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Chat Log 2/17

2/17/03 7:19:14 PM  Opening "Chat Log 2/17/03"

BrownDvs:   Greetings everyone.
Rdpelleg:   Hello Sry
Kathi Smith 116:    hi all
BrownDvs:   {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{[ Renee ]}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
HOST WPLC Vala:     Lyric, have a good one :>  You're in charge.
pvogelbacher:   evening
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks
HOST WPLC Lyric:    everyone is welcome to stay for Steel's seminar on how to
write a synopsis
The13thDoctor:  greetings
HOST WPLC Lyric:    hey doc
HOST WPLC Lyric:    long time no see
pvogelbacher:   hi doc
HOST WPLC DarylR:   Lyric, are going to log that?  I'd like a copy of it, if
you don't mind.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    sure Daryl, or you can stay and join us?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    everyone is welcome
HOST WPLC DarylR:   Nah, been up since 4am.  Bed is calling.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Daryl, send me an email
HOST WPLC Lyric:    k?  or I'll forget
HOST WPLC DarylR:   Will do.  Good night all.
pvogelbacher:   night daryl
The13thDoctor:  been trying to get my life in some semblance of order
Braguine:   night Daril
HOST WPLC Lyric:    speaking about logging anyone backing me up?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we're short a host tonight
SteeIBtrfl:     got it Sry
HOST WPLC Lyric:    welcome Ruth, Gabby
HOST WPLC Lyric:    everyone!
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Hi Sry, everyone
Ruth Sil:   HI lYRIC
HOST WPLC Lyric:    glad you could make it back Brag
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and Renee, too
HOST WPLC Lyric:    a lot of new and old time members here tonight guys
Braguine:   Thanks, I enjoy it
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Thanks for the synopsis letters Steel. They're very
Rdpelleg:   do you need an extra host
Rdpelleg:   I can always go change my clothes
SteeIBtrfl:     Sry - could you post the two emails I just sent out to anyone
not on our member list who joins us tonight please?
pvogelbacher:   I started a log but have never done it before hope it works
The13thDoctor:  please i didnt get them either
SteeIBtrfl:     thank you Gabby
G1ft0fgabn0t:   you're welcome
SteeIBtrfl:     I am going to wait another minute or two for stragglers
SteeIBtrfl:     then we will be off and running okay?
pvogelbacher:   otay
HOST WPLC Lyric:    sorry, aol, guys
Rdpelleg:   do you need some velco, sry?
PHeeren:    hi
G1ft0fgabn0t:   need help with surf sry?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes, please Gabby
PHeeren:    I'm sorry I wrote a bad synopsis, lyric
G1ft0fgabn0t:   k
SteeIBtrfl:     Welcome to the WRITE TO PUBLISH - workshop on synopsis
SteeIBtrfl:     tonight we are looking at what a synopsis is
SteeIBtrfl:     how to write one
SteeIBtrfl:     and how to make it work for you
SteeIBtrfl:     A synopsis is a comprehensive condensed view of your novel
CuteSheBearCub:     Can I stay for your session?
SteeIBtrfl:     it is like an outline only - much smoother
SteeIBtrfl:     yes Cute
SteeIBtrfl:     A synopsis needs to supply essential information on your
novel to either an agent or an editor
SteeIBtrfl:     AND it needs to be dynamic
SteeIBtrfl:     It needs to include who, what, when, where and why
The13thDoctor:  the five W's
SteeIBtrfl:     It needs to showcase your plot, setting, style and flow
HOST WPLC Lyric:    everyo9ne is welcome Bear
SteeIBtrfl:     and it must tell your whole story
SteeIBtrfl:     where writers get stuck the most often is that they are too
close to their work
SteeIBtrfl:     they have just spent a year or so writing and rewriting a
novel of 75,000 to 100,000 words
SteeIBtrfl:     and now they are faced with paring that down into a few
thousand words - at most
SteeIBtrfl:     it is a tall order
SteeIBtrfl:     AND - writers have 'pieces' of their work that they favor -
things they personally find
SteeIBtrfl:     very important
SteeIBtrfl:     these pieces tend to get in the way of delivering a
comprehensible compressed synopsis
SteeIBtrfl:     because the writer continues to focus on them
SteeIBtrfl:     instead of re-framing their perspective to tell the whole
SteeIBtrfl:     in short
SteeIBtrfl:     by the way - this is NOT a protocol session
SteeIBtrfl:     I invite you to ask questions IN BRIEF
SteeIBtrfl:     all of you should have received the email tonight which
includes the synopsis assignments
SteeIBtrfl:     does everyone have a copy?
Braguine:   negative
pvogelbacher:   yes and hae it opened
BrownDvs:   yep
ClayHandlr:     y
Ruth Sil:   no
SteeIBtrfl:     Sry - could you send Braguine one please?
SteeIBtrfl:     and Ruth
PHeeren:    yes
Luv2write:  no
SteeIBtrfl:     and Luv
SteeIBtrfl:     anyone else need it?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I'm trying to Steel, if people give me a chance and the
IM's stop
HOST WPLC Lyric:    lol
pvogelbacher:   lol
BrownDvs:   lol
The13thDoctor:  i do steel
SteeIBtrfl:     everyone stop bugging Sry
CuteSheBearCub:     I need one
G1ft0fgabn0t:   here here
SteeIBtrfl:     Cute too
BrownDvs:   You're the Janet Jackson of the group Sry. Face it.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   she's runing the show alone tonight guys, so please behave
JES No Time:    Hello all, sorry I'm late
SteeIBtrfl:     okay - lets begin by looking at synopsis #1
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Chris, I am unable to IM you regarding this meeting
SteeIBtrfl:     any comments on this version?
The13thDoctor:  i dont have it yet steel
Vladytoe:   I got one already
SteeIBtrfl:     everyone ready?
SteeIBtrfl:     you should have it now doc
SteeIBtrfl:     we are looking at the first sample
Vladytoe:   yes steel
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I am trying guys give me a chance
Log Entry:  Writers Den [Members - 17] 2/17/2003 10:15 PM
SteeIBtrfl:     would anyone like to comment on how it fits the assignment?
Vladytoe:   do you want me to have the email opened as you talk about these,
or not?
SteeIBtrfl:     yes please
Vladytoe:   okay, give me a moment
ClayHandlr:     sry...im me,i can help
SteeIBtrfl:     Ask yourself these questions - is it doing the job?
SteeIBtrfl:     length?
SteeIBtrfl:     proper tense?
SteeIBtrfl:     correct facts?
SteeIBtrfl:     any comments?
Kathi Smith 116:    it would make a great back cover blurb
Kathi Smith 116:    which was one of the things you mentioned in your
SteeIBtrfl:     excellent
SteeIBtrfl:     yes
SteeIBtrfl:     my viewpoint on Sample #1 is that it DOES meet the guidelines
as posted on how to write
HOST WPLC Lyric:    everyone has mail and I got booted
SteeIBtrfl:     a synopsis
SteeIBtrfl:     now let us look at sample #2
SteeIBtrfl:     same viewpoint - what do you see in this sample?
JES No Time:    It's longer than the first
SteeIBtrfl:     as a starter you might note that there are some green
SteeIBtrfl:     these are areas I highlighted where the facts did not match
up with the sample chapter
SteeIBtrfl:     yes JES - it is longer
Kathi Smith 116:    too detailed
SteeIBtrfl:     it is 250 words versis sample 1 which is 110 words
Vladytoe:   I didn't see any green highlights
SteeIBtrfl:     btw 300 words is the absolute MAXIMUM this synopsis should
have been
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Steel, there were no green highlights on any of mine
JES No Time:    Me either
SteeIBtrfl:     to meet the guidelines
BrownDvs:   Cool Steel
pvogelbacher:   me either and I looked really hard lol
SteeIBtrfl:     my apologies - there are a few misplaced facts here
SteeIBtrfl:     the adept did NOT start a grass fire
SteeIBtrfl:     and she is not being interned in the clinic
Kathi Smith 116:    they're very dark green, hard to distinguish from the
BrownDvs:   I never thought either of those Steel.
SteeIBtrfl:     please note - at 250 words this synopsis is within the
possible length but realistically it is nearly double
SteeIBtrfl:     the length it should be
SteeIBtrfl:     ALSO - the main characters name is not executed properly
SteeIBtrfl:     in all CAPS the FIRST time it is mentioned
BrownDvs:   No?
pvogelbacher:   really?
SteeIBtrfl:     now let us look at sample 3
ClayHandlr:     that's what the instructions steel sent out said
pvogelbacher:   ok
BrownDvs:   Gotcha
SteeIBtrfl:     in this sample we have a synopsis of 338 words
SteeIBtrfl:     which makes it too long
SteeIBtrfl:     what else do you immediately notice?
ClayHandlr:     its all green
HOST WPLC Lyric:    no last name
SteeIBtrfl:     ayone?
JES No Time:    No last name
SteeIBtrfl:     no last name - YES
SteeIBtrfl:     and?
Kathi Smith 116:    has nothing to do with the actual story
BrownDvs:   Just Calamity was fine with me. lol
Ruth Sil:   It should have a conclusion
ClayHandlr:     it has no relation to the astory
Vladytoe:   not really about the story
SteeIBtrfl:     the only thing RIGHT about this synopsis was her first name
and her age
Vladytoe:   But it was funny
ClayHandlr:     not really
BrownDvs:   lol
SteeIBtrfl:     Violet - writing a synopsis isn't funny
JES No Time:    I don't remember showers being mentioned
Vladytoe:   I though it was, my point of view, although it should have been
about the story
SteeIBtrfl:     now lets look at sample #4
SteeIBtrfl:     what do you see?
SteeIBtrfl:     how is the length?
BrownDvs:   I don't think that's what Vi meant Steel. :-T
The13thDoctor:  too long
JES No Time:    Too long
Kathi Smith 116:    lots of things in there that didn't come from the story
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Hello everyone    
SteeIBtrfl:     yes it is 704 words or almost 6 times the length it should be
BrownDvs:   Yo!!! Paul!!!!
BrownDvs:   Yep, too long.
pvogelbacher:   hey paul
SteeIBtrfl:     yes - facts not in evidence in the chapter
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Paul***
Vladytoe:   Evening Paul
SteeIBtrfl:     Paul**
Fjm3eyes:   Hi Sushi
SteeIBtrfl:     what else do you see?
pvogelbacher:   welcome home
HOST WPLC Lyric:    hi Paul, welcome back
SteeIBtrfl:     how do the tenses look?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Just in from work  . . . no rest for the weary.
JES No Time:    Welcome back to the ole USA Paul
The13thDoctor:  off
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Very sorry, Steel, that I did not have a chance to
participate so far.
Kathi Smith 116:    oh, sorry, i was looking at five, not four
SteeIBtrfl:     is the work done in present tense?
Kathi Smith 116:    hey paul
SteeIBtrfl:     Welcome home
The13thDoctor:  nope
ClayHandlr:     flopping tenses
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Paul, we're looking at the workshop materials Steel just
sent the group
SteeIBtrfl:     yes ML
SteeIBtrfl:     the tense is not stable
SteeIBtrfl:     now let us look at sample #5
SteeIBtrfl:     how is the length?
Kathi Smith 116:    again, lots of wrong ideas
ClayHandlr:     length ok
JES No Time:    Looks OK
SteeIBtrfl:     the length is good
ClayHandlr:     misfacts
ClayHandlr:     to coin a word
SteeIBtrfl:     Kathi - exactly right
pvogelbacher:   no caps on the first time the name appears
SteeIBtrfl:     lots of factual errors
SteeIBtrfl:     very good pvogel
SteeIBtrfl:     how are the tenses?
ClayHandlr:     flopping
G1ft0fgabn0t:   past tense
G1ft0fgabn0t:   mixed up
SteeIBtrfl:     exactly - again the writer is struggling between past and
Kathi Smith 116:    skipped the ending, too
SteeIBtrfl:     and does the chapter suggest Calamity is going to escape or
even thinking about it?
SteeIBtrfl:     keep in mind that the tense problem is really important
SteeIBtrfl:     most of us write fiction in past tense
SteeIBtrfl:     so we are used to that
Log Entry:  Writers Den [Members - 21] 2/17/2003 10:30 PM
BrownDvs:   Yes, but a synop should be in present tense at all times, yes?
SteeIBtrfl:     and will 'slip' very easily
SteeIBtrfl:     so when writing a synopsis be sure you go sentence to
sentence to check yourself
SteeIBtrfl:     looking specifically for TENSE in one check
SteeIBtrfl:     now lets look at #6
CuteSheBearCub:     Why present tense?
ClayHandlr:     i always draft a flopping tense checker type person for
Kathi Smith 116:    well, the whole scene in the tree was a backflash...so
that's hard to do in the synop and still get the time lag in
BrownDvs:   Well I can tell you right now the formatting is all wrong with
that one.
SteeIBtrfl:     Cute - synopsis should be written in present tense to create
an immediacy in the synopsis
Kathi Smith 116:    flashback, sorry
SteeIBtrfl:     yes Kathi - it is problematic
BrownDvs:   lol, what you said was fine Kathi
CuteSheBearCub:     thank you
SteeIBtrfl:     could someone forward Cute a copy of the Synopsis article of
early in the week please
ClayHandlr:     i will
SteeIBtrfl:     so what do we see with sample 6?
SteeIBtrfl:     length?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks mL
BrownDvs:   I made my comment, scroll up.
Nsummers882:    Im sorry I missed a lot of this cause of a traumatic family
emergency who are we on?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    he said formatting, steel
SteeIBtrfl:     formatting - yes
Kathi Smith 116:    lot of errors (again)
BrownDvs:   Sorry to hear Nance, welcome to the party.
SteeIBtrfl:     number 6 nancy
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam, often the speaker will not have time to scroll up,
so guys, please repeat what she doesn't see
SteeIBtrfl:     yes we have the same error issue
SteeIBtrfl:     was the characters name capitalized?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Did we all read the same chapter, I wonder?  lol
Kathi Smith 116:    too long
Kathi Smith 116:    too detailed
The13thDoctor:  nope
SteeIBtrfl:     number six is about twice as long as it should be
Kathi Smith 116:    apparently not
SteeIBtrfl:     it is 379 words
SteeIBtrfl:     how are the tenses?
Kathi Smith 116:    past
SteeIBtrfl:     yes
SteeIBtrfl:     so we can see a consistent pattern emerging
CuteSheBearCub:     How long should a synopsis be?
SteeIBtrfl:     errors we are MOST likely to make when writing a synopsis
BrownDvs:   300 words at most Cute, from what I hear.
SteeIBtrfl:     Cute - a finished synopsis should be 2-3 pages single spaced
CuteSheBearCub:     ok
SteeIBtrfl:     for an entire book
CuteSheBearCub:     thanks
pvogelbacher:   thought it was about 100 words
Kathi Smith 116:    well, i would hope we'd at least know the facts better in
our own work than people did in this one...lol
SteeIBtrfl:     this synopsis assignment looked at a single chapter
SteeIBtrfl:     which should have produced about 150-200 words
SteeIBtrfl:     now let us look at number 7
SteeIBtrfl:     what do we see?
JES No Time:    No last name
SteeIBtrfl:     yes JES - the last name is missing
Vladytoe:   I din't think she was a bad kid
JES No Time:    length looks good
SteeIBtrfl:     and some of you may note I highlighted the bad kid
BrownDvs:   It looks more like a nursery rhyme than a synop. It seems to
SteeIBtrfl:     length is great
SteeIBtrfl:     this is an excellent synopsis
Vladytoe:   I can't see your highlights, so no I didn't know that
SteeIBtrfl:     Violet - apparently the green I used is too dark
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Steel, you might want to resend this later with
underlines because of the highlight problems?
BrownDvs:   ?
Kathi Smith 116:    (i disagree with the bad kid thing...but that's a side
Vladytoe:   Yes I think it was
SteeIBtrfl:     lets look at sample 8
SteeIBtrfl:     how is the length?
Fjm3eyes:   #7..........Very good last sentence, I thought
SteeIBtrfl:     I agree Frank
BrownDvs:   Lengths looks fine to me.
SteeIBtrfl:     length is 210 words - could be tightened a bit more
SteeIBtrfl:     how is the tense?
SteeIBtrfl:     how about facts?
Vladytoe:   Am i the only on who didn't think her glasses started fires?
ClayHandlr:     says adapt, not adept
BrownDvs:   I have a question raised by one or more of the synop examples
SteeIBtrfl:     I think the tense in this one is fine
JES No Time:    The chapter doesn't go into what happens at the school
SteeIBtrfl:     there are some fact errors
SteeIBtrfl:     no it doesn't JES
SteeIBtrfl:     ask away Brown
The13thDoctor:  i think there is one tense error
Kathi Smith 116:    isn't the last sentence a factual error on 7?
SteeIBtrfl:     now lets look at #9
Fjm3eyes:   Violet, I wonder about that myself
BrownDvs:   I have seen differing views on this, but should or should not a
synop ask the reader questions and leave cliffhangers?
SteeIBtrfl:     Kathi - it is a reasonable extrapolation from the chapter
JES No Time:    Long, not all CAPS
SteeIBtrfl:     no Brown - it should deliver
SteeIBtrfl:     yes JES
SteeIBtrfl:     to both
G1ft0fgabn0t:   tenses mixed
BrownDvs:   Okay, so would 7 having questions be a bad thing then?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    it looks like #8was written by someone with more
information than what we had.
Vladytoe:   Frank I am so glad to see someone else think that about the
SteeIBtrfl:     349 words - about twice as long as it should have been
SteeIBtrfl:     facts not in error
Kathi Smith 116:    but you didn't say we should extrapolate, you said we
should stick to the facts
BrownDvs:   Right
SteeIBtrfl:     Brown - I found #7 to be effective
SteeIBtrfl:     it worked for ME
Kathi Smith 116:    sorry, i meant 8 on my last comment
Vladytoe:   Explain 'facts not in error'?
SteeIBtrfl:     some of the facts are in error
SteeIBtrfl:     sorry
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Was #8 yours Steel?
BrownDvs:   Yes, but I was asking if questions are allowed in synops.
SteeIBtrfl:     no Sry
HOST WPLC Lyric:    sorry, didn't get to read it earlier, whoever it was
SteeIBtrfl:     Brown - basically you are not talking to the editor
SteeIBtrfl:     but can pose questions subtly
SteeIBtrfl:     some writers try to write AT the editor
SteeIBtrfl:     which is a serious problem
BrownDvs:   Yet the questions seem to beg cliffhangers of sorts, that's where
I'm a bit lost at.
SteeIBtrfl:     lets take a look at 11
Vladytoe:   Explain write AT the editor, please
ClayHandlr:     questions are not the best way to craft a cliffhanger, adam
SteeIBtrfl:     Brown - the synopsis is to DELIVER the essence of the story
Kathi Smith 116:    what happened to 9 and where is 10?
ClayHandlr:     what happened to 10
SteeIBtrfl:     ooops - let me look
BrownDvs:   Yes, but that is what I saw.
SteeIBtrfl:     I misnumbered - there is no 10
SteeIBtrfl:     and we just did 9
Kathi Smith 116:    i thought we just did 8
Log Entry:  Writers Den [Members - 20] 2/17/2003 10:45 PM
pvogelbacher:   lol
BrownDvs:   So questions are okay, but cliffhangers are not? By cliffhanger I
mean to leave the end without a climax like, "Will the world end or will he
get there in time?!". Something like that.
SteeIBtrfl:     Violet - writing AT an editor is when the writer trys to talk
to the editor as if the synopsis
Vladytoe:   nope Kathi, that was 9
SteeIBtrfl:     is an extension of the query letter
Vladytoe:   I see
SteeIBtrfl:     Brown - you do that in a query possibly
HOST WPLC Lyric:    you must reveal your ending fully in a synopsis
HOST WPLC Lyric:    that's the idea of writing one
BrownDvs:   But not in a synopsis, right?
SteeIBtrfl:     lets look at 11
SteeIBtrfl:     not in a synopsis Brown
Kathi Smith 116:    adam, but there was no real ending to this chapter...the
story itself ended with questions
pvogelbacher:   ahhh, that's where I goofed also
SteeIBtrfl:     typo in the header
SteeIBtrfl:     what else do we see?
BrownDvs:   True that, so in that case we'd have a dillema on our hands.
ClayHandlr:     well, since we only had  a chapter, we don't know the entire
SteeIBtrfl:     yes Clay
SteeIBtrfl:     we were delivering JUST this chapter
BrownDvs:   I guess I was thrown by the questions because to me questions are
like things that leave unrevealed parts of the story in the air.
ClayHandlr:     the chapter we have ends ina question
SteeIBtrfl:     yes it does
Vladytoe:   I found it was harder to write this synopsis more so than on
something I write that I would do a synopsis on
Kathi Smith 116:    the story is unrevealed and in the air at this point
BrownDvs:   But a synopsis should not look that way. That is what I have
often heard.
CPeete:     I found it was easier to do a synopsis of one of my novels than
this chapter
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam, think of the part of the synopsis we wrote as the
FIRST Paragraph of the total synopsis
SteeIBtrfl:     what do we see in 11?
Vladytoe:   Me too Connie
HOST WPLC Lyric:    a question would be okay at that point, and was all we
had to work with
G1ft0fgabn0t:   tenses mixed up, extra info
SteeIBtrfl:     yes Sry
SteeIBtrfl:     exactly
BrownDvs:   That doesn't help me at all.
SteeIBtrfl:     yes Gabby
SteeIBtrfl:     Brown - if it is an integral part of the plot (to have
unresolved questions)
ClayHandlr:     where is extra info, gab?
BrownDvs:   Okay, so for THIS particular chapter, the synopsis is accurate,
although it is not the norm it should be for most completed stories, yes?
SteeIBtrfl:     then they should be visible in the synopsis at the points
where they are essential
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam, imagine if it were a comic book that ended with a
cliff hanger, then you'd end the entire synopsis with a question.  But for a
reg story, this would end, and they lived happily ever after.  Okay?
SteeIBtrfl:     Brown - if there is a murder it is an unresolved question
BrownDvs:   Well comics are one thing Sry...
SteeIBtrfl:     the fact in error is the 'magic of the glasses'
G1ft0fgabn0t:   too much about the glasses
SteeIBtrfl:     yes
BrownDvs:   But I see what you're saying.
SteeIBtrfl:     there is also some confusion in this sample in how it is
G1ft0fgabn0t:   a tiny bit too wordy in the middle
SteeIBtrfl:     One of her special memories, it was also the first time she
'saw' emotions.
Vladytoe:   I think the only reason her glasses fell from her face so much
and was broken was because she was so young, nothing more
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Hart you have mail
SteeIBtrfl:     the size on this one is 208
SteeIBtrfl:     or well within the range if slightly too wordy
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we're on the workshop, number 11 or 12
BrownDvs:   11
SteeIBtrfl:     now lets look at #12
Fjm3eyes:   actually what do the glasses have to do with anything?
Vladytoe:   Same here Frank
SteeIBtrfl:     Frank - they are important but not really explained at this
BrownDvs:   I saw a fact error
The13thDoctor:  too long, wrong facts, and tense errors
Fjm3eyes:   Steel.......let's hope they are.....sometime
Kathi Smith 116:    spelling error
SteeIBtrfl:     it is long at 333 words
Kathi Smith 116:    a bit long
SteeIBtrfl:     it should be about half this length
BrownDvs:   I'll go with too long for 333 Alex.
SteeIBtrfl:     how about the tenses?
Vladytoe:   Well, we can not write about what is not told in this chapter, so
therefore her glasses has nothing to do with anyhting in this chapter we did
our synopsis
Kathi Smith 116:    past
SteeIBtrfl:     yes Kathi
Kathi Smith 116:    and present too...
Kathi Smith 116:    mixed tenses
BrownDvs:   Past tense.
BrownDvs:   And present at the beginning.
SteeIBtrfl:     there is also some missing areas
SteeIBtrfl:     again it becomes visible that shifting tenses is an area to
be looked at very closely
SteeIBtrfl:     what do we see in #13?
Wil21252:   Wplc can you please provide direction as to where I can find
SteeIBtrfl:     I thought the tense was okay in this one
Vladytoe:   My desktop is in the shop and I am on my laptop tonight
Kathi Smith 116:    good length, good tenses
Wil21252:   how to reduce to word the sound of a trumpet signaling the start
of a horse race
SteeIBtrfl:     but noticed some factual errors again
Kathi Smith 116:    good compression of facts
BrownDvs:   Not a bad job on this one.
SteeIBtrfl:     this was a really good effort that could be cleaned up rather
SteeIBtrfl:     yes
SteeIBtrfl:     lets look at #14
Wil21252:   ok thank
SteeIBtrfl:     what do we see?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Will, I'm sending you material as we speak
HOST WPLC Lyric:    hold on
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and also Chicago
SteeIBtrfl:     our length is 154 words
BrownDvs:   It is rather confusing at the end.
The13thDoctor:  the first sentence makes no sense
SteeIBtrfl:     which is right on the money
SteeIBtrfl:     there are some 'collapsing' of facts too
Kathi Smith 116:    spelling errors
SteeIBtrfl:     I noted this happened on several of the synopsis
JES No Time:    Collapsing of facts?
SteeIBtrfl:     where the writer took two seperate facts and collapsed them
Kathi Smith 116:    good opening line
Vladytoe:   I think if it takes a few more words to make the synopsis read
good then a few more words is okay.
SteeIBtrfl:     i.e. the Clinic and the school being the same
SteeIBtrfl:     this is actually a good beginning
SteeIBtrfl:     there was one additional fact in error
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Chicago, Will, YHM and we're on number 14?
SteeIBtrfl:     lets take a look at #15
BrownDvs:   Yes, the beginning is good.
SteeIBtrfl:     what do you see?
JES No Time:    No last name
SteeIBtrfl:     yes
SteeIBtrfl:     length?
Kathi Smith 116:    way long
SteeIBtrfl:     565 words
SteeIBtrfl:     yes
BrownDvs:   Okay, wayyyy too long.
SteeIBtrfl:     facts?
SteeIBtrfl:     on this one there were quite a few facts in error
Kathi Smith 116:    too many details
SteeIBtrfl:     yes - too much detail
SteeIBtrfl:     not enough compression
BrownDvs:   Yep
BrownDvs:   It talks too much.
SteeIBtrfl:     do not try to retell the chapter as the chapter
Vladytoe:   ITs been fun, but I must go. Nite everyone, see you all next
time. Good to have you back Paul. Nite everyone
BrownDvs:   Exactly!
SteeIBtrfl:     bye Violet
CPeete:     bye Violet
SteeIBtrfl:     lets look at 16
HOST WPLC Lyric:    bye vi
SteeIBtrfl:     length?
Kathi Smith 116:    spelling errors
Log Entry:  Writers Den [Members - 19] 2/17/2003 11:00 PM
ChicagoGail1988:    Goodnight Violet
SteeIBtrfl:     yes - 258 words
Fjm3eyes:   bye Violet
SteeIBtrfl:     and a few facts in error
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Barry, YHM, we're on number fifteen
HOST WPLC Lyric:    of the workshop materials
BornToVector:   Sorry Steel.  I gotta quit laying down watching tv on Mondays
SteeIBtrfl:     lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    will see if I have an intact one, hart
SteeIBtrfl:     okay - lets take a look at the last one
HOST WPLC Lyric:    so far many logs not working tonight
SteeIBtrfl:     what do you see?
BrownDvs:   I think it gets a little too cute with the facts of the story.
The13thDoctor:  I'll catch the log.  Paul please make sure i get it cos i
havent been getting it lately
SteeIBtrfl:     the length is just a little long
G1ft0fgabn0t:   my log's totally not working tonight
ChicagoGail1988:    How much is the log for your programs
G1ft0fgabn0t:   i did threee copies
SteeIBtrfl:     tense is good
BrownDvs:   Facts are wrong too.
SteeIBtrfl:     I think it is a reasonable synopsis except that it reflects
this writers voice
SteeIBtrfl:     or doesn't represent the work as written
SteeIBtrfl:     what I wanted to reflect on here tonight
SteeIBtrfl:     was to offer each of you some 'visibility' of synopsis
SteeIBtrfl:     using a specific assignment
SteeIBtrfl:     so you can see how a synopsis can be written to strong effect
SteeIBtrfl:     as in #1 and #7
SteeIBtrfl:     in particular
SteeIBtrfl:     how you SHOULD outline in order to keep the facts straight
SteeIBtrfl:     how to trim down to the bare bones but keep it dynamic
SteeIBtrfl:     how to pay attention to slipping tenses
SteeIBtrfl:     PARTICULARLY if you write in 3rd
SteeIBtrfl:     or past tense
SteeIBtrfl:     when writing your own synopsis
SteeIBtrfl:     try very hard to do the outline
SteeIBtrfl:     even if you THINK you know what your own story is about
SteeIBtrfl:     often - your story will have detail you have forgotten
SteeIBtrfl:     or not thought important
SteeIBtrfl:     also - try very hard not to be influenced by what YOU think
is important
SteeIBtrfl:     in your story
SteeIBtrfl:     an example - some people may write a story where their
heroine is a victim of abuse
SteeIBtrfl:     which might be part of what shapes her character
SteeIBtrfl:     but should not be a focus in a synopsis if it is not PART of
the story
SteeIBtrfl:     this might be one way to see how your 'hot buttons' can
overrun a synopsis
SteeIBtrfl:     and damage its effectiveness
SteeIBtrfl:     as you can see by reading these samples
SteeIBtrfl:     each of you READ something different
SteeIBtrfl:     based on your personal filters
SteeIBtrfl:     you picked up on pieces that were important or meaningful
from your perspective
Kathi Smith 116:    is that because of personal filters or poor reading
comprehension skills?
SteeIBtrfl:     both are somewhat linked
SteeIBtrfl:     we seldom read for FACTS
SteeIBtrfl:     to see what exactly happened
SteeIBtrfl:     instead we get involved in the story
SteeIBtrfl:     and it is sort of fluid
SteeIBtrfl:     which our mind 'adapts' inside of us
JES No Time:    You read fiction for fun
SteeIBtrfl:     this is why I made the comment to 're-frame'
SteeIBtrfl:     or step back from your 'normal' viewpoint
HOST WPLC Sushi:    The session logs for this evening are messed up.
BrownDvs:   Okay gang, I'm out for the night, gotta rest in case I have work
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Does anyone have a complete Log of this hour???
BornToVector:   night Adam
SteeIBtrfl:     does anyone else have questions?
BrownDvs:   Steel, thanks for the session. It has been most enlightening.
SteeIBtrfl:     I know we are late
Fjm3eyes:   bye adam
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Don't anyone sign off yet
CPeete:     Great...the one time I actually plan on printing out the log 
G1ft0fgabn0t:   nite adam
Luv2write:  I may let me checkit.
ClayHandlr:     what happened to the remainder of the story, steel?
BrownDvs:   Thank you also Sry for being a wonderful and charming host. You
too Paul. 
BrownDvs:   {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Gabby }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ANYONE here with a MAC???
HOST WPLC Sushi:    If not, please Select All and Copy the chat window for
SteeIBtrfl:     Clay - the story is incomplete
JES No Time:    Great session, hated getting bounced just when it started
getting really good.  Good Job Steel
SteeIBtrfl:     I have a mac and HAVE been logging
BrownDvs:   Okay, I'll stick about.
LittCrazy:  I'm on a mac
HOST WPLC Lyric:    besides you
Braguine:   Thanks Steel, good points
BornToVector:   sorry I fell asleep steel.  I was really looking forward to it
ClayHandlr:     i have a Mac, not on it now
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Litt, please hit select all and then copy
LittCrazy:  thanks Steel
BrownDvs:   Thanks Frank, when Sry lets me leave, you take care, hear? 
SteeIBtrfl:     Barry - it is fine
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and see if you have the entire chat saved
HOST WPLC Sushi:    It is not a mac thing.  Just need a log, or to copy the
entire chat window
BornToVector:   hopefully we can get a complete log
HOST WPLC Lyric:    in a text
ClayHandlr:     steel...i would enjoy seeing the rest of it when it's done
LittCrazy:  ok lyric
Kathi Smith 116:    steel, i learned a lot this week, thank you
SteeIBtrfl:     thank you ML
SteeIBtrfl:     Kathi - I enjoyed your work
HOST WPLC Lyric:    how many people here can see their entire chat still on
the screen
Kathi Smith 116:    synopses are one of my weakest points
SteeIBtrfl:     actually I enjoyed all of the samples
HOST WPLC Lyric:    beginning to end
SteeIBtrfl:     it gave me an incredible insight on how differently
BrownDvs:   I can
HOST WPLC Lyric:    anyone?
SteeIBtrfl:     one single piece was read
Kathi Smith 116:    i can't
LittCrazy:  me lyric
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Good session Steel. I would very much like to see the rest of
the story sometime if possible...
pvogelbacher:   let me see if I can find mine
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam, hit select all, then copy all, and try to paste it
into a text file
Fjm3eyes:   I will Adam..................when Sry let's you leave 
ClayHandlr:     not entire chat
SteeIBtrfl:     thank you Gabby
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Hello Litt -- our savior.   
BrownDvs:   lol
LittCrazy:  i'll send you a copy
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam are you on a mac?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    or pc
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks Litt
HOST WPLC Sushi:    select it all and paste it into an email for us, would
you please?   
SteeIBtrfl:     I have the log too
HOST WPLC Lyric:    The reason I said besides Steel, is because a couple of
people have not got the log
BrownDvs:   No, PC
HOST WPLC Lyric:    even though they're logging
BrownDvs:   I will Sry.
SteeIBtrfl:     I have a paste version too
HOST WPLC Lyric:    send it to me and Paul guys and we'll edit and send it
Kathi Smith 116:    steel knows the value of good backup
BornToVector:   Thank goodness for back ups
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks -- steel is ALWAYS prepared it seems
SteeIBtrfl:     thank you to EVERYONE for doing the assignment
G1ft0fgabn0t:   absolutely
BrownDvs:   Okey shmoke.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks for doing this Steel
HOST WPLC Lyric:    you did a fabulous job
SteeIBtrfl:     please feel free to ask me any questions since this ran
longer than anticipated
JES No Time:    It was a lot of fun.  Thanks for all the work Steel
SteeIBtrfl:     to look at everyones work
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and we appreciate your effort
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I assume since you sent my fact set out, that the facts
were correct?
Kathi Smith 116:    steel, so you say a synop should be 2-3 pages at most?
SteeIBtrfl:     almost all
SteeIBtrfl:     I never actually say that the glasses are magical
SteeIBtrfl:     yes Kathi
pvogelbacher:   yes, thank you.. I had a great time and learned what I didn't
do right
SteeIBtrfl:     single spaced
Kathi Smith 116:    was that your outline, sry?
Kathi Smith 116:    it was very well done'
SteeIBtrfl:     pvogel - thank you
SteeIBtrfl:     it was Sry's outline
SteeIBtrfl:     and very well done
Fjm3eyes:   Steel........a synopsis is How long, for entire novel?
BornToVector:   i got the feeling that she was magical and not the glasses
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes, thanks Kathi
BrownDvs:   Dang, it won't let me paste, hold on...
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Steel
SteeIBtrfl:     Frank - 2-3 pages single spaced
Kathi Smith 116:    barry, me too...but the story didn't actually say that
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Adam, open a word file and put it there
Nsummers882:    I've benn confused since the beginning of the workshop never
do I wan't to be without q printer again
SteeIBtrfl:     slightly more if your novel is over 100,000 words
JES No Time:    About how many words is that Steel?
Kathi Smith 116:    is a one page synop a good thing?
Log Entry:  Writers Den [Members - 19] 2/17/2003 11:15 PM
ClayHandlr:     under a thou, jes
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Anyone want info about our group here, please email me
Fjm3eyes:   okay Steel.........how many chapters in This novel?

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