R:    maybe having a technical difficulty problem, lol...no
wonder Steve Case resigned, lol
BrownDvs:   :::::::sneaks in a "Whassup Floyd!"::::::::::::
G1ft0fgabn0t:   lol
Floydaka:   I was wondering what an asteral plane is
BrownDvs:   Steve Case resigned?
CPeete: AOL problems are never "wee"
BrownDvs:   lol
SusanIs:    Yes, Brown
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Floydaka why not IM BrownDvs
HOST WPLC Sushi:    all over the news today
HOST WPLC Dee R:    yes, as of May
BrownDvs:   I did not know this.
OnlineHost: Rainlyte has left the room.
SusanIs:    New CEO Ted Turner?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    BrownDvs = Adam and he'll be glad to fill you in
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Rain is signing on again
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I think she's frozen
CPeete: yep...Rainlyte got booted
OnlineHost: Suspensewriter has entered the room.
BrownDvs:   Floyd, the Astral Plane is another name for the spirit world.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    don't worry the presentation is well worth our while
HOST WPLC Sushi:    must be back East   frozen . . . heh. heh
Vladytoe:   Don't tell me our speaker got cold feet? Frozen and all that
Floydaka:   How bout the resignation of an American
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam can you do that by IM?
BrownDvs:   Sure.
SusanIs:    He resigned via Email by the way
OnlineHost: Rainlyte has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Adam, use Ims for this.  Unles Rain does not make it back
on board!
HOST WPLC Lyric:    rain is here
G1ft0fgabn0t:   WB Rain
Floydaka:   Busch Beer anyone
HOST WPLC Dee R:    wb Rain....we were getting worried...lol
BrownDvs:   Got it Paul.
Rainlyte:   I'm back
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Okay, protocol means chit chat by IM guys, okay?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Rainlyte the floor is yours
Rainlyte:   stupid ISP.  my boss will hear from me :-)
Floydaka:   Yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOST WPLC Dee R:    must be a case of AOL laryngitis...
Rainlyte:   nope  can't balem aol  my own isp
Rainlyte:   okay..
Rainlyte:   we are going to jump right in here.
BrownDvs:   wb
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Rain could you switch to bold please
CPeete: you go, Girl
Rainlyte:   You were told in the opening that this pertains to pitching at a
HOST WPLC Dee R:    the floor is yours, Rain...and we are all ears.
OnlineHost: Sweet silly muse has left the room.
Rainlyte:   My first experience with pitching at a conference was in DC with
RWA National
Rainlyte:   I got an unexpected slot to pitch to the editor of my choice and
was far from ready.
OnlineHost: TheDuffer has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   I sat in the bar the night before talking with Chris Keesler from
OnlineHost: SusanIs has left the room.
OnlineHost: TheDuffer has left the room.
Rainlyte:   his first q to me was 'are you nervous?' and i could honestly
answere 'NO'
HOST WPLC Lyric:    RWA is Romance Writers of America gang, a very
prestigious writer's group
Rainlyte:   There is no reason to be nervous for any pitch where ever it is
Rainlyte:   if you believe in what you have to sell.
Rainlyte:   and we're going to help you get there tonight
Rainlyte:   Editors/agents first advise to you will be 'don't be nervous'
Rainlyte:   Easy for them to say.  Have they ever lost sleep or alienated
their family
Rainlyte:   laboring late into the night over a crucial scene?
Rainlyte:   This manuscript is your sweat and blood - why wouldn't you be
Rainlyte:   You need to think of this 'pitch' as a job interview.  Be
prepared, know your material, and know the company you are pitching to.
Rainlyte:   Keep in mind that at some point in their career, this person sat
across from a desk of someone they admired and applied for their
OnlineHost: SusanIs has entered the room.
OnlineHost: JES No Time has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   position.  they were nervous.
Rainlyte:   Chances are their palms were sweaty and their mouth dry as saw
Rainlyte:   Sound familia?
Rainlyte:   familiar?
Rainlyte:   Just as they sold themselves and their abilities, you will
promote yourself and your manuscript.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    boy does it, Rain
Rainlyte:   You are asking this person to trust your ability to tell a great
story and make their deadlines.
Rainlyte:   In return, they are asking you to trust them to do what is right
for your manuscript and for you.
OnlineHost: Roy Gugat has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   So how do you prepare yourself for that all-important 3 to 5
Rainlyte:   Just as with any interview, there are certain steps you must take.
Rainlyte:   Know the position you want, learn about the company, dress
appropriately, and build your confidence.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Rain, can you please emphasize that 3-5 minutes is all
you get, sometimes less?
Rainlyte:   Keep inmind that each editor/agent is a different person.
Rainlyte:   Absolutely Lyric.
Rainlyte:   You're lucky if you get anything above 3 minutes.
Rainlyte:   There is no such thing as a text book interview.
Rainlyte:   and while no two appointments are alike, the steps are basically
the same.
Rainlyte:   With me so far?  Ready to go into the steps?
Roy Gugat:  yes
Rainlyte:   STEP 1:
OnlineHost: Sweet silly muse has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   This is crucial!
Rainlyte:   Whether you're asked to submit a partial or a complete (as I
was), it had better be finished.
Rainlyte:   You can't give a confident pitch if you don't know for sure where
your characters are going to take you.
Rainlyte:   Know your characters like your own family.  Know their goals and
thier conflicts.
Rainlyte:   Be able to synopsis the story in one hundred words or less.
Rainlyte:   That's important.
Rainlyte:   This isn't as hard as it sounds.  Picture yourself standing in
the bookstore reading the flap copy of your book.
Rainlyte:   The flap copy is your pitch.  You have as much time to capture
that editor/agent interest as
Roy Gugat:  ?
Rainlyte:   the publisher did yours once it was on the stand.
Rainlyte:   Not only should the manuscript be finished but also edited, in
proper format, and flawless.  These things will jump
Rainlyte:   out at an editor or agetn, creating an ill first impression.
Rainlyte:   Questiosn?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Roy...ga
Floydaka:   ?
pvogelbacher:   brb
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Roy?  ask your question, then Floydaka
OnlineHost: pvogelbacher has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, Floydaka ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    if you are asking a question guys please have it typed
and ready to go
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, then back to Rain, ga
Floydaka:   Do you have a publishing Co.?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    roy must have the AOL laryngitis...lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    no floyd, Rain is a writer like us
FJGA:   ?
Rainlyte:   me personally Floy?
Rainlyte:   no
HOST WPLC Dee R:    he's just told me the room won't let him enter comments.
Rainlyte:   I'm a nose to the grindstone writer.
Floydaka:   Yep.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    unless it's on point, please hold questions till the end
OnlineHost: pvogelbacher has entered the room.
Floydaka:   Whats your credentials
Rainlyte:   perhaps he can im it to one of you and have it posted.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    fga? ga
FJGA:   How long did it take for you to get published?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga Rainlyte
Rainlyte:   I'm still getting there FJ.  :-)
HOST WPLC Dee R:    I will ask Roy's question for him, after FJGA
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga Roy/donna
Kathi Smith 116:    someone muzzled roy?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Would you suggest reading lots of flaps to prepare?
Rainlyte:   my current ms is with an editor by request as we speak.
SusanIs:    ?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    ga
Rainlyte:   Not necessarily Dee.  It's all going to come from knowing your
Rainlyte:   one more..
Floydaka:   Whoa! eeze up, what about credentials
HOST WPLC Dee R:    SusanIS...ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, lets get back to the presentation after Susan
SusanIs:    Did you submit through agent?
Rainlyte:   no Susan.
OnlineHost: Mod Gonne has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   I'm a self-promoter and don't have a problem talking to people.
Rainlyte:   If it should ever come to a point where an agent is needed, I
will look that direction.
OnlineHost: pvogelbacher has left the room.
Floydaka:   I think I had a GA
SusanIs:    ? One more short one
Rainlyte:   For now I'm able to get to people.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Susan please wait till the end
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga Rainlyte with the presentation
Rainlyte:   k
Rainlyte:   STEP 2:
Rainlyte:   In the case of fiction, your resume will vary.  Do you have
firsthand knowledge of the setting of your story?
Rainlyte:   Do you have any experience in the issues your heroine is dealing
Rainlyte:   When writing non-fiction, you should have credentials to cement
your information.
Rainlyte:   For example..
OnlineHost: Barrys2go has entered the room.
OnlineHost: pvogelbacher has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   if you're writing a book on hiking in Nat'l parks, have you hiked
any of the locales discussed?
Floydaka:   ?
Rainlyte:   Are you familiar with the equipment needed.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Floydaka...hold that question til the next
Rainlyte:   Do you have publishing credits?  Do you teach a class on writing,
lead a crit group, have
Rainlyte:   a degree in English Lit, or any writing competition awards.
Rainlyte:   Anything that lends credibility to you and your ability is
Rainlyte:   You don't have to be published to have credits to list.
Rainlyte:   Anything that shows you are striving to learn your craft is a
Rainlyte:   STEP 3:
Rainlyte:   KNOW THE HOUSE
Rainlyte:   Who's the acquisitions editor?  Are they publishing what you
Rainlyte:   What is their expected word count?  How many titles do they
release in a month? year?
Rainlyte:   Do they accept unsolicited material?
Rainlyte:   I was asked to submit while in Denver last summer.  Didn't pitch
just met the editor and she asked me to send her
Rainlyte:   a partial.  When I sent it, I made sure that I put in the query
that my ms was not
Rainlyte:   what she normally published, didn't meet their word count.
Suspensewriter: ?
Rainlyte:   She knew that I knew this, read the partial and asked for a
complete anyway.
Rainlyte:   you just never know.  But do your homework and be prepared.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Suspense...please wait until the question and answer
period...I will put you on the list to be called
Rainlyte:   Keep in mind..
OnlineHost: Barrys2go has left the room.
Rainlyte:   The best presentation you can give is the one that doesn't waste
their time or yours.
Rainlyte:   Couple of questions before we move on to the next step?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, Who's first Donna
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Floydaka is first
HOST WPLC Dee R:    than Suspensewriter.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Floy, ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and I think Susan also had a brief question
HOST WPLC Dee R:    sorry...forgive me Susan.
SusanIs:    Ok, can't stay much longer
Floydaka:    What is our wonderful guest speakers credentials, Please
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Susan, Floydaka, than Suspense...go for it...
HOST WPLC Lyric:    guys please have your questions typed so we don't have to
Suspensewriter: Rain, I assume you are going about this unagented, is that
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Floyd I'll email them to you
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga Suspense
Rainlyte:   Thanks Lyric.
Rainlyte:   yes Suspense, I am.
SusanIs:    I was told NO major publishing house accepts unagented material
Rainlyte:   I can talk my way into most anyplace  ;-)
SusanIs:    Oops, sorry, didn't mean to send yet
Rainlyte:   ga
Suspensewriter: I have heard other writers regret that, Rain, is there a good
reason for that?
Floydaka:   Thanks Ill be looking foward please try while this session is in
Suspensewriter: GA
Rainlyte:   I can't comment on other writers suspense.  It really depends on
the individual and what they are able to do for their work.
Rainlyte:   ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Susan there is also a difference between unagented
Rainlyte:   answering Susan's really quick.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and unsolicited
Rainlyte:   the best way to know Susan, is to check the guidelines of the
house you are interested in.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    a query can get you into a lot of doors, as can a face to
face pitch
OnlineHost: TheClassicQuill has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   and yes Lyric is correct.
SusanIs:    They ALL said agented only
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, back to Rainlyte's presentation.  Susan, check your
copy of Writer's Market and you'll see that's just not true
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga
Rainlyte:   k
Rainlyte:   STEP 4
OnlineHost: ClayHandlr has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   What is she looking for?  Is there a new line being launched in
the future?
Rainlyte:   Does this editor look for non-traditional stories, prefer humor?
OnlineHost: SkateTaylor has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   If you're marketing an historical, is there a time period or
setting they prefer?
Rainlyte:   A couple of personal details are good if they correlate with an
aspect of your ms.
Rainlyte:   Es:  the editor is a proud parent of a new baby - your story
involves children.  You want the editor to relate to your story
Rainlyte:   If you can bring the story alive for the interviewer, there's a
good chance they'll see their readers
OnlineHost: SkateTaylor has left the room.
Rainlyte:   reacting the same way.
Rainlyte:   These things are all common knowledge through research and
Rainlyte:   Do your homework.
Rainlyte:   STEP 5
Rainlyte:   KNOW THE AGENT
Rainlyte:   How long have they been around?
Rainlyte:   who do they represent (now or in the past)
Rainlyte:   How many new clients are they looking for?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Rain, can you give some examples of how to find that out
-- what you mean by networking, ie RWA chapter meetings?
Rainlyte:   which houses do they work with the most?
Rainlyte:   sure.
Rainlyte:   Networking:
Rainlyte:   'Participating' in these workshop, getting to know other writers
who are
Rainlyte:   struggling just like you AND with those who are being published.
OnlineHost: BornToVector has left the room.
Rainlyte:   As much as I like being a 'hermit' of sorts, you can't be afraid
to talk to EVERYONE
Rainlyte:   in this business.  If you want to make steps, there is no room
for timidity.
Kathi Smith 116:    sure you can...lol
Rainlyte:   Attend conferences.. There are several regional as well as the
Rainlyte:   conferences.  Join a crit group or a readers group.  Readers
groups are great, 'cause you can listen to what the 'reader' has to say about a
Floydaka:   ? So
Floydaka:   Have you been Published
Rainlyte:   If there isn't a writers group/crit group near you, look into
starting one.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Floyd questions at the end please
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we're not taking any questions before then now
Floydaka:   Simple Q?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga Rainlyte
HOST WPLC Dee R:     no...please understand that we are following protocol...
Floydaka:   Thank You
Rainlyte:   finishing with agents here.
Dcudlbug:   ?
Rainlyte:   References are always a good source, but you do need to do your
own follow up.
Rainlyte:   often times if you look in the books you read, writers will thank
their editors/agents for their help in getting published.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    you're on the queue, Dennis
HOST WPLC Dee R:    dennis...I will put you on the list for questions at the
appropriate time.
Rainlyte:   I believe that
www.sfa.org/prededitors is still an ongoing site
where you can obtain a list of agents and editors who have
Rainlyte:   voluntarily taken part in a rough rating system to determine
their reputability.
ClayHandlr: SFWA
Rainlyte:   STEP 6
Rainlyte:   This is the flap-copy synopsis we talked about earlier.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Science fiction Writers of America is SFWA
Rainlyte:   Be prepared to answer any questions the interviewer might ask.
OnlineHost: Suspensewriter has left the room.
Rainlyte:   Sit (don't stand) infront of a mirror and recite your pitch.
Look at your reflection, as you will the interviewer
Rainlyte:   (this is not to mean you'll be standing for your interview - but
it will help you see your posture better)
Rainlyte:   Eye contact is important as it displays your confidence.
Rainlyte:   Let the passion for your story come through.
Rainlyte:   Pitching to a fellow writer is also great, particularly if
they've pitched before.  Another writer will understand your nervousness and know
what you need to correct.
Rainlyte:   If you have step one down, you'll be fine.
Rainlyte:   STEP 7
HOST WPLC Lyric:    just a clarification, Rain
Rainlyte:   These are super important.
Rainlyte:   yes Lyric.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    the website is sfwa, not sfa, which clay just pointed out
HOST WPLC Lyric:    is the snack foods of america site
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga
BrownDvs:   lol
Rainlyte:   thank you.
Rainlyte:   must be a typo in my notes :-)
Rainlyte:   though snack food can be very important too.  :-)
G1ft0fgabn0t:   oh yeah
Floydaka:   ?
Rainlyte:   okay, the business cards.
BrownDvs:   heh heh, can't agrue with that.
Rainlyte:   Have 2
OnlineHost: TheClassicQuill has left the room.
Rainlyte:   Have them prepared before you go to conference.  Doing them on
your own computer is fine as long as they are neat and separated smoothly.
Rainlyte:   Black print on white background is best.
Floydaka:   ?
ClayHandlr: !
Rainlyte:   Although a graphic is fine, your personal information should be
the predominant feature.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Clay, I will put you on the list for comment when we get
to that section...thanks..
Rainlyte:   The back of the card shoud include:
Rainlyte:   Title, target line or theme, and word count.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    actually I asked Clay to intervene
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga Clay
Rainlyte:   this bit of information will be your stepping stone in the white
water of other pitchers she has heard.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    oh...sorry, Sry
ClayHandlr: the pre-editors section has moved from SWFA.org to
Rainlyte:   Back at the office, this will help distinguish your appointment
from all of the others.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks for that info, Clay
ClayHandlr: it isn't on SFWA anymore
Rainlyte:   thanks Clay
ClayHandlr: yw
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga Rain
HOST WPLC Lyric:    five minutes and we'll start taking questions
Rainlyte:   STEP 8
HOST WPLC Lyric:    please type a ? to be put on the queue
Rainlyte:   Basic business attire is best.  Pants/skir, with a blouse and
blazer or a nice dress is perfect (unless you're a man, of course -
OnlineHost: Cyncity 1 has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   in which case dress slacks, nice shirt with or without blazer is
Rainlyte:   Navy blue or black is best.  Stay away from loud colors.
Rainlyte:   Shoes should have a low heel.
OnlineHost: Vladytoe has left the room.
OnlineHost: PHeeren has left the room.
Rainlyte:   no distracting jewelry or perfume.  NO gum.
Rainlyte:   a breath mint before is fine.
Rainlyte:   often these are available at the check in table
HOST WPLC Lyric:    probably advised!
Rainlyte:   Neat, clean, and tidy is the key
Rainlyte:   you're not out to impress with your fashion sense.  Dress with
OnlineHost: Cyncity 1 has left the room.
Rainlyte:   (we're nearly through)
Rainlyte:   STEP 9
Rainlyte:   BE ON TIME
SusanIs:    (Like you're boarding a plane_
Rainlyte:   About ten to fifteen minutes early is best.  It's not unusual for
someone to lose their confidence at the last minute
OnlineHost: JES No Time has left the room.
Rainlyte:   which will move everyone's time slot up.  Check in, find a seat,
and breath.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Thanks so much Rain, you've given us a lot of great info
HOST WPLC Lyric:    From what I see, Dennis is the first on the queue
Rainlyte:   I'm sorry we had to cut it short.
pvogelbacher:   !
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga with your question Dennis
Rainlyte:   stupid isp provider.
Dcudlbug:   Any suggestions for a totally novice writer?  I have yet to
submit my first item for consideration.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I know
HOST WPLC Dee R:    it's alot of info..
Rainlyte:   are you donfident that your work is good?
OnlineHost: SPultz has left the room.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    dennis, then PVogelbacher
Dcudlbug:   very
Rainlyte:   Then you shouldn't have a proble.
Rainlyte:   problem
Dcudlbug:   thanks
OnlineHost: JamesESchutte has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   if your work is good, someone will buy it when the time is right.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Please type a ? if you want to be on the queue
Rainlyte:   ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    pvogel is next, ga
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Pvogelbacher with comment
pvogelbacher:   I just wanted to comment on the breathing part
OnlineHost: FJGA has left the room.
BrownDvs:   ?
Rainlyte:   sure Pv  go ahead
pvogelbacher:   breath and relax as you say the work will sell it self
Rainlyte:   :::nodding:::
HOST WPLC Dee R:    BrownDvs, ga
pvogelbacher:   ga
OnlineHost: JamesESchutte has left the room.
ClayHandlr: ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam?
BrownDvs:   Do you have any advice as to how long or short a synop should be?
Rainlyte:   you'll actually find that in most guidelines Brown.
Rainlyte:   there really isn't a set rule of thumb
BrownDvs:   Ahhhhh
BrownDvs:   I was wondering about that.
OnlineHost: Mod Gonne has left the room.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    (Barging in for a moment.) We have quite a few visitors
this evening. Gabby is greeting, and please email me for info about this group.
Rainlyte:   for short/long contemp I strive for a paragraph per chapter
Kathi Smith 116:    ?
Rainlyte:   doing the entire booku nder 5 pages  ga
HOST WPLC Dee R:    ClayHandler is next...ga
HOST WPLC Dee R:    then, Kathi
ClayHandlr: how hard is it to get the appontment with the editor?
Rainlyte:   it isn't Clay
ClayHandlr: reall?
ClayHandlr: ba
ClayHandlr: ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    There are many conferences where you can pay
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Kathi, ga
Rainlyte:   When you register for the conference, there is usually a form to
fill out listing your 1, 2, and 3 choice.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    an extra fee of ten to twentyfive dollars to set up a
face to face editor
OnlineHost: Mod Gonne has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    meeting
Kathi Smith 116:    what if you're really, really, really shy? how do you get
over it? ga
OnlineHost: Jackatbrun has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   you have to come from the confidence aspet.
Rainlyte:   aspect.
Rainlyte:   Lyric if I have 30 sec.
OnlineHost: Cyncity 1 has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   I think this next paragraph will help them
CPeete: Kathi, YOU can't possibly be shy
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes, Rain
Rainlyte:   If you follow steps 1-9
BrownDvs:   No way in the world....
SusanIs:    ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    you have no idea Connie!  lol
Kathi Smith 116:    don't bet on it, connie...it's different face to face
Kathi Smith 116:    ?
Rainlyte:   then the only thing you have left to do is ask yourself 'what if?"
Rainlyte:   what if you odn't go through with the appointment.
Rainlyte:   What if you do't give this your best shot.
Rainlyte:   then what?
Rainlyte:     Why have you struggled to this point to not give it everything
you have!
Floydaka:   Der When your published ask what if
Rainlyte:   Five years from now you'll bee saying "IF I'd only....
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Susan, then Kathi, ga...
Rainlyte:   YOu ahve to believe that your ms is the best it can be.
SusanIs:    If you can't go to a conference, you're outta luck?
Rainlyte:   believe in your ability as a writer to tell a great story
Rainlyte:   YOu believe in your ability to get this far -
OnlineHost: SarahStNy has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I just want to interject that you can also corner editors
and agents at the bar, in the hallways, in the parking lot, just be courteous
at all times
Rainlyte:   don't throw it away over a few butterflies...You're doing great!
Rainlyte:   ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    susan ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, kathi ga
BrownDvs:   ?
SusanIs:    If you can't attend conferences, it's agent or bust- I have one
Kathi Smith 116:    so the business card isn't really about you, it focuses
on your ms, right? ga
Rainlyte:   ansolutely Kathi
OnlineHost: Jackatbrun has left the room.
Kathi Smith 116:    (rain, thanks for answer on being shy, great advice)
Rainlyte:   you have your important info on the front.
Rainlyte:   but you want something on the back that is going to flash at that
OnlineHost: Sweet silly muse has left the room.
Rainlyte:   when she gets back to the office - that will make her rememenr you
Rainlyte:   :-)
HOST WPLC Dee R:    BrownDVS...ga
G1ft0fgabn0t:   ?
OnlineHost: Jackatbrun has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   not a shy bone in my body Kathi so it's hard for me to answer
HOST WPLC Dee R:    browndvs, then gabby
Jackatbrun: !
Floydaka:   Not Me:-)
Rainlyte:   brown?
BrownDvs:   How else can one go about meeting an agent, publisher, or editor
without going through the chance encounters or conventions?
OnlineHost: ClayHandlr has left the room.
BrownDvs:   ga
Rainlyte:   querying is about the only way I know of Brown
Rainlyte:   unless you have a writer friend who's willing to vouch for you
and pass your name over to their editor
Rainlyte:   :-)
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Gabby is next, then Jackatbrun
BrownDvs:   That is a formal way of asking them to look at your ms, yes?
Rainlyte:   that's where the networking part comes in realy handy ga
Rainlyte:   yes
HOST WPLC Lyric:    one question after Jack and we'll wrap this up
OnlineHost: ClayHandlr has entered the room.
Rainlyte:   LYric..
G1ft0fgabn0t:   The two sided business cards, how many should you have
printed? Should the back be printed or is handwritten acceptable?
G1ft0fgabn0t:   ga
BrownDvs:   gq
Rainlyte:   I'm willing to stay and finish the presentation for anyone who
wishes to also
Rainlyte:   G1
HOST WPLC Lyric:    terrific
ClayHandlr: use your computer, gabby
G1ft0fgabn0t:   that's an idea...
Rainlyte:   for appointment purposes you'll want at least 1 for each appoint
ment you have.
Rainlyte:   2 is better.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga Jack
Jackatbrun: The difference between a successful person and others is not a
lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. --Vince
Rainlyte:   and the reason I say that is at the end of the presentation, when
you've left the meeting.
Dcudlbug:   ?
Rainlyte:   if you're asked to submit anything at all, make a notation on the
back of another of your busienss cards about the appointment.
Rainlyte:   a detail as small as the conference date or a suggestion made by
the interviewer
Rainlyte:   will do nicely.  This is the business card you will attatch to
the ms when you mail it.
Rainlyte:   ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga Dennis
Rainlyte:   oh and as ot whether or not it can be hand written.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Dennis is next (and I'm off...Rain, thanks for a good
presentation. Sorry I have to leave.)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and then we'll finish the presentation for anyone willing
to wait
HOST WPLC Dee R:    bye all..
Dcudlbug:   Would using a printed label stuck to the back of your card be
acceptable to convey the added info?
CPeete: bye Donna
Rainlyte:   I would nicely hand print the book info on the back
BrownDvs:   Later on Ms. Reed!
Rainlyte:   or using the label - another good idea Dc thanks1
CPeete: I'm going off to beddy-bye
Fjm3eyes:   bye ee
G1ft0fgabn0t:   :)
Fjm3eyes:   dee
HOST WPLC Dee R:    lol
OnlineHost: Jackatbrun has left the room.
OnlineHost: HOST WPLC Dee R has left the room.
CPeete: Great presentation!  Very informative
HOST WPLC Lyric:    lets' give our speaker Rain a round of Applause
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Thank you
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and then we'll go back to the presentation
G1ft0fgabn0t:   :::applause:::
CPeete: {{{{{APPLAUSE}}}}}}}
BrownDvs:   Agreed!!!!!  ::::::::applause::::::::::::
pvogelbacher:   ::::::BRAVO:::::::
HOST WPLC Lyric:    :::::applause:::::::
Nsummers882:    clapping
Dcudlbug:   Thank you very much.  Great presentation.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Thank You Rain!    :-D
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks for coming Rain!
Kathi Smith 116:    thank you, rain, very helpful and informative
ClayHandlr: :::::;;clap, clap, clap::::
Rainlyte:   thanks for being patient while my isp played bouncy
Sunan21:    found your presentation helpful, thanks
HOST WPLC Lyric:    now anyone who wants to go can do so, and the rest of us
will finish up
pvogelbacher:   Thank You Rain, I really enjoyed your presentation
SusanIs:    Have to go, thanks
Rainlyte:   I have about 1 page and a 1/2 left if anyone is interested?
CPeete: You all have a good week!
pvogelbacher:   dogs need out night all
WriteWithHeart: thank you very much
BrownDvs:   You were quite informative Rain. I just have one more q whenever
you are available.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes, I'm interested Rain
OnlineHost: SusanIs has left the room.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Please!!!
OnlineHost: CPeete has left the room.
OnlineHost: pvogelbacher has left the room.
Kathi Smith 116:    id' love to hear the rest, rain
HOST WPLC Lyric:    at the end if you can wait Brown
OnlineHost: WriteWithHeart has left the room.
BrownDvs:   Not a problem Sry.
OnlineHost: Dcudlbug has left the room.
Rainlyte:   We're at the part where we are waiting for our turn.
Rainlyte:   If you're called into the room before the previous appointment is
Rainlyte:   stand quietly to the side until you are signaled.
Rainlyte:   At that time, approach the table, extend your hand, smile, and
thank them (by name)
Rainlyte:   for setting aside this time for you.
Rainlyte:   This isn't brown-nosing - it's basic etiquette.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    rain, please make them aware that there could be a
cancelation before you and thus it's good to be early for that reason too
Rainlyte:   did so in point 9 Lyric.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    slip them some green while shaking hands    ;-)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    sorry, <G>
Rainlyte:   chocolate is actually better from what I hear Sushi.
Rainlyte:   :-0
BrownDvs:   lol
Rainlyte:   Aside from this being good etiquette, it actually serves 2
BrownDvs:   Paul quit!
Rainlyte:   it's a great ice breaker
Rainlyte:   and puts the meeting in a business atmosphere.
Rainlyte:   She is your client as much as you are hers.
Rainlyte:    Ask to begin.
Rainlyte:   don't just start chattering away.  hehehee
Rainlyte:   Asking to begin will give her a chance to ask any preliminary
Rainlyte:   Don't let the questions throw you.  they aren't meant to
ClayHandlr: gotta go...thanks, Rain
ClayHandlr: nite all
OnlineHost: ClayHandlr has left the room.
Rainlyte:   The interviewer is just trying to mak the transision from one
appointment to the next
Fjm3eyes:   bye Clay
Rainlyte:   Tell your story.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    It also give her/him a chance to finish thinking about
the last person and concentrate on you
BrownDvs:   Take care Mary Lynn
Rainlyte:   You've rehearsed this flap until you can say it in your sleep.
Rainlyte:   Let your characters take over, as we know they can.
Rainlyte:   The passion for your story should come through naturally.
Rainlyte:   Once you are through, the interviewer will ask questions.
Rainlyte:   Relax.  for her to gain a better understanding of where, it at
all, their house can fit your story into their line
Rainlyte:   ( or in the case of an agent - where they might best offer it)
Rainlyte:   these questions are important.
Rainlyte:   Answer them with the same confidence - following their lead.
Rainlyte:   When the meeting is concluded, thank the interviewer agian,
exchange business cards
Rainlyte:   and shake hands
Rainlyte:   YOu've just breezed through 5 minutes or less. :-)
Rainlyte:   Good job!
HOST WPLC Sushi:    whew!
Rainlyte:   If you're asked to submit either a partial or a complete,
Rainlyte:   Plan to mail the requested ms when you get home.
Rainlyte:   remember to jot that info on the business card so you can attatch
Rainlyte:   Should your story not be what they're looking for, don't despair.
Rainlyte:   Take a moment to do some investigating.  Ask what they will be
looking for
Rainlyte:   over the next 6-8 months.  In either case, you'll come out of the
interview a winner.
Rainlyte:   ga
HOST WPLC Lyric:    just so you know, the one interview isn't the only person
you should be speaking to
HOST WPLC Lyric:    there will be editors as honored guest
HOST WPLC Lyric:    as speakers
HOST WPLC Lyric:    incognito in the hallways
Rainlyte:   dont' forget the hospitality suites.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    read the names in writers market and look at name tags
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes, excellent place
HOST WPLC Lyric:    net work with people, stick out your hand
Rainlyte:   I am working on a ms now that didn't even have a grain of premis
when I met the editor
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Rain, you attracted a record audience this evening!   :-)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    at one conference, I had one apt , but gave my pitch 7
Rainlyte:   she said - if that's what you like to read, do me a partial and
send it to me.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    with four requests for MS, you guys can do that too
Rainlyte:   We'll see if we can work together.
Rainlyte:   I didn't pitch!
Rainlyte:   good point Lyric
HOST WPLC Sushi:    More than 30 attendees.  This has not been seen since the
time we hosted Tom Clancy, years ago.
Rainlyte:   :::blushing::::
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks so much for coming Rain!
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we all learned an awful lot
Rainlyte:   sorry it went over.
Rainlyte:   I"m glad.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks for staying
Rainlyte:   not a problem
HOST WPLC Lyric:    any last questions?
Rainlyte:   this workshop does tend to run over anyway.  My boss just
compounded the challenge :-)
Floydaka:   Puke what will happen if you ever  get Published
HOST WPLC Lyric:    if not ::::: clapping:::::: thanks for coming Rain
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Thank you for the wonderful session.
KD et al:   Yes, Thank you!
Rainlyte:   have a great week everyone.
Nsummers882:    thank you rain, a lot like normal corp. amer. etiquette and I
love you points, can we get a copy of this log
HOST WPLC Sushi:    we are the last group of the day, so we are not getting
into anyone else's time
Rainlyte:   and if you're ever in my neck of the woods on Wed. nights I'd
love to see you in my workshop
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and for those interested
HOST WPLC Lyric:    oh, you already beat me to it
HOST WPLC Lyric:    the Writer's Zone is an excellent workshop
HOST WPLC Lyric:    <G>
G1ft0fgabn0t:   what time?
Rainlyte:   That's where Lyric and I first met almost 5 years ago.
Rainlyte:   10-1 est
Rainlyte:   10-11 est
Rainlyte:   sorry... one button has a challenge
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Great :)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    no one can motivate you like Rain can!  lol
Floydaka:   Paul My bro
G1ft0fgabn0t:   no problemo
Rainlyte:   Writers Retreat
Rainlyte:   email HOST WPLC RmAngl if you'd like added to the mailer list
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, thanks for coming guys, see you next week
OnlineHost: Lojonw has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Sunan21 has left the room.
Rainlyte:   and i don't even use a whip  ;-)
Hillwithit: Rainlyte - thank you very much for all this time and
consideration for us.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and if you haven't finished your critique for Adam/
Browndvs, please do so before Monday
Rainlyte:   hubby has been neglected long enough. nite everyone
OnlineHost: Rainlyte has left the room.
Hillwithit: bye thanks again!
Nsummers882:    good nite
HOST WPLC Lyric:    for anyone who's interested, we're a critique group with
hopefully a speaker every month
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Thank you Lyric for arranging such a wonderful speaker
HOST WPLC Lyric:    for info please email Paul, hostwplcsushi
G1ft0fgabn0t:   This was a great session
OnlineHost: Roy Gugat has left the room.
Nsummers882:    thank you everyone, great info !
OnlineHost: Nsummers882 has left the room.
BrownDvs:   Awwwwwww
OnlineHost: Lojonw has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ty gabby for that and for greeting tonight
G1ft0fgabn0t:   My Pleasure Sry :)
Kathi Smith 116:    yes, great job, sry...thank you
BrownDvs:   I didn't get to ask my question!!!!! And I waited all this
time...  ::::::is saddened:::::
OnlineHost: Omalleywriter has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Omalleywriter has left the room.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   maybe Sry can help you Adam. What is it?
OnlineHost: Omalleywriter has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam, I asked for questions and you didn't say anything
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I'm sorry
HOST WPLC Lyric:    what was it
BrownDvs:   ::::::tears fall::::::::
KD et al:   lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    you missed my request
G1ft0fgabn0t:   don't cry sweetie
HOST WPLC Lyric:    see, that's the way to get women, CRY
HOST WPLC Lyric:    <G>
BrownDvs:   I made a request for a q and you said I had to wait!!!  :::::boo
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I'm sorry
G1ft0fgabn0t:   lololol
G1ft0fgabn0t:   get used to it bub
G1ft0fgabn0t:   that's women!!!
HOST WPLC Lyric:    adam what was the question?
BrownDvs:   Don't I know it. OY!!
G1ft0fgabn0t:   lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    see, he said he's no longer Christian, that sounds very
Jewish to me
HOST WPLC Lyric:    how about you Gabby?
G1ft0fgabn0t:   tee hee
HOST WPLC Lyric:    <G>
BrownDvs:   Well I was wondering what she meant by notes on the back of the
cards. What notes? What the person said? What the address of the place is? What?
G1ft0fgabn0t:   I'm a good/bad influence on y'all ;)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    what she meant was a quick reference to remind
BrownDvs:   lol Now where did that come from Sry?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    the editor that they really saw you
BrownDvs:   Ohhhhhhh, okay
HOST WPLC Lyric:    to jog their memory
HOST WPLC Lyric:    so they know you are legit when you say requested material
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and they can picture your face
HOST WPLC Sushi:    time for me to run
HOST WPLC Lyric:    bye Paul
HOST WPLC Sushi:    thaks, all -- great session!   :-)
G1ft0fgabn0t:   G'nite Paul
BrownDvs:   I left Christianity because of the Christians in my life, chiefly
my father. Long story.
OnlineHost: Cyncity 1 has left the room.
Floydaka:   Seee Yaaaaaaaaaaa Room
Fjm3eyes:   bye Pau
BrownDvs:   Goodnight Paul. Take good care.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   niters floyd
BrownDvs:   Later on Floyd.
Fjm3eyes:   bye Floyd
Kathi Smith 116:    well, i'm off. see you all next week
OnlineHost: Kathi Smith 116 has left the room.
BrownDvs:   See ya 'round Kathi
HOST WPLC Lyric:    bye Floyd
G1ft0fgabn0t:   whew
HOST WPLC Lyric:    actually it was the oy comment, Adam
OnlineHost: Floydaka has left the room.
Fjm3eyes:   bye kathi
BrownDvs:   By the way Sry, I consider myself more New Age now, thank you. lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    all you need to add is the vey, as in oy vey?
G1ft0fgabn0t:   lolol
BrownDvs:   Yes, I say that sometimes. Oy vey!!
Mod Gonne:  Oy vey is mir.
BrownDvs:   I heard that once and just kept using it like some damn kid with
a bad habit. heh heh
G1ft0fgabn0t:   rofl
Mod Gonne:  that's a bt of dramatic overstatement.
BrownDvs:   lol
OnlineHost: Pandora574 has entered the room.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   it's addictive Adam
G1ft0fgabn0t:   that's why you hear it so much
Mod Gonne:  Yiddish is like that.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   sure is
BrownDvs:   Oy vey!! Won't get any argument here!
OnlineHost: Pandora574 has left the room.
Mod Gonne:  that's why people are "mavens" when they're in the know.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    or shmucks when they're not
BrownDvs:   I liken it to the accent I sometimes hear on some Jews.
KD et al:   mavens?
BrownDvs:   Ma shugana shugana!
G1ft0fgabn0t:   you must mean the ultraorthodox Adam
Mod Gonne:  A maven....come from the word "mavin"
BrownDvs:   If that's what you call em.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   the rest of us speak very clearly thank you
BrownDvs:   Oh sorry Gabby, didn't know you were Jewish.
Mod Gonne:  which comes from the Hebrew mevinah- to understand
G1ft0fgabn0t:   and some of them would surprise you too
G1ft0fgabn0t:   You didn't?
BrownDvs:   No
G1ft0fgabn0t:   what planet are you living on?
G1ft0fgabn0t:   tee hee
OnlineHost: Barrys2go has entered the room.
BrownDvs:   You don't sound like it.  lol
G1ft0fgabn0t:   that's because you have a preconceived notion of what a Jew
sounds like
G1ft0fgabn0t:   never assume my friend ;)
OnlineHost: Hillwithit has left the room.
BrownDvs:   Seriously though what I was referring to was that SOME Jews I've
heard sound like that, not all.
BrownDvs:   I would never say that all Jews speak in that fashion when I know
they don't.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam there are various types of Jews, reform,
conservative, and orthodox
KD et al:   has this become the anti semitic chat? if so I must leave.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   any more than I would say all African Americans speak Ebonics
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and there are subsets under each of those
BrownDvs:   Some would say Jews don't get online but I know one named Gabby,
so that just CAN'T be true!!  lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    actually it's become the semitic chat, KD.  lol
BrownDvs:   lol KD
G1ft0fgabn0t:   there you go Adam :)
G1ft0fgabn0t:   lolol
KD et al:   ah no it is the anti all ethnicitys chat I see.
KD et al:   Well, have a nice night all!
OnlineHost: KD et al has left the room.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   niters kd
BrownDvs:   Ahhhhh but you see Gabby you and I differ in a very important way.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    see you!  :-)
G1ft0fgabn0t:   I should hope so
BrownDvs:   I have not known Jews to discriminate against other Jews.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Actually, Ash is the only Jewish Irish clan woman I know
HOST WPLC Lyric:    <G>
G1ft0fgabn0t:   I'm much cuter than you are :)
BrownDvs:   I thought you were already gone Paul?
BrownDvs:   lol Yes, that too.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   lol

1/13/03 8:32:23 PM  Closing "Chat Log 1/13/03"