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Chat Log 2/3

HOST WPLC Lyric: Tonight we're discussing a submission by our member roy


HOST WPLC Lyric: called Egg soup part two

WONiJACKS: Oh, good, submissions....

Kathi Smith 116: nice boogie board, donna

Dcudlbug: Welcome to all first-timers.  Hope you all wore your hip boots.

It's gonna gset DEEP in here.

HOST WPLC Lyric: about a terrorist organization that brings the earth's

population way down and the ramifications there of

HOST WPLC Dee R: ::::digging toes in warm sand::::::

Kathi Smith 116: cuddles, you may have to carry me

Dcudlbug: Kathi, I have broad shoulders and a strong back.  Please forgive

the weak mind, though.

HOST WPLC Dee R: Wonijacks, can't IM you

WONiJACKS: <---Having trouble finding an agent....

OnlineHost: MizPeld has left the room.

Kathi Smith 116: roy, are you aware that you've doubled up a few emails?

sent out the same one twice?

Avendoral: <---Has a editor lined up. :)

Kathi Smith 116: cuddles, it's the shoulders that really count, don't worry

G1ft0fgabn0t: alternatively, Roy, we have received some of your responsa two

times ;)

WONiJACKS: I know, Dee.... I don't do IMs..... and aol won't let me

selectively IMs for the chats....

HOST WPLC Dee R: congrats Avendoral

OnlineHost: JsmnStrm has entered the room.

pvogelbacher: coming, going to nyc hoping to pitch my story

OnlineHost: BornToVector has entered the room.

PHeeren: lric, I will go fro and to the chat as I put the finishing touches

to my crits, ok, lyric?

JsmnStrm: hey all. :)

Vladytoe: I noticed the one roy sent out with my hand in the heading was not

even what I sent him, but that's okay, his blood was probably low at the time

Avendoral: Your a romance writer, gel?

BornToVector: Hi folks, sorry I'm late

PHeeren: crit, I mean

OnlineHost: Fjm3eyes has entered the room.

WONiJACKS: Dee....I put you on my "approved" e-mail list

JsmnStrm: Oh Barry, you bad bad man!


HOST WPLC Dee R: no..Avendoral...we do all kinds of fiction

HOST WPLC Lyric: Wonijacks you can select Donna as an approved IMer

Roy Gugat: Did anyone NOT get a response to a crit?

HOST WPLC Dee R: just sent it Woni

HOST WPLC Lyric: actually, it's a rule here that your IM's must be open

Vladytoe: Not me Roy

OnlineHost: LindaBleser has left the room.

HOST WPLC Lyric: at least to the hosts

Deluge3: I don't believe I did, Roy.

PHeeren: roy, I am almost done with my crit

HOST WPLC Lyric: Tom, we need to start you a day earlier

HOST WPLC Lyric: lol

Fjm3eyes: I didnn't either Roy

HOST WPLC Dee R: you got a good response, considering it went out

late...compliment to your writing, Roy

pvogelbacher: I thought I was late

HOST WPLC Lyric: actually, I should say, Thomas

OnlineHost: Omalleywriter has left the room.

HOST WPLC Lyric: <G>

WONiJACKS: Hmmm, I'll look into that.... maybe I can select IM approval for


Sunan21: I havent checked today Roy. susan

PHeeren: yes, you mean my story, right?

Kathi Smith 116: i didn't get a response, roy

PHeeren: or my crit?

BrownDvs: Oh I'm sorry, is there protocol here tonight?

OnlineHost: Fjm3eyes has left the room.

HOST WPLC Lyric: wonijacks go into your buddy screen and click preferences

at the bottom and then privacy tab at the top of the next screen.  It's self


HOST WPLC Dee R: protocol or not is up to Roy

OnlineHost: Avendoral has left the room.

HOST WPLC Lyric: okay, every one on

Deluge3: So far tonight is a free for all.

HOST WPLC Lyric: roy, protocol or not?

BornToVector: I dont think I got a response either Roy.  I just figured you

were busy

HOST WPLC Lyric: Absent a response I'll assume not

HOST WPLC Lyric: Roy, where would you like to begin?

HOST WPLC Lyric: Anyone here have anything that really bothered them? 

HOST WPLC Lyric: Gabby?  Kathi?

HOST WPLC Lyric: <G>

PHeeren: <--confused over why you wanted me to email the story earlier on

the date before the 30th

HOST WPLC Dee R: Y'all better behave or we'll squeal on you to Paul, lol

G1ft0fgabn0t: :-X

Roy Gugat: Violet ===  I just resent it

Dcudlbug: I didn't get a response to my crit either, I figured I'd insulted


HOST WPLC Lyric: because you're always one day late, Thomas

HOST WPLC Lyric: lol

HOST WPLC Lyric: you need the extra time

HOST WPLC Lyric: we love ya anyway

PHeeren: oh

BrownDvs: I didn't get much of a response either. :-(

Kathi Smith 116: i just feel strongly that part two didn't contain enough

original material that wasn't covered in part to merit a separate pov

OnlineHost: Fjm3eyes has entered the room.

HOST WPLC Lyric: it is optional to send a response

Deluge3: I was not sure that the Arab brain rot motif contributed to the

story. It came across as an afterthought in a story that held together

without it.

Vladytoe: Roy, that was not mine, it was my heading, but with what Connie

sent you

Vladytoe: I sent an email telling you

Roy Gugat: oh

Roy Gugat: olater then

HOST WPLC Dee R: don't worry, Roy... we are already out the gate with two

things to discuss..one from Kathi and one from Dale (deluge)

HOST WPLC Dee R: any response?

Vladytoe: Roy, is there enough blood getting to your brain? Think maybe its

time to use that extra pint of blood?

WONiJACKS: OK, Dee and Lyric are both added to my e-mail list....

HOST WPLC Dee R: thanks, Wonijack, did you get my email already?

HOST WPLC Lyric: even though we're not on protocol, guys, can we give Roy a

chance to answer the first two points?

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga Roy...take deep breath.

PHeeren: lyric, I finished my crit....hope roy will read it afterwards

Dcudlbug: The Arab brain rot was a good idea, considering the narrater's

personal prejudices. Reason for the prejudices hsould be brought out in the

story, though.  I believe they were explained in response to a crit.

HOST WPLC Dee R: he will, Thomas

HOST WPLC Lyric: yes, I am sure he will Thomas, I was just teasing

Roy Gugat: let's go to protocol

PHeeren: oh

Roy Gugat: I missed those two Qs

HOST WPLC Dee R: lets start first with Kathi, then Dale...who asked


pvogelbacher: ?

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga Kathy,

pvogelbacher: A Q is a ?

Roy Gugat: yes

HOST WPLC Dee R: then Dale, then Pvogel

HOST WPLC Dee R: Dale just asked us to do protocol, Sry



Fjm3eyes: !

OnlineHost: WONiJACKS has left the room.

HOST WPLC Dee R: Kathi..ga

Kathi Smith 116: i just feel strongly that part two didn't contain enough

original material that wasn't covered in part to merit a separate pov

pvogelbacher: roy I didn't read the previous submission but liked this one.

I feel you should have told more about what your group did to the drs caught

selling your kids

OnlineHost: Omalleywriter has entered the room.

pvogelbacher: oops sorry hit the key

HOST WPLC Dee R: Roy...response to Kathi?

Roy Gugat: Any questions?

G1ft0fgabn0t: ?

HOST WPLC Lyric: kathi, would you go first and repost your question?

HOST WPLC Lyric: ga

Roy Gugat: I understand Kathi's opinion

HOST WPLC Dee R: okay...so no response?

HOST WPLC Dee R: then, Dale is next...ga

Deluge3: I thought the story was really complete before you brought in the

Arab brain rot motif. The villainy of the character was already established.

Deluge3: ga

Roy Gugat: She had no question -- only expressed an opinion

HOST WPLC Dee R: you can respond to an opinion, too...

HOST WPLC Dee R: but, now we're on to Dale...response to him, Roy?

Roy Gugat: yeah


Roy Gugat: He was trying to take the Arabs out of the picture

OnlineHost: Oaeea has entered the room.

Roy Gugat: Brain rot did that

Deluge3: I thought that would be another story. Develop it further or skip


HOST WPLC Lyric: Roy, we have a request that you choose a dark color and

bold your type.  some here can't read you very well

OnlineHost: Luv2write has left the room.

BrownDvs: !

Roy Gugat: He manipulated the Pres into providing the time for the brain rot

to work

OnlineHost: Oaeea has left the room.

HOST WPLC Dee R: when done, type ga, Roy

Roy Gugat: ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: Peggy is next

pvogelbacher: dang ga to the next, I erased my question

Roy Gugat: ga

pvogelbacher: ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: here is Peggy's question: roy I didn't read the previous

submission but liked this one.  I feel you should have told more about what

your group did to the drs caught selling your kids

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga, Roy

Roy Gugat: Peg ===> that was covered in the previous

pvogelbacher: and it's not anything about her return and I thought that was

very important

HOST WPLC Dee R: okay...moving on to Frank

Fjm3eyes: I thought the word "planted" for buriel was good a good choice

given the story..........it forwarned of a casual, seedy situation  /ga

Roy Gugat: does the way he expresses it detract from the story too much?

BornToVector: I liked planted

OnlineHost: Harterone has left the room.

Fjm3eyes: thanks Born

HOST WPLC Dee R: I didn't think it was bad...creative license to say planted

Roy Gugat: Planted is not true to the character

Roy Gugat: except my own

HOST WPLC Lyric: I thought planted was a good term

pvogelbacher: doesn't like planted

HOST WPLC Lyric: expressive and not cliche

Fjm3eyes: then why did you use it?

Vladytoe: Olden days they used the word palnted instead of bury

Roy Gugat: It may be a good term for me, but not for Carl

HOST WPLC Lyric: it also meant to punch in the nose

BornToVector: Theres a little autobiography in all our writing though

HOST WPLC Dee R: Gabby is next, then Adam

BrownDvs: True that Barry

G1ft0fgabn0t: waiting for Roy's ga

Roy Gugat: ga

G1ft0fgabn0t: Who is your target audience? In which venue do you intend to

showcase this work?

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga Gabby

G1ft0fgabn0t: ga

Roy Gugat: I intend to send this to sci-fi mags  --  Asimov first

Vladytoe: !

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga?Roy?

PHeeren: ?

Roy Gugat: ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: Adam, ga

BrownDvs: It's my turn now?  :-)

HOST WPLC Dee R: yes, it is...step up to the plate, ga

Fjm3eyes: ?

OnlineHost: ApplesNJune has entered the room.

OnlineHost: JsmnStrm has left the room.

HOST WPLC Lyric: ( Pheeren is now Thomas)

HOST WPLC Dee R: Adam, ga

Roy Gugat: June is too early for apples

ApplesNJune: never to early for Apples

BrownDvs: Well Roy I just wanted to say that I thought you

BrownDvs: explained the bacteria/disease very, very well in this

BrownDvs: portion of your story. It all just seemed to fall

BrownDvs: together to me. Furthermore, I would like to say you

BrownDvs: were mighty graphic in your killing sequence. I

BrownDvs: could take a note from you on that for future ref. ;-)

BrownDvs: ga

Roy Gugat: =-O  GA

HOST WPLC Dee R: Violet next, then Thomas, then Frank

Vladytoe: Wouldn't this fit medical/mystery?

Vladytoe: ga

OnlineHost: Harterone has entered the room.

HOST WPLC Lyric: wb harterone

Roy Gugat: Vi -- futuristic medical mystery

HOST WPLC Lyric: not really, Violet.  Medical mystery has to be very, very acurate

with the medical aspect.  This wouldn't fit that, sorry.

Roy Gugat: ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: Thomas, ga

PHeeren: I am confused....is the arab scheme rather drastic to make girls

models for growing overpopulations? ga8-)

OnlineHost: ApplesNJune has left the room.


Roy Gugat: Tom -- drastic?  no - just like today

Kathi Smith 116: ?

Roy Gugat: ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga? Frank?

OnlineHost: Omalleywriter has left the room.

Fjm3eyes: Roy, why the mention of Arabs?  /ga  (I see I'm late on this one

:) )  /ga

Roy Gugat: Arabs were to show another side of the villain

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga? Roy?

Roy Gugat: ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: okay..Kathi, ga

Kathi Smith 116: that's the second time you've referred to it being 'just

like today'. what does that mean? ga

Roy Gugat: females have no status among arabs

Roy Gugat: ga

Harterone: <oooh...I disagree>

Harterone: <sorry, had to interrupt>

HOST WPLC Dee R: no problem...

BrownDvs: You right there Roy. ;-)

HOST WPLC Dee R: you can ? or !

Fjm3eyes: ?

HOST WPLC Dee R: Frank...is next

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga, Frank

Fjm3eyes: Do Arabs have an issue with population control  /ga


pvogelbacher: !

Roy Gugat: I know very little about Arab attitudes on pop control

Harterone: !!!

Roy Gugat: ga

Fjm3eyes: !

pvogelbacher: I believe chinese have population control... could be wrong..


BrownDvs: I wouldn't doubt it Peggy.

Roy Gugat: peg -- limit one child per couple

HOST WPLC Dee R: Response to Peggy, Roy?

Roy Gugat: ga

pvogelbacher: I wanted to comment on I thought it was the chinese

HOST WPLC Lyric: they have the most brutal birth control program in the


HOST WPLC Dee R: What do you think of having a counterpoint to the

disagreeable main character...

HOST WPLC Dee R: someone reader can root for? ga

BrownDvs: They do Sry?

Roy Gugat: such as?

HOST WPLC Dee R: well, the main character is so unlikeable, it's hard to

feel sympathy for him...he doesn't have any concept of what he did

Roy Gugat: I wanted this story to be different from the previous

HOST WPLC Lyric: ( how about Becky)

HOST WPLC Dee R: so, how about another character who battles him..who has

the conscience


HOST WPLC Dee R: felt sorry for becky, not her father


BrownDvs: Me, I just figured this was the bad guy's side of things where as

the first version was the good guy's side. :-P

HOST WPLC Lyric: (that's what makes Becky the ideal counterpoint, IMO)

Roy Gugat: Do we also need Becky's story included and make it a trilogy?

Kathi Smith 116: ?

Roy Gugat: ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: becky could find out it was her father's fault

BrownDvs: That sounds like a good idea there Roy.

Sunan21: !

HOST WPLC Lyric: that's good Dee

OnlineHost: Omalleywriter has entered the room.

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga Harterone

Harterone: well, since I didn't critique the piece, or read it..I'm


HOST WPLC Dee R: hey, just jump in.

Harterone: to say anything..however, I can tell you that what the folks

Harterone: in the western world think they know about Arabs and their

attitudes towards

Harterone: women is underreported and not well understood. I just

Harterone: spent 7 months backtracking it and researching it

Harterone: for my real job. Women have a very definite place in Arab culture

and society

Harterone: it's just so different from ours we see it as non existent, which

could not be

Harterone: farther from the truth. There is a limit on wives though- 4

Harterone: ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: I assume that's a comment, lol

HOST WPLC Dee R: a good one, Hart

BrownDvs: Yes, Harter, but is that place commensurate with the place women

have in our society?

HOST WPLC Lyric: lets stay on the topic of Roy's submission, guys

HOST WPLC Lyric: as fascinating as this is

HOST WPLC Dee R: ! means you have information on a point

BrownDvs: Sorry Sry. :-D

HOST WPLC Dee R: any response, Roy?

Roy Gugat: ga

HOST WPLC Lyric: ga Frank

Fjm3eyes: then why even mention the Arabs?  Are you making a point that I'm

missing?  /ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: Frank?

HOST WPLC Dee R: roy, response to Frank?

Roy Gugat: His wife died at Arab hands and he leaves Arabs out of his pop


HOST WPLC Dee R: ah...new bit of info

pvogelbacher: !

Fjm3eyes: !

Roy Gugat: but thinks he is not being prejudiced toward them

HOST WPLC Lyric: why don't you write that in, then, Roy, how should we know


Roy Gugat: it is in there

Roy Gugat: Too subtle?

HOST WPLC Lyric: not from his POV in part two

Roy Gugat: yup

HOST WPLC Dee R: must be, I didn't catch it.

HOST WPLC Dee R: anyway, good point

Vladytoe: I missed it then

HOST WPLC Dee R: you might want to emphasize it more

HOST WPLC Lyric: anyone here catch it?  type a ***

BrownDvs: I didn't.  :-)

Fjm3eyes: Leaves Arabs out of? I didn't get that!  /ga

G1ft0fgabn0t: ***

PHeeren: !

pvogelbacher: so it's revenge for his wife dying at their hands?  missed it

BrownDvs: ***

HOST WPLC Dee R: good feedback for Roy

HOST WPLC Lyric: no, **** means you DID get it Adam

HOST WPLC Lyric: so far Gabby is the only one

BrownDvs: Right

Omalleywriter: !

Roy Gugat: revenge is a factor

Dcudlbug: I caught it in response to a crit earlier in the week.  Not in the

submission itself.

Fjm3eyes: !

HOST WPLC Lyric: same here

HOST WPLC Dee R: Kathi, ga

Kathi Smith 116: what do you feel is remarkably different in this story as

opposed to the first in so far as events and characterization? ga

Roy Gugat: The biggest diff is the POV

Kathi Smith 116: aside from pov

Roy Gugat: Brings out the Hezbone

Roy Gugat: What else do you want, Kathi?

Roy Gugat: I have already read your crit thought that this is a waste of


Roy Gugat: is ok

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga? roy?

Roy Gugat: ga

BrownDvs: lol

HOST WPLC Dee R: okay...we have five people...and that is it for tonight

BrownDvs: ?

Sunan21: Would you consider giving us more info on Becky's disappearance

after all 5 years gone and nothing to say about it?ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: Sunan, Peggy, Frank, Thomas P., then O'malley...and


HOST WPLC Dee R: Adam is the last one

Sunan21: jumped the gun

Roy Gugat: Sue -- she was held in the USA - not Japan

HOST WPLC Dee R: nope, you are okay,

Roy Gugat: was not treated nicely

Sunan21: Does anyone know that? ga

Roy Gugat: no

Roy Gugat: just her and I

HOST WPLC Dee R: might be a good dramatic foil to story

Roy Gugat: if she really knows it

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga? Roy?

Roy Gugat: But sge is really closed mouth about her experience

Roy Gugat: will be tough to draw anything out of her

Sunan21: OK, ga

Roy Gugat: ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: Peggy is next, then Frank, Thomas P.

HOST WPLC Dee R: O'malley and Adam

HOST WPLC Dee R: Peggy, ga

pvogelbacher: I'd like to see a little more description of becky, and more

of her return. I felt it was an eplosion, she came back but you didn't make

me feel anything.. just she returned? ga

Roy Gugat: Peg -- thank you for that comment

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga? Frank?

Roy Gugat: ga

Fjm3eyes: Your going off/deviating from principal story, was confusing to me

Roy........unless that was your intention. Unless you wanted main chatacter

to be thought of as a real evil, non caring guy. In this case, it worked for

me  /ga

HOST WPLC Dee R: Frank...

pvogelbacher: here you were fighting for her possible return but nothing ga

pvogelbacher: oops, sorry, bad finger's

Roy Gugat: The doc never really put forth a lot of feeling about losing


Fjm3eyes: my commennt was made, Dee

HOST WPLC Dee R: okay, then Thomas P is next

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga Thomas

Roy Gugat: ga

PHeeren: I feel a little queasy about you using Arabs in the story...what if

Arab readers would be offended by your using Arab...how about using non

Christians to appease the Arab Americans? ga

Vladytoe: Well folks, this has been fun, but I must go. Next week, same

place, same time. Until then, nite

OnlineHost: Vladytoe has left the room.

Roy Gugat: no thank you

HHOST WPLC Lyric: wait, Violet -- before you go

HOST WPLC Dee R: before we get to OMalleywriter, lets' welcome him into the


Roy Gugat: gone she is

pvogelbacher: !

HOST WPLC Dee R: Tom...welcome!!!!

Fjm3eyes: welcome OM

HOST WPLC Lyric: Welcome TOM!!!!!

PHeeren: hi tom 1

PHeeren: lol

Deluge3: Welcome Tom! The more the merrier!

BornToVector: Welcome Tom or is it Thomas

HOST WPLC Lyric: and thanks to Pheeren for now consenting to be called Tomas

Sunan21: Hay Tom

G1ft0fgabn0t: Welcome Tom :)

Roy Gugat: Welcome, Tom

HOST WPLC Dee R: please put him on your email list

Omalleywriter: Thanks all. I'll pass my comment for tonight and defer to


Fjm3eyes: we still in protocol?

HOST WPLC Dee R: remember, he is Tom...and PheHeeren is Thomas

HOST WPLC Lyric: no such thing, Tom, when it's your turn go

HOST WPLC Dee R: yes...Frank

G1ft0fgabn0t: No need to defer to anyone Tom ;)

HOST WPLC Lyric: okay, Back to Roy

HOST WPLC Dee R: Tom is next, then Adam

Fjm3eyes: okay

Roy Gugat: ga

PHeeren: well, I am gonna get ready for bed, guys

HOST WPLC Dee R: after that, all bets off

HOST WPLC Dee R: night Thomas

PHeeren: goodnight

G1ft0fgabn0t: nite Thomas

PHeeren: take care

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga Tom

Fjm3eyes: bye PH

Omalleywriter: Well, I finally got to read part one and it really helped

make sense of part two.

OnlineHost: PHeeren has left the room.

Roy Gugat: Tom -- but did part two stabd alone

Omalleywriter: But I felt the Prof. was completely the wrong individual to

have as the villian. Just my opinion.

HOST WPLC Dee R: who would you suggest as villain?

Omalleywriter: It did, Roy, but was much clearer when I finally realized

what his motive was for wiping the Arabs out

Omalleywriter: You had some other zealots

HOST WPLC Dee R: ga?

Omalleywriter: Funding people who can be the crazies and use the science of


Roy Gugat: too m,any around for one small world

Roy Gugat: ga

Omalleywriter: That way you don't have trouble with "voice" of a academic

Omalleywriter: ga

OnlineHost: RsmGrg has entered the room.

HOST WPLC Dee R: response, Roy?

OnlineHost: RsmGrg has left the room.

OnlineHost: RsmGrg has entered the room.

BornToVector: well, I'm off to La La land to dream of big contracts.  catch

you all later on

G1ft0fgabn0t: Time for me to head out gang. G'nite all. Tom, welcome to the

wild wacky world of writer ;)

HOST WPLC Dee R: And Lastly...Adam...after that open for general discussion.

OnlineHost: RsmGrg has left the room.

Fjm3eyes: bye Born

BrownDvs: Hey Roy, are you going to lower the number you have in your

"little" consoritium which is currently of 80 or so? I think the others made

a good point with that being too many for security purposes. ga

OnlineHost: G1ft0fgabn0t has left the room.

OnlineHost: BornToVector has left the room.

OnlineHost: WONiJACKS has entered the room.

Roy Gugat: 80 might still work as the number -- so long as other security

measures are taken

BrownDvs: Mmm, okay

OnlineHost: WONiJACKS has left the room.

Roy Gugat: but what?

BrownDvs: If I may how about a way to have most of them implanted with some

type of device that would prevent them from revealing the secrets without

their knowledge?  ;-)

OnlineHost: Roy Gugat has left the room.

Harterone: are we out of protocol now?

HOST WPLC Dee R: yep, we are out of protocol

Fjm3eyes: good

HOST WPLC Dee R: Roy...thanks for a good session.

HOST WPLC Dee R: it certainly moved along

Omalleywriter: Nice job, Roy

BrownDvs: Who are you talking to Donna? He's gone!

HOST WPLC Dee R: and no messy blood on the fingers.

HOST WPLC Lyric: yes he is

HOST WPLC Dee R: you're kidding...

HOST WPLC Dee R: lol

Braguine: Thanks for the scoop Lyric

HOST WPLC Dee R: my, my...talk about fast

BrownDvs: I would like to thank both you and Sry though for a good session.

Once again you two are good at the organization.

Deluge3: Mystery of the disappearing writers.

HOST WPLC Lyric: look forward to seeing you again Braguine

HOST WPLC Lyric: I have an idea guys

HOST WPLC Dee R: thanks, Adam..course it'd help if I saw the guest speaker


Harterone: <hate that he left, I wanted to say something else about


Fjm3eyes: Roy, did you read my last comment?

HOST WPLC Lyric: instead of strict protocol, why don't we use modified

protocol, where it's one question at a time

HOST WPLC Dee R: I know, Hart...I understand, believe me.

HOST WPLC Lyric: but where anyone can make comments pertaining to that one

point?  Could we all stand that?

Fjm3eyes: gee.......where'd Roy go?

Braguine: Bye everyone

BrownDvs: What did you want to say Harter?

HOST WPLC Dee R: Frank, Roy is gone, so they've told me.

HOST WPLC Lyric: he didn't say goodbye, did he?

HOST WPLC Dee R: night, Braguine, come again

Harterone: I wanted to say I was fine with Arabs being villians, however

since 9-11 there are

BrownDvs: Roy went bye-bye real fast Frank.

HOST WPLC Dee R: I don't think so...maybe he got bumped

Harterone: a lot more people who have

Harterone: educated themselves, from whatever means (i.e. editors) abotut


OnlineHost: Braguine has left the room.

Harterone: is and aint, so he'd need to be more versed on what's what,

without going

Fjm3eyes: oh......too bad!

HOST WPLC Dee R: I think he'll have a hard sell on it unless he shows some

change in attitude.

HOST WPLC Dee R: the main character, I mean

BrownDvs: Granted.

Harterone: off half-cocked. cause that would show up a weakness immediately,

fiction or not

BrownDvs: I mean the hate sentiments against Arabs is truely there in the


Kathi Smith 116: good point, hart

BrownDvs: However, I thought that fit his character.

HOST WPLC Lyric: I also wanted to clarify one thing

HOST WPLC Lyric: medical mystery readers won't accept fluff medical writing

HOST WPLC Dee R: that's what I thought too, Adam...but needed some redeeming


Fjm3eyes: okay, did anyone see my last comment to Roy?

HOST WPLC Dee R: you're right, Lyric

HOST WPLC Lyric: they are the kind of people that made the Andromeda Strain

a best seller even though it wasn't a medical mystery

HOST WPLC Lyric: those people know more about biology than I do

HOST WPLC Dee R: you might want to email it to him, Frank

BrownDvs: Yes, Donna, in the beginning I thought that he was going to show

the softer side of the professor. That kind of got thrown out the window when

he went on about killing those guys. lol

HOST WPLC Dee R: well...I'm off...my poor fingers are numb...

Kathi Smith 116: there's another point to consider...if you're telling a

story from the pov of the bad guy...he's not required to be likable or

right...just properly motivated

HOST WPLC Dee R: my brain has turned to mush...night all

Harterone: agree kathi

BrownDvs: Not a bad point there Kathi.

Harterone: my protag isn't likeable right off.

HOST WPLC Dee R: and something has to happen in the end...a change in main

character, or something else

Harterone: in fact, you wanna shake her, but at least you wanna do something

BrownDvs: So Harter, are women as free in the Arab world as they are here?

Fjm3eyes: that's eight, Kathi

HOST WPLC Dee R: night all

OnlineHost: HOST WPLC Dee R has left the room.

Fjm3eyes: right

Omalleywriter: Gonna bail out, folks.

BrownDvs: Goodnight Donna.

BrownDvs: I prefer to think one has nothing to do with the other. What I

mean is do the Arab women have the same opportunities and liberties American

women have.

Harterone: no, because they are not American women. Not trying to be glib,

but in the context of their lives and religion they have lots of

Fjm3eyes: anything think Roy's apparent deviations from story were


Harterone: special freedoms...they don't translate to american freedoms

Fjm3eyes: or did I only see that?

Harterone: apples/oranges

BrownDvs: I see and is this completely accepted by all Arab women?

Harterone: most, readily

Deluge3: What do you mean by deviation from story?

Harterone: because it's prescribed that way in the Qur'an, which to them is


Harterone: ultimate source of info on how to behave.

OnlineHost: Braguine has entered the room.

Fjm3eyes: Del.........I meant Arabs.........mention of terrorism

Harterone: It's dictated down to the hajib they wear

OnlineHost: Braguine has left the room.

Fjm3eyes: he did mention it, didn't he?

BrownDvs: Well then Harter I guess if that's what they want, then so be it.

Deluge3: I don't remember, Frank.

HOST WPLC Lyric: Hart, are you muslim?

Fjm3eyes: okay

Harterone: they think that's what Allah said was the only way to go to

heaven...and since they think we are non-believers, we don't "get it"

Harterone: NOooooo. reporter.

Harterone: <catholic

BrownDvs: My only concern is the women. As long as they are completely

complacent about their lifestyles then I gots nuthin to say.

Deluge3: Last year in Saudi Arabia, in Mecca, they had about 15 girls died

in a dormitory fire because they couldn't flee the building without their


Harterone: mostly, cause they don't know any different and it would be a sin

to deviate from teh Qur'an.

HOST WPLC Lyric: oh that's horrid, Dale

OnlineHost: Sunan21 has left the room.

Harterone: the qur'an tells um not to go out in public, and the Saudi laws

just reinforce that

HOST WPLC Lyric: well, goodnight everyone

Deluge3: Even some Saudis think so, Lyric.

HOST WPLC Lyric: see you next week

Harterone: <sorry, didn't mean to preach.

BrownDvs: Goodnight Sry

Harterone: jsut imparting too much info

HOST WPLC Lyric: Harterone, if you want to proceed and do a crit for next


Kathi Smith 116: night all

HOST WPLC Lyric: please email me

HOST WPLC Lyric: bye!

OnlineHost: Kathi Smith 116 has left the room.

OnlineHost: Cyncity 1 has entered the room.

Harterone: sure...Lyric. sign  me up

BrownDvs: That sounds beyond stupid to me Harter, just my opinion.

Fjm3eyes: night kathi

Harterone: <no opinion on the smartness of it, just reporting it:-)

BrownDvs: Of course if we view their deaths as not being our problem then it

makes it okay.