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12/2/96 19:01:55 Opening Chat Log 12/2/96 for recording.

Strebe     : Welcome, Tom Clancy, to AnacondaOz's critique
Cafe Mom   : hey Tom
Gghetia    : hi tom, saw your CD-ROM game in the store yesterday!
Jesse 4000 : Hi Tom
AnacondaOz : Hello Tom.
AngelOnHi  : Hi room.  What's the topic tonight?
Tom Clancy : well, did you BUY it???????
Gghetia    : looked good, but I figured I better pay the gas bill
            with winter comin' on!
ManaGirl2  : Hello, all you adults!  'Sup tonight?
AnacondaOz : Have you read my Diced Carrot response?
Sushiwritr : Critique session, Angel.
ManaGirl2  : The other room was waay too full.
Gghetia    : Hastings kinda favors the PC platform in Oklahoma.
            is the game a hybrid?
Strebe     : We will be operating on modified protocol tonight.
Cafe Mom   : ?
Gghetia    : k, s
AnacondaOz : Yes, Leslie?
Berrins    : ?
Cafe Mom   : How old is Edwin supposed to be?
ManaGirl2  : Fine, Al, I'll leave.  Rude...
AnacondaOz : Edwin is thirty.
Cafe Mom   : Okay, seems right.
Joshulll   : Is this protocol?
Sushiwritr : Edwin seems older to me. maybe because he's so
AnacondaOz : You know, the Everybody Is Thirty rule.
Cafe Mom   : yeah, that's right, just remembered.
Cafe Mom   : ;-)
AnacondaOz : He's an Engineer...he's organised.
Sushiwritr : And mary is how old?
AnacondaOz : She was born in 1872....it's 1896....
Cybertyger : No protocol, but stick to the subject, please.
AnacondaOz : class?
Sushiwritr : <too lazy to do math.
AnacondaOz : okay...24
Rhyssa2    : 24
AnacondaOz : Thanks, Debbie...gold star for you.
Sushiwritr : (It's the US education system, sorry.)
Strebe     : <Berrins, I can't send you IMs.>
AnacondaOz : Ah. Go to the end of the tram, Sushi.
Gghetia    : ?
SemiYung   : Hello Hattie!
AnacondaOz : Is that a question Gghetia?
Gghetia    : for the uninformed: subject would be?
TNT Hattie : Hi Semi Y
AnacondaOz : Or were you just testing the "coat hook" button?
Rhyssa2    : ?
AnacondaOz : Yes, Rhyssa?
Rhyssa2    : Everyone else seems to klnow what a daguerreotype
            photo is
Rhyssa2    : but I don't can you explain?
AnacondaOz : Yes...sure
AnacondaOz : it's an early photographic process where the image is
            developed on glass
Sushiwritr : Judy, just say "dag-- picture." It'll be redundant
            but will explain all.
AnacondaOz : invented in 1839
Cafe Mom   : Just let people look it up.
Cafe Mom   : expand their vocabulary
Rhyssa2    : Leslie, I did look it up the dictionary was no help.
Cafe Mom   : hmmmm
Cafe Mom   : then I have no suggestion
Amylf1     : Debbie... look it up on the Web... there might be a
            photo of it there..
Sushiwritr : Bigger dictionary? Leslie owns stock in it.
AnacondaOz : The really cool thing is that the photos survived
            because the image is imprinted on glass.
Gghetia    : try "de," rhy
Cafe Mom   : nope, that's Rubbermaid I own stock in.
Rhyssa2    : Newer dictionary, maybe
AnacondaOz : Let's see ::::looking it up::::
Rhyssa2    : Thanks Amy
AnacondaOz : named after the French inventor L J M Dagyerre
Amylf1     : it looks like a photo encased in a glass case...with
            cloth inside..
Amylf1     : <at least that's how it looks to me..>
AnacondaOz : impression made on a silver surface sensitised to the
            action of light by mercury vapour....
Sushiwritr : ?
AnacondaOz : by iodine,
Amylf1     : <or am I thinking of something else?>
Sushiwritr : Don't drop it!
AnacondaOz : sorry, then developed by mercury vapour. Or vapor.
AnacondaOz : Yes, Sushi?
Sushiwritr : ?
Doctor Oho : Anyone know what room Tom Clancy is supposed to be
Wocka X 3  : are you all talking about he Daguerreotype of photo
            images on a metal plate???????
Sushiwritr : About the "tenses" during the train/tram ride.
Cafe Mom   : LOL
AnacondaOz : Wocka...yes.
Tom Clancy : hmph, am I assigned to a room?
AnacondaOz : funny you should ask
Sushiwritr : She recalls her childhood.
Cybertyger : speak of the devil...
Sushiwritr : But the memories are blended with her impressions of
            the ride.
Doctor Oho : HI, Tom.
AnacondaOz : Sushi, my tenses are always a bit wobbly. I will comb
            the text.
Doctor Oho : Rough ride, tonight.
Tom Clancy : hi, guys+
TwisterB   : Evening Folks
AnacondaOz : I always have that problem when writing about
            somebody's reminiscences.
Sushiwritr : The memories and current experiences just nedd to be
            seperated a bit.
Sushiwritr : The blending is fine.
Sushiwritr : Like a sound brings back the memory.
AnacondaOz : Yes, I am aware that the chapter throws in a lot of
            historical references.
Cybertyger : Mr. Clancy is here tonight to answer your questions
            pertaining to writing...
Sushiwritr : Others asked for more term-definitions.
Gghetia    : sorry:Daguerrotype; named for L.J.M. Daguerre
            (1879-1851) ... i think :-)  (metal or glass, wocka)
AlPerryNC  : Thanks for telling us, Rick
Sushiwritr : Tyger--tonite?!!?
Tom Clancy : yeah, you depress the keys one at a time until you
            get to the end
Cybertyger : tonight is Mr. Clancy's available time slot,....
Sushiwritr : (Sorrry-thought it would be scheduled in advance.)
Sushiwritr : Daan?
AnacondaOz : Sushi, the critiques were very helpful in pinpointing
            the woolly terms.
Strebe     : Judy has offered the last half of her session to Mr.
Cybertyger : but it is up to you all...
Sushiwritr : Judy? It's okay with you guys?
AnacondaOz : I think we are approaching the last half, daan.
Strebe     : Mr. Clancy has been very patient and said he would
            wait for :30.
Occurs     : Absolutely Sushi
AnacondaOz : Yes, we have liaised in the IM corridors.
AlPerryNC  : Oh, c'mon, guys. Really. This is Judy's time slot.
Doctor Oho : Thanks, Mr. Clancy!
Sushiwritr : (Daan is the guy in charge, occurs)
AnacondaOz : Your critiques covered so much ground that I am happy
            to surrender the next thirty minutes
AnacondaOz : Of course, you will all pay with blood, later.
Berrins    : A suggestion: if Judy would like more time, we can
            schedule her again.
Sushiwritr : Anytime, snake.
Amylf1     : <good idea..>
Sushiwritr : Okay.
Rhyssa2    : Only if she gives us more to read/ :)
Strebe     : Okay. Any burning questions for Judy before we turn
            the floor over to Mr. Clancy?
AnacondaOz : Well, we will wrap up this half. Are there any
            burning questions?
Amylf1     : I have one..
AnacondaOz : Yes, Amy?
Amylf1     : are your descriptions of the town...
AlPerryNC  : Daan, is there any reason to continue greeting?
Amylf1     : based on imagination, or real life?
Sushiwritr : Yes, greet! Cuts the interruptions.
AnacondaOz : Which town, Amy? Sydney or Hill End?
Amylf1     : both... you portray the areas very nicely..
Amylf1     : <your architectural eye?>
AnacondaOz : Much of Hill End survives. The locations I described
            are real.
Amylf1     : I see.. thanks..
AnacondaOz : Thanks, Amy, I do enjoy that level of detail.
AnacondaOz : realish...I should say....
Strebe     : Any other comments or questions for Judy?
AnacondaOz : in that the buildings don't all hang together in the
            same place.
Tom Clancy : Judy, I hope I am not poaching on you. Are you
            comfortable with this?
AnacondaOz : Sure...take it away, Tom.
AnacondaOz : It's the very least I can do after making all those
            jokes about the gold ink on your covers.
Strebe     : Folks, we'll be operating on modified protocol.
AnacondaOz : ;-)
Strebe     : Please make on-topic comments only.
Gghetia    : ?
OpalMoore  : What is the topic?
Strebe     : If you wish to change topics, type a question mark
            and Mr. Clancy or I will call on you.
Tom Clancy : gee, do I get to pick the topic?
Strebe     : Thank you, Judy (AnacondaOz) for conceding this time.
Strebe     : You have the floor, Mr. Clancy.
AlPerryNC  : Can we call him Tom?
Tom Clancy : my name's Tom. Who takes the first shot?
Gghetia    : Tom: How long can you be productive at a stretch.  As
            in, hrs. at keyboard before brain quits?
Tom Clancy : depends on how close tyo deadline I am. Normally 4-5
            hours per day ,max
Tom Clancy : but as I get close to the end, I see more of the
            book, and I can sprint harder
Tom Clancy : I once did 300 pages in 10 days.
Tom Clancy : that was quite an experience
Tom Clancy : next?
Berrins    : ?
Sushiwritr : ?
Mark Edwin : Tom,what is your favorite time of day for conceiving
            story ideas?
Doctor Oho : ?
Tom Clancy : whenever they come, especially in the shower or
            driving a car
Jesse 4000 : ?
Strebe     : Mark Edwin, we're operating on protocol.
Tom Clancy : Berrins?
Berrins    : Do you use technical experts, and if so, how do you
            approach them?
Tom Clancy : some. Most are friends. I call them
Tom Clancy : next?
Sushiwritr : What is the best way to land an Agent if you cannot
            aford to attend writer's conferences?
Tom Clancy : as with any other business, you call them on the
Skoope     : Hey Nan
Skoope     : what are you doing in here?
Tom Clancy : what does an agent do? He looks for talent
AlPerryNC  : ?
Strebe     : Doctor Oho, go ahead.
Doctor Oho : Are you ever blocked? If so, then what do you do?
Tom Clancy : no. Block is bullshit. You work through it one word
            at a time
Strebe     : Jesse 4000, go ahead.
Tom Clancy : writing isn't supposed to be easy, gujys
Jesse 4000 : Do you tend to write long first, then shorten it, or
            write short, then fill it out?
Tom Clancy : I write it, then I turn it in
Strebe     : AlPerryNC, go ahead.
Tom Clancy : I don't do rewrites in the conventional sense
Doctor Oho : ?
Cafe Mom   : ?
Berrins    : ?
Tom Clancy : Perry?
Strebe     : Doctor Oho, go ahead.
AlPerryNC  : Do you do a full plot outline, and write to it, or
            allow some development as you go?
Doctor Oho : If you don't do rewrites, then how do you write?
Tom Clancy : What's an outline?
AHRamey    : tom clancy, are you an aficianado, or the real thing?
AlPerryNC  : Touche.
Tom Clancy : I don't do them. I prefer to do my thinking while I
            do my writing
Tom Clancy : Oho, I write, I review the next day, and when I
            finish a chapter I FedEx it to my editor
Tom Clancy : I pride myself on turning out a clean product
Strebe     : Cafe Mom, go ahead.
Cafe Mom   : What was your first published piece and when?
Tom Clancy : Red OCtober, 1984
Strebe     : Berrins, go ahead.
AHRamey    : i suppose you are the real thing then.
Berrins    : Do your characters surprise you often as you write?
Rhyssa2    : ?
Tom Clancy : Berrins, that is a writer's question. As you know
            yourself, yes, they do
Tom Clancy : you know you're doing it right when that happens
Strebe     : Rhyssa2, go ahead.
Cafe Mom   : that's cool
LA Popp    : ?
Rhyssa2    : How long did it take you to write Red October?
AHRamey    : ?
Doctor Oho : ?
Tom Clancy : from 11/11/82 to 2/27/83
Strebe     : Jeez. That's fast.
Strebe     : LA Popp, go ahead.
Cybertyger : wow
Berrins    : including research?
LA Popp    : With such a quick sendoff to the editor,,,do you ever
            second guess your own writing?
Grindor    : ?
Tom Clancy : LA, no, that's my editor's job
Strebe     : AHRamey, go ahead.
AHRamey    : how much input do you have in the screen play texts
            if you don't write them yourself?
Tom Clancy : WHat can I say. I do this for a living
Tom Clancy : Ramey, let's talk books, shall we?
Strebe     : Doctor Oho, go ahead.
Doctor Oho : Why did you go with Naval Institute press, instead of
            conventional publisher, on Red October?
Tom Clancy : I was dumb. They were close.
Rhyssa2    : ?
Strebe     : It would have been better to use a conventional
Strebe     : (publisher, sorry)
Tom Clancy : mot sure how to answer that. My editor--it was her
            first novel, too
Tom Clancy : she worked very ahrd to strike out any language that
            approached elegance
Strebe     : Grindor, go ahead.
Grindor    : How do you avoid second guessing your writing? If you
            do it like I do.
Tom Clancy : Grin, I guess because I have confidence in what I do.
            I can't givbe you much more answer tha
Tom Clancy : than that
AHRamey    : ?
Strebe     : Rhyssa2, go ahead.
Rhyssa2    : So a good Editor is as important, if not more so,
            than an Agent?
Amylf1     : ?
Tom Clancy : they are important for different reasons
Tom Clancy : the agent manages your business affairs
Tom Clancy : your editor is an objective judge of the book
Strebe     : AHRamey, go ahead.
AHRamey    : who were your biggest influences?  who did you read
            as a kid?
Tom Clancy : Everybody
AHRamey    : good answer.
Strebe     : Amylf1, go ahead.
Tom Clancy : I started with Jules Verne in 3rd Grade
Gghetia    : ?
Amylf1     : what was your writing background...prior to being
Tom Clancy : I was an insurance agent. I did great letters
Strebe     : LOL
Rhyssa2    : I can relate to that
LA Popp    : ?
Amylf1     : I wouldn't have guessed.. that..
Strebe     : Gghetia, go ahead.
Gghetia    : Can you provide insight on the inspiration for your
            characters' dialogue.  Any overheard in real life?
Tom Clancy : good question, here's the answer
Tom Clancy : for dialog, SAY IT OUT LOUD. If it sounds like
            something a real person might say, write it
Tom Clancy : down
Tom Clancy : or at leaqst THINK it loud
Strebe     : LA Popp, go ahead.
LA Popp    : What tips would you give a writer who has just
            retired an agent and is ready to go one on
LA Popp    : one with a major piublisher
Tom Clancy : Popp, please explain--oh. Be very careful
DrLuv77    : Hey Tom
Tom Clancy : an agent can usually do the job better3
LA Popp    : I have to...ready to work with Veronica Chapman at
DrLuv77    : I am an aspiring writer
LA Popp    : Fired my agent for lack of enthusiasm
DrLuv77    : I read all of your books
Tom Clancy : 77, we are under protocol
Strebe     : DrLuv77, please type a question mark if you wish to
            change the topic.
AnacondaOz : or a coat hook
Strebe     : LOL
AnacondaOz : :)
LA Popp    : Now I have two interested publishers
Tom Clancy : then get a new agent
DrLuv77    : What protocol?
LA Popp    : first one didn't do much TC
Tom Clancy : if you have interest with a puibliosher, an agent
            should be interested too
Tom Clancy : next?
Strebe     : Any other questions for Mr. Clancy?
LA Popp    : At this stage does it become a financial issue?
DrLuv77    : ?
Tom Clancy : it's always a financial issue
Berrins    : ?
LA Popp    : ...)
Strebe     : DrLuv77, go ahead.
DrLuv77    : When is your next book coming out?
Tom Clancy : it's out
Strebe     : LOL
Strebe     : Berrins, go ahead.
TLBosenian : ?
Berrins    : When did you first realize you were good?
DrLuv77    : ?
Tom Clancy : am I?
Strebe     : TLBosenian, go ahead.
AHRamey    : ?
TLBosenian : What would you say to those who submit claiming to be
            the next Tom Clancy?
Tom Clancy : okay, I guess I am, but like all writers I remain
Sushiwritr : ?
Tom Clancy : Bos, I'd say they're dumb
Strebe     : DrLuv77, go ahead.
Tom Clancy : WHy try to be me. WHy not try to be yourself?
TLBosenian : :)
Strebe     : AHRamey, go ahead.
TLBosenian : I agree, but a writer friend of mine says writing
            your type of material is the key!!
DrLuv77    : Are you working on another part to the Jack Ryan
            series after Executive Orders?
AHRamey    : does criticism by scholarship concern you at all?  in
            other words, some (scholarly community
Tom Clancy : I do not discuss works in progress
Berrins    : ?
AHRamey    : who might see the work as low brow albeit it may be
Tom Clancy : Ramey, ever heard of "laughing all the way to the
Amylf1     : ?
Cybertyger : :)
Strebe     : Sushiwritr, go ahead.
AHRamey    : another good answer. :-)
Tom Clancy : I write for real people. SO did Shakespeare. It's an
            honorable tradition
Sushiwritr : You write about the future. What about when "reality"
            overlaps your story line?
DrLuv77    : ?
Tom Clancy : Sushi, that meanms I did it right. I love it
Strebe     : Berrins, go ahead.
Berrins    : Do you ever have more than one book going at a time?
AHRamey    : ?
Tom Clancy : no, never. I only do one (1) at a time
Strebe     : Amylf1, go ahead.
TLBosenian : ?
Shiri Vi   : !
Amylf1     : can you give us an idea how you do research for your
Doctor Oho : ?
Tom Clancy : mainly reference books and professional journals.
            ALso contact with authorities in the area
Tom Clancy : of interest
Strebe     : DrLuv77, go ahead.
Tom Clancy : research is pretty easy. You ask questions and listen
            to the answers
AHRamey    : ?
Strebe     : AHRamey, go ahead.
AHRamey    : what's your writing regime if you have one?  every
            day 10-4?  every night 6-10?
DrLuv77    : I am an aspiring novelist, do you have advice for
            someone like me who suffers from writers
Tom Clancy : 8-lunch
DrLuv77    : block?
Tom Clancy : 77, how old are you?
DrLuv77    : 19
Shiri Vi   : !
Shiri Vi   : !
Strebe     : TLBosenian, go ahead.
Shiri Vi   : !
TLBosenian : Have you ever shelved a book (manuscript) because it
            just wasn't getting to where it
Shiri Vi   : !
TLBosenian : needed to be?
Tom Clancy : 77, start writing and don't stop
LeeKai     : heyall
Tom Clancy : Bos, no, never
Strebe     : Shiri Vi, go ahead.
Shiri Vi   : Tom, it is nice to meet you...  :)
Tom Clancy : when I finish them, I publish them
DrLuv77    : ?
Shiri Vi   : sheesh.
LeeKai     : any ongoing topic?
Strebe     : Doctor Oho, go ahead.
Doctor Oho : Your books are so packed. How do you approach the
            openings of your books? Where do you start?
Tom Clancy : usually at the beginning. The opening line is alwayhs
Terrorist0 : Woah TOm Clancy
Strebe     : AHRamey
Strebe     : Go ahead.
AHRamey    : ?
Cybertyger : ?
LeeKai     : ?
Strebe     : AHRamey? Please ask your question.
AHRamey    : do you always have the ending worked out before you
            begin?  or, rather, have you ever? . . .
AHRamey    : does it often change?
Terrorist0 : DO you GEt laid Very OFTen?
Terrorist0 : Heh heh
Tom Clancy : mostly, but not always. SOmetimes the book goes its
            own way, and you follow it there
Strebe     : Terrorist0, you will be reported. Leave now.
Tom Clancy : Terr, I will leave that to your limited imaginagtion
Strebe     : DrLuv77, go ahead.
DrLuv77    : I know this sounds funny but, would it be possible to
            put my name in your next novel?
DrLuv77    : I would be greatly honored
Strebe     : Cybertyger, go ahead.
Tom Clancy : "DrLuv77" seems an odd character name, fella
Cybertyger : Who was John Ball-"The professional who took the last
            plane out."  ?
DrLuv77    : My real name
Tom Clancy : John Ball, super guy. Wriote a bunch of books,
            inclusing "In the Heat of the Night"
Strebe     : LeeKai, go ahead.
Tom Clancy : died of cancer in 1988 or so.
DrLuv77    : ?
Berrins    : ?
LeeKai     : I know you had a career before writing - how did you
            find the time/courage to change?
Strebe     : DrLuv77, go ahead.
Tom Clancy : stand by, back in a minute
Tom Clancy : Lee, how could I not?
Strebe     : Berrins, go ahead.
LeeKai     : time to write?
DrLuv77    : Would you put my real name in, i mean? (Sean
Berrins    : (Not a writing question, its a plug) Is your new CD
            game Mac compatable?
Strebe     : Good question!
RaeAnn5973 : What kind of CD game is it?
Tom Clancy : Berrins, no, sorry
Strebe     : The question queue is empty. Now is your chance. :-)
DrLuv77    : ?
Tom Clancy : Lee, if you have a dream, you MUST chase after it
LA Popp    : ?
Strebe     : DrLuv77, go ahead.
Tom Clancy : Let me drop some wisdom on you
Tom Clancy : one of the few things I fear is lying on my deathbed
            and asking myself
Tom Clancy : why I didn't try something when I had the chance
DrLuv77    : Would you put my real name, I mean? (Sean McIntosh)
Tom Clancy : Sean, what will you pay me for the privilege?
Strebe     : :-)
Strebe     : LA Popp, go ahead.
LA Popp    : What is an average word count for your novels?
Doctor Oho : Tom, that is so true.
DrLuv77    : I will buy many copies of it
DrLuv77    : Just a small character will do
Tom Clancy : In fact, there are some real people in my books, but
            they have to earn their way in
LeeKai     : Tom - at this moment, I couldn't have asked for
            better advice - many thanks and best of luck
Rhyssa2    : ?
Doctor Oho : !
Lfn61      : ?
Strebe     : Rhyssa2, go ahead.
Tom Clancy : I gave one pal a double-kill in Executive ORders
AHRamey    : ?
RaeAnn5973 : Tom, does success amaze you - or when it happens do
            you just go with it?
DrLuv77    : I have read every one of your books over and over
            again, seen all the movies,
Rhyssa2    : Well, our time is up.  thank you Mr. Clancy
Doctor Oho : Tom, people who ask me to be included in my
Gghetia    : Thanks for the straight talk, Tom.  Enjoyed it.
            Count on at least one Oklahoma sale on new book!
Strebe     : RaeAnn5973, you must wait your turn. Type a question
            mark if you wish to comment.
DrLuv77    : doesn't that deserve credit : )
Doctor Oho : I kill them off in gruesome ways.
Tom Clancy : Rae, it happens more slowly than people imagine, and
            it's easy to adapt to
LA Popp    : THANK YOU
Doctor Oho : Keeps the teeming millions off my back.
LeeKai     : THANKS, TOM
Amylf1     : thank you for being here.. and answering our
TLBosenian : Thanks Tom - good words
Doctor Oho : Thanks, Tom!
Cybertyger : Thanks, TC....
Authoreyes : Thanks, Tom. Always interesting!
DrLuv77    : Thank you very much
Sushiwritr : Much thanks!
Lfn61      : Tom: You make all my struggles with this comp. worth
            it! Thanks!
Tom Clancy : a pleasure, guys
Doctor Oho : Come back anytime!
Berrins    : Thanks Tom.  If you need  virtual chiropractic
            adjustment, the table is waiting....
TNT Hattie : thanks forletting me sit in
Cafe Mom   : Berrins, you're a chiropractor?
To luvslif : I just happened in here....thank you for nice eve.
Tom Clancy : noted, I will settle for another glass of wine
Jackatbrun : Tom, I thought you were a single malt scotch, fella.
Shiri Vi   : (__) for you!
Tom Clancy : Scotch? UGH!
Sushiwritr : Whew, 30+ in room, a record for us by twice!
Tom Clancy : Single-Malt Bushmill, sport
LA Popp    : As they say in Russia "Nicedriveway",,,,)
Lfn61      : I think this calls for a good Port!
Strebe     : Doctor Oho, you had a question?
Cybertyger : 25-3 SF over Atlanta, 3rd qtr
JMann29337 : hello world
Doctor Oho : Oh, a coupla' million, but let Tom sit back and enjoy
            his wine.  Thanks.
JMann29337 : Come on Alt........SF can't lose enough
Casee      : Strebe, thanks for hosting. Good job.
Tom Clancy : Kendall-Jackson reserve chardonnay
Strebe     : eWorld Fiction Writer's Group thanks Mr. Clancy for
            his appearance.