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Chat Log 1/27

It was an explosive session, no...I mean implosive...or do I? Anyway, Paul's session was quite lively. The conversation flying back and forth and sometimes hard to follow. We can always depend on Paul to get the creative and scientific juices flowing.  We should all thank Paul for taking the time to present his chapter. The man is busy, busy, busy. He just moved into a new house (did the whole session on the floor...no chairs!) This Saturday, he's off on an international flight, so we won't see him for two weeks. Have a safe trip, Paul.

The good news part of the session:
Violet (Vladytoe) received interest from three agents in her nonfiction short story project she is writing with a family member.

Kathi (Kathi Smith 116) has received a rejection letter from Esquire where the editor took the time to write, by hand, that her prose was excellent. Now that is a good sign...especially since Esquire is a very prestigious magazine.

Barry (Born to Vector) has consented to be the new Contents Editor for our website, with Jas (Jsmnstrm) as his assistant! Thanks, guys...(special thanks from Paul)

A soon-to-be member, OMalleywriter also shared good news: James Pratt, author of Last Valentine, has asked him to send a couple of his books to Pratt's agent. It just goes to show...networking is important.

Below is the schedule:
2/3: RoyGugat/Roy
2/10: Vladytoe/Violet (her debut)
2/17: Educational Session - Synopses (by Steel)
2/24: G1ftOfgabnOt/ Gabby (her debut)
3/3: Host Wplc Dee R/ Donna
3/10: Deluge3/Dale

See you all next week....

HOST WPLC Sushi:    Overnight work run tommorow -- leave for overseas on Saturday
Roy Gugat:    nope  ==  roy dean gugat
HOST WPLC Sushi:    on day early -- airline changed it due to cancelled fight\
BrownDvs:    lol
pvogelbacher:    let's start with the bowing door?
Fjm3eyes:    hi Lyric
HOST WPLC Sushi:    yes, the door
PHeeren:    where will you go, sushi?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Oh for anyone who is interested in joining, please email Paul/ host wplc sushi at the END of the session.  Obviously he's pretty busy right now
BrownDvs:    We in protocol or no?
CPeete:    Hey everyone
HOST WPLC Dee R:    no protocol, Adam
HOST WPLC Sushi:    In the next scenes, Taylor and Kelly and Yang arrive
CPeete:    what are we joining?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    hi Connie
Roy Gugat:    Hey --  I can talk!
BrownDvs:    Oh, okay, thanks Ms. Summer.
BrownDvs:    Hey Connie
HOST WPLC Sushi:    they trace the steps, discuss what happened there
HOST WPLC Lyric:    for the surfers, Connie, our group
HOST WPLC Sushi:    shrapnel holes higher in door-- missed girls
HOST WPLC Sushi:    else, END of novel   ;-)
BornToVector:    I agree with someone elses point that if there were holes in the door then there would be much more damage to the girls inside
HOST WPLC Sushi:    true Barry
Roy Gugat:    what kind of weapon did they use to launch the shell?
BrownDvs:    I said that Barry, thanks.  :-P
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Yes, solid wood doors cause a lot of damage
HOST WPLC Sushi:    weapon is a rail gun
Roy Gugat:    a mortar?
Witnes4JC:    Paul I thought it was the militant anti illiteratcy movement lol
BornToVector:    Why would the holes only be higher
HOST WPLC Lyric:    btw, Paul, much, much better characterization of the kids, and terrific job overall
HOST WPLC Sushi:    new type of weapon -- made but not deployed by any army I know of, yet
BrownDvs:    Paul did an excellent job on the kids Lyric. They were real to me.
OnlineHost:    SteeIBtrfl has entered the room.
Roy Gugat:    a type of rocket?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    extremely high velogity slugs
BornToVector:    Agreed Sry.  I think it is much clearer than the last time paul, but still a little too passive in language, not action
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Hi Steel
Roy Gugat:    why did they miss the house?
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Hi Steel
BrownDvs:    Velogity Slugs...hmmm...new weapon Paul?  lol
HOST WPLC Sushi:    you missed my profuse thanks    :-)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    the arguements are important
HOST WPLC Sushi:    the enemy is not of one mind
Nsummers882:    how did the kid not get killed with such a weapon?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    hey, Steel
Vladytoe:    The window slowed down the bullets
HOST WPLC Sushi:    some want capture, some killing
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Paul, the swan was blown to bits. How did David survive a similar shot?
BrownDvs:    Now you're going all JFK on us Vlad.  ;-)
Roy Gugat:    Vtoe  --  no way
HOST WPLC Sushi:    no one shot David
HOST WPLC Sushi:    no explosives involved
HOST WPLC Sushi:    metal slugs
Roy Gugat:    so what got David?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    the glass did all the indoor damage
SteeIBtrfl:    Hello everyone
SteeIBtrfl:    Gabby***
SteeIBtrfl:    Donna****
BrownDvs:    Hey Steel Butterfly
HOST WPLC Sushi:    nothing got David.  Just the shock wave
Vladytoe:    I would think if bullets hits a solid object the power would be deminished
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Steel, YHM
HOST WPLC Sushi:    like a close-up sonic boom
Fjm3eyes:    Hi Steel
Nsummers882:    oh now I understand
SteeIBtrfl:    Brown - please just call me Steel
HOST WPLC Sushi:    amazing weapon
Roy Gugat:    How did the glass put holes in the heavy wooden door of the closet?
SteeIBtrfl:    Sry****
Witnes4JC:    paul how far did he fly from the impact blast?
SteeIBtrfl:    Fjm *s*
BrownDvs:    Hello Frank.
pvogelbacher:    I need to know david wasn't hit.. I too thought he was injured in some way
HOST WPLC Sushi:    glass shards are wicked items
HOST WPLC Sushi:    true, Pegy
Roy Gugat:    Q
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I will mention this
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I thought it was a very elegant way of showing that he was taken care of Paul
SteeIBtrfl:    Paul - glass only flies in one direction from a blast
SteeIBtrfl:    what did hit david?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    david ends up in the village clinic
Roy Gugat:    where did the shell explode?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    it was a big hole in the last draft, and this one it was great
Fjm3eyes:    hello Adam
Vladytoe:    Yes, Pov, I got that impression about David also
HOST WPLC Sushi:    the clinic doc, via Yang, reports on David to his father
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I can add details then
Roy Gugat:    no explosion?   what cvaused the glass to fly?
OnlineHost:    JES No Time has entered the room.
pvogelbacher:    that's why I suggested he not struggle but was limp whe he was picked up then his arm came up holding on to whom ever had carried him away
SteeIBtrfl:    hello Jes
HOST WPLC Sushi:    roy, please scroll up   :-)
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Hiya Jes
JES No Time:    Hi all
BrownDvs:    What I want to know is what was up with the secret passages?
BrownDvs:    Greetings Jes in No Time
HOST WPLC Sushi:    good suggestion Peggy, I think I shall use it    :-)
Witnes4JC:    Paul No explotion needed those wepons always leave a lil splash damages kid could have been thrown a few feet and been severlky scraped up if it hit far enough away
OnlineHost:    JsmnStrm has entered the room.
Fjm3eyes:    hi Jes
HOST WPLC Dee R:    hi Jasmine and Jes
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Jas*****
HOST WPLC Sushi:    good suggestions about the passages
SteeIBtrfl:    Jazzy***
HOST WPLC Sushi:    these is a passage in the closet
BrownDvs:    So why didn't they use it, or did they?
BornToVector:    Hi J and J
Witnes4JC:    Paul Im shutting up on the wepon
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I will have Yagana TRY to open it, but it's beyond theirt strenght
JsmnStrm:    hey all. :)
pvogelbacher:    unbeknown to the girls?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    and the bodyguard is dead
JsmnStrm:    sorry I'm late
SteeIBtrfl:    why wouldn't the bodyguard stay with his charges?
BrownDvs:    Don't worry too much JsmnStrm, it's good to see ya.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we just started jas
SteeIBtrfl:    that didn't make sense
HOST WPLC Sushi:    so they have to enter the perilous main hall
HOST WPLC Sushi:    the bodyguard is dead
BrownDvs:    ok
SteeIBtrfl:    and hidden passages create a means for infiltration as well as escape
HOST WPLC Sushi:    the one who enters, shoots him
SteeIBtrfl:    before he died Paul
Fjm3eyes:    hi Jsmn
HOST WPLC Sushi:    actually we went over that last time   :-)
SteeIBtrfl:    why didn't he drag the girls off to certain safety?
PHeeren:    ?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    this all takes place in mere seconds
pvogelbacher:    I have a little more about the ornate furniture that now lay in splinter's scattered throuhout the hall
HOST WPLC Sushi:    yes?
Roy Gugat:    What broke the furmiture?
BrownDvs:    Paul, good going on the fierce woman who shot the soldier to death. I think you could add in a lil more on the shock of seeing something like that happen in front of you for the kids. I found that to be a profound scene.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    more fighting throught the palace
PHeeren:    why is 2021 the year? Will you use space cars as well as robotic planes?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I hope to make it clear that some f the guards are trailors
pvogelbacher:    now I liked that sceen, direct and to the point
HOST WPLC Sushi:    traitors!   ;-)
Nsummers882:    lol
BrownDvs:    lol
PHeeren:    I don't like sci fict very much
JES No Time:    lol
BrownDvs:    I was about to say Paul.
pvogelbacher:    bang!!!!!!
OnlineHost:    ChicagoGail1988 has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    thanks Adam   that is Yagana's older sister
PHeeren:    sorry paul :-(
JsmnStrm:    ahw, but Tom, Sci Fi is fun. :)  You get to make stuff up. :)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Tom, I like 2021   ;-)
BrownDvs:    Ohhhhhhh, really? Cool!!! From what I read I thought she was just the nanny or something.
PHeeren:    just my bias towards sci fict writers
HOST WPLC Sushi:    They are coming in a 'flyer"   Standard SF fare
pvogelbacher:    good year and new weapons are believeable
HOST WPLC Sushi:    better than a Marine Osprey aircraft
HOST WPLC Sushi:    newer
Witnes4JC:    ?
BrownDvs:    2021's a good year, go with it.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    they have a nanny too
HOST WPLC Sushi:    who went home but appears later on.
SteeIBtrfl:    actually - that doesn't make it science fiction
Sunan21:    Paul, would two 8 year olds go with just a Be off, and a shooing motion?
pvogelbacher:    lol newer
SteeIBtrfl:    it makes it future fiction
JES No Time:    2021 has a certain ring to it
BrownDvs:    But is the elder sister the nanny or the woman warrior?  ;-)
JsmnStrm:    good point Steel
PHeeren:    I am a cultured writer, having visited the uk and will go to canada this july as a bd gift by my parents
Roy Gugat:    Weapons that blow in windows without an explosion are not believable
BrownDvs:    Good going Tom, congrats.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Paul, I had a comment re the Nato uniforms. 
Witnes4JC:    LOL roy
HOST WPLC Sushi:    susan, they are surroounded by death.  who would NOT run away?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    at the UN they said there were so many different uniforms that the way the peacekeeping forces were identified was by assigning a different hat to each police action.
SteeIBtrfl:    a cultured writer? what is that?
OnlineHost:    GracefuIIyinsane has entered the room.
G1ft0fgabn0t:    the window may have been slightly damaged by the rock in the mudball Roy
HOST WPLC Lyric:    The soldiers there would be wearing different uniforms but the same hat and that would identify them.
BrownDvs:    They could be implosion shells Roy.
PHeeren:    I leave on July 14....I won't be here on that day or the 21st
Roy Gugat:    implosion is pulling in
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Roy, ever seen those "Doc" somebody photos of a bullet hitting a light bulb? the guy who invented the strobe light
pvogelbacher:    I'm not much on military
BrownDvs:    Right, ergo, no explosion.
Witnes4JC:    PAUL> Have you reserched ay of the 21st centry soldier info you may find it helpful for this work
PHeeren:    will the chat be held in the summer, do you think?
SteeIBtrfl:    PH - this writers group goes on year round
SteeIBtrfl:    even when you go on vacation
pvogelbacher:    ph? what are you talking about
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes, Tom it will, can we please keep comments on the topic at hand, guys?
JES No Time:    I think you said they were using a "rail gun", if that's the case you could be talking about velocity we are not used to seeing
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Medic, yes
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Any questions like that can be discussed later after paul is done
HOST WPLC Sushi:    many of my science mags talk about future war/soldiers
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I also note that Taylor rushes back w/o proper supples
HOST WPLC Sushi:    and yet is too late -- a source of extreme guilt, later on
PHeeren:    I watched "Vertias" on ABC
Roy Gugat:    and shrapnel flying around without an explosion?
BrownDvs:    What do you think Roy, Paul? Impact implosion
BrownDvs:    projectiles. It would be different and would solve the
BrownDvs:    quandry of the lack of explosions. Implosions are
Witnes4JC:    PAUL> I thought as much also check out some of the POST web sites they always talk about the stuff in surprising detail
BrownDvs:    much quieter too. Of course, I can just shut up if
BrownDvs:    you guys think that's insane. lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    The point I was trying to make, Paul, that is she wouldn't regonize that he didn't wear one of the Nato uniforms, rather she would notice they didn't wear the right hat
PHeeren:    it is a modern sci fict drama mixed with mystery
Vladytoe:    Roy, this is a sc-fi book, anything goes
JsmnStrm:    I like that idea, Brown.. that's cool. ;)
OnlineHost:    Chris137592486 has entered the room.
Fjm3eyes:    Paul, can I ask a bisic, not specific to story, question?
Roy Gugat:    Brown -- Insane may be too strong  --  but not much
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Medic send me a link
HOST WPLC Dee R:    or action thriller, Tom...
BrownDvs:    LOL Roy
OnlineHost:    Mod Gonne has entered the room.
Witnes4JC:    ok ill send my faves brb
PHeeren:    maybe you can create stain sci fict jackets
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Frank if it's germane to the conversation, just ask
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Hiya Ash :)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Lyric, hats?  A women's perspective!    :-)
HOST WPLC Dee R:    hey..Ash
Roy Gugat:    Anything goes in Fantasy ---  NOT sci=fi
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I will have to change that
PHeeren:    remember Star Wars?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    but true!  that's the way the UN handles it
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I was on the tour and they showed us the hats
Fjm3eyes:    for someone who is not very familiar with scie-fi, could you summarize what it is to me?
BrownDvs:    Roy, the glass could fly around as a result of the initial impact while the remainder would be sucked up in the vortex created by the implosion.
PHeeren:    I watched that movie in 1977 (?)
Fjm3eyes:    that's germaine, isn't it?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    These are NATO troopers
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Very Frank!
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes, I think it was handled the same way
HOST WPLC Sushi:    by then NATO covers Russia, Central Asia, etc
PHeeren:    maybe you could rent that SW movie, paul to refresh your memory
HOST WPLC Lyric:    they discussed both at the UN
Roy Gugat:    Sci-fi is a story where all that happens is justified to the laws of science
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thank you Roy
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Tom I will just ask Jasmine    :-)
BrownDvs:    Exactly, that jibes I think.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    But I have seen it many many times
HOST WPLC Sushi:    refersher on what point(s)?
OnlineHost:    Chris137592486 has entered the room.
Nsummers882:    when the girls were under the table I could see them but had a lot of trouble being visual in the beginning
HOST WPLC Sushi:    true, Roy
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Good point Nancy
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I need a couple more details there
Vladytoe:    Or maybe Paul could be using a rocket sort of thingy that is programed to explode when reaches a close distants to the target, therefore causing a secondary blast
HOST WPLC Sushi:    square table, dangling tablecloth
BrownDvs:    Another good one Vi.
G1ft0fgabn0t:    when they were under the table, how did they see the gun being drawn?
JES No Time:    Roy top speed on projectiles now is something like 4,000 fps, with a rail gun who knows it could jump up to 10,000 fps.  Think of a car hitting a tree at 30 and one at 80
Nsummers882:    yes paul thats it
JsmnStrm:    I like that too violet.
Roy Gugat:    Paul  --  your war needs to touch on reality and the laws of physics better
HOST WPLC Sushi:    gabby they are peeking about -- mouse when cat enters
Kathi Smith 116:    poor tree
HOST WPLC Sushi:    like that
G1ft0fgabn0t:    and he saw them the same way Paul?
BrownDvs:    <------------------thinks Roy does not believe in the power of implosion.  :-D
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Adam, and implosion would imply someone in the room caused the glass to blow
HOST WPLC Sushi:    True Jes!!!!  In this case, car hits tree doing maybe 500 miles per hour  (example)
Vladytoe:    thanks folks.
BrownDvs:    Things could be done with that too Gabby.
pvogelbacher:    maybe adding they heard the sound of the snap on his leather holster
Roy Gugat:    Brown -- implosion works only if you have sufficient volume to implode into
Nsummers882:    yes I though that too that it happened from inside
HOST WPLC Sushi:    not in guard's POV     suffice it that he did notice them
SteeIBtrfl:    the distinctions between science fiction and fantasy are extremely blurry
OnlineHost:    ClayHandlr has entered the room.
PHeeren:    I failed to see a specific country in the chapter...I have read three times to get the country's name w/o success
BrownDvs:    Right, but I still think Paul could make it work. He has the mind.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    More important to me is did that little girl die?
JES No Time:    Leather holster in 2021?  It would be syn. material.
pvogelbacher:    maybe her shoe was showing and he saw that or part of a dress
SteeIBtrfl:    one of the most well known sci fi writers - clearly writes fantasy
PHeeren:    :-(
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Tom, I said in intro many time   -- TAJIKISTAN
Roy Gugat:    not so --  there are some real differences between sci-fi and fantasy
Fjm3eyes:    blurry Stee;, maybe, but what are they?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    this is not USA   a mix of old and very new
HOST WPLC Sushi:    like our Special Forces riding camels, last year
SteeIBtrfl:    Fjm - basically if your science is closer to known science or your perception of magic
BrownDvs:    <---------is sad because no one believes in his implosion theory. :-(
pvogelbacher:    lol brown
JsmnStrm:    I believe, Brown, I do I do I do. ;)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    we BELIEVE in Brown    :-D
BrownDvs:    So Paul, what's up with Rosha and Yagana? Those two seemed to switch up a bit on us.
Fjm3eyes:    where, steel, does horror fit in?
Roy Gugat:    Brown --  where do you get the needed volume?
SteeIBtrfl:    as science expands - what we might consider magic is contracting
BrownDvs:    lol Thanks Jsmn, Paul.
SteeIBtrfl:    Fjm - horror is considered 'speculative' fiction
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Yes, Adan   NEXT main point
ClayHandlr:    instead of debating whether SciFi or Fantasy, just call it speculative fiction
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Not me Adam. It has to do with oxygen displacement etc. Paul would have a heck of a time rewriting that one
SteeIBtrfl:    or under the BIG umbrella
HOST WPLC Sushi:    excellent ideas in crits
JES No Time:    I think an implosion is a crush action.  What happens to submarines when they go too deep.
BrownDvs:    Well I was thinking the glass itself would be sucked into the air. Pretty much the opposite of an explosion.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I think Yagana will be stronger, more subjective
SteeIBtrfl:    Jes - think of a building being deliberately imploded
pvogelbacher:    thank you paul... I really enjoyed the story
HOST WPLC Sushi:    after she dies, Rosh draws courage from the memory
SteeIBtrfl:    or collapsed in upon itself
G1ft0fgabn0t:    it went into the closet Adam. How did it get sucked into that?
Roy Gugat:    Implosion is caused by greater pressure on the outside than the inside
BrownDvs:    I said earlier that could have been from initial impact.
JES No Time:    When they take down a building they blow the supports out and let it fall on itself due to gravity
BrownDvs:    Well it seemed that Rosh was the boss at first, then Yagana, then back to Rosh Paul.
PHeeren:    I think you should name the presidential country home
pvogelbacher:    don't kill her off yet mabe let her die in the clinic with her brother standing by herside
HOST WPLC Dee R:    good plot point, Paul
SteeIBtrfl:    basically it is to collapse inward rather than explode outward
G1ft0fgabn0t:    LOL Jes
G1ft0fgabn0t:    that would work too
SteeIBtrfl:    Jes - exactly
PHeeren:    can you make up one for it, paul?
BrownDvs:    Right, I've seen that.
ClayHandlr:    peg...the brother is rosh's bro
SteeIBtrfl:    it is still considered an implosion
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Look, folks, I have seen slow motion films
pvogelbacher:    ooops
HOST WPLC Sushi:    if stuff goes 'in" it keeps going in the other direction
HOST WPLC Sushi:    ends up all over the place
BornToVector:    There is a sort of implosion with a large blast like a nueclear blast.  The blast goes out, then back in, but I think that would take to big of a bang
HOST WPLC Dee R:    I think we've exploded the implode situation...lol
SteeIBtrfl:    Barry - exactly
BrownDvs:    Right Barry, that is what I was touching on.
BrownDvs:    lol
SteeIBtrfl:    like a giant vacuum cleaner
BrownDvs:    Good one Donna.
BrownDvs:    Reed
ClayHandlr:    my souffles implode
HOST WPLC Sushi:    shock waves, air displaced -- soory if you have not seen those film clips    pretty dramatic
ClayHandlr:    hi adam
PHeeren:    paul, are you using nuclear bombs in 2021??
BrownDvs:    See what you did Paul? You and your implosion projectiles. Sheesh!!  lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Well, I'm in the minority, but it seemed natural to me that the girls changed.  Yaganna would be more concerned about her home and her swan, and later, Rosh would be more concerned about her brother
OnlineHost:    Mod Gonne has entered the room.
BrownDvs:    Hey Mary Lynn, nice to see ya.
Roy Gugat:    I think it i9s too early to kill someone who is such a link for Rosh
HOST WPLC Sushi:    no nukes in the  stiry
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Paul...what happened to the brother, does he show up in the story again? Last seen being taken to the village
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I think girls do act that way, taking turns with being in charge
HOST WPLC Sushi:    much havoc without them . . .
HOST WPLC Sushi:    yes, he is rescued
BrownDvs:    Hey, I'm not saying anything was wrong with the change over, I liked it as a matter of fact.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    ends up home with Rosh
G1ft0fgabn0t:    I have no problem with the girls taking turns being in charge
HOST WPLC Dee R:    good...so he's an important character
HOST WPLC Sushi:    his peditrician learns he was poisoned
G1ft0fgabn0t:    I think it depends on what the situation needs Sry
Vladytoe:    Okay, if this implosion is still being discussed. The implosion starts, the surge of energy sucks something in, the the resistance is stronger than that force and then causes the implosion to become explosion, sending it into the
HOST WPLC Dee R:    and that was why he was acting like a brat? lol
HOST WPLC Sushi:    steroids   "roid rages"   account for his acting the bully
ClayHandlr:    if you have two strong personalities, they will always vie for control
Kathi Smith 116:    i don't mind the passive/submissive role reversal, but you need to document it more for the reader so it's logical
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Geeze, when ever you see bombs go off, windows do break
BrownDvs:    You are getting dangerously close to hemmorhoids Paul. Did I misread that?
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Why did he run toward the dead bird instead of away from it Paul?
Witnes4JC:    PAUL  this is Medic I have sent you tech dat on info requested follow tag line precisely out
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Sometimes just from the vibrations and tremors
BrownDvs:    Good note there Vi.
ClayHandlr:    hemmorhoids can cause a rage, too
BrownDvs:    lol
G1ft0fgabn0t:    lol Clay
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Yes kathi, a small alteration but a good one     Yagana drags Rosh around
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Witness, we know you're Medic, it hasn't been that long!  Welcome Back btw
HOST WPLC Lyric:    lol
HOST WPLC Sushi:    thanks Medic
HOST WPLC Sushi:    will follow it up when i can
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Gabby, I have done things like that
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I think Kath is right, btw, if you note that suddenly she was in charge, it would be interesting
Witnes4JC:    PAul how i let you know is one of the protocols for radio use in millitary
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Other than the brother going home with Rosh...how does what happen to Rosh when she gets home relate to this chapter?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    walk towards danger not away.    Oddd but very real human behavoir sometimes
G1ft0fgabn0t:    odd indeed
G1ft0fgabn0t:    nothing personal...
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Donna?
JES No Time:    I agree Paul under stress, people do all sorts of odd things
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Paul?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    men are differnent, Gabby
BrownDvs:    How did the soldier know the girls were under the table Paul? Was it an untied shoe lace? A piece of a dress? Was the table shaking because of the nervous girls, what?  :-)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and with kids that age, who knows what they will do
Vladytoe:    You are right Paul, we humans has this great need to be nosy, even when life threatening
HOST WPLC Lyric:    oh that's very good Adam
ClayHandlr:    paul...am i correct in thinking you do not intend this to be a childrens story, but a story about children?
CPeete:    how so?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    run out to see fire trucks, at sound of car crashes, etc
G1ft0fgabn0t:    that's not like a bird blowing in your face Paul
JES No Time:    Human nature, big time
HOST WPLC Lyric:    yes, Clay
HOST WPLC Dee R:    I mean what is the story line...what happens to Rosh...how does it tie in with what happens to her in this chapter?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Adam how he saw is irrelevant
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Gabby, no explosion
HOST WPLC Lyric:    but that's exactly what makes it interesting Paul
BrownDvs:    Oh, so you are just flying it along at that point?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    just -poof!-  instant raw turkey dinner
pvogelbacher:    lol paul
CPeete:    turkey? I thought it was a swan?
G1ft0fgabn0t:    ugh. thanks for the clarification, I think
HOST WPLC Sushi:    swan dinner?   :-P
G1ft0fgabn0t:    shredded swan
Nsummers882:    Wow paul sounds like your doing a little rewriting but the is going to be a good story no doubt
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Like, if he brought the butt of his gun down on her shoe and realized that it was sticking out of the tablecloth, or if she noticed Yaganna's silent sobs were making the table shake
BrownDvs:    Was it an ugly duckling before that? Just curious.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    son of swan dinner, otherwise known as Swanson TV dinners
ClayHandlr:    in older times, swan was considered food
Mod Gonne:    one big cooked bird looks pretty much like another.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    always the rewrite, Nancy    :-)
ClayHandlr:    lol, dee
G1ft0fgabn0t:    lol Donna
BrownDvs:    Yeah Sry, that's what I was hitting on.
pvogelbacher:    he went to inspect what happened then the blast that shatter's the window and he's knocked unconsious
HOST WPLC Sushi:    donna, ugh!   ;-)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    larger shell hit window
HOST WPLC Lyric:    lol Dee
HOST WPLC Sushi:    may have to specify that as well
OnlineHost:    Roy Gugat has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    not shell, slug, I meant
HOST WPLC Sushi:    targeting the area
pvogelbacher:    what ever causes the blast
HOST WPLC Dee R:    wb, Roy
BrownDvs:    See if there were no visible signs and the soldier just looked at the table, he could have used The Force. That's fine with me too. hey!
Roy Gugat:    slug of bourbon?
ClayHandlr:    wb, roy
JES No Time:    No reason a rail gun couldn't throw HE rounds
HOST WPLC Sushi:    pegy, that THAT again please    :-)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    LOL Adam
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Darth Tajik
BrownDvs:    Not that, or that that Paul? lol
HOST WPLC Dee R:    hehehe
BrownDvs:    lol Yeah
G1ft0fgabn0t:    lol Paul
Roy Gugat:    Would a rail gun be sufficientl;y portable to use for such an attack?
BrownDvs:    "Rosh, I am your fahtha!"  lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, something I'd like to discuss is the second scene from the dad's POV.  For some reason it didn't work for me.  I need to know what the point of that scene is, Paul
Witnes4JC:    roy yes
HOST WPLC Lyric:    On topic please guys
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Roy, its size is not mentioned, bt parts are lugged in from the mountains above
Roy Gugat:    Who is attacking?
BrownDvs:    I was guessing terrorists or a rebel army of some sort.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    myserious new army
BrownDvs:    See, I got it.  :-)
Roy Gugat:    do they have access to such technology?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    takes rest of book to feret them out
HOST WPLC Sushi:    obviously they do
Roy Gugat:    your serious new army?
Roy Gugat:    from where?
Nsummers882:    I hate to ask to be excused but I have a terrible cold and need some medication would you mind if I left a little early I hate going out this late but my cough is getting much worse
pvogelbacher:    a coo
HOST WPLC Sushi:    later its mentioned they stole a bunch of gear from Chine
Vladytoe:    In 2021 how are we to know if they have access to guns like that ot not. Look how far the military has come since ww2
G1ft0fgabn0t:    g'nite Nancy
BornToVector:    Night Nancy
HOST WPLC Sushi:    China  -- Xingiang
pvogelbacher:    night nancy get better
HOST WPLC Lyric:    night Nanc
CPeete:    Take care,  Nsummer.  Get better :-)
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Night, Nancy
BrownDvs:    See I wasn't bugging too much on the noise and what not where Rosh and her friend were because I assumed the majority of the fighting was happening in other parts of the house. Am I right in this Paul?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    yes Violet !!!    :-)
SteeIBtrfl:    Paul - is there some reason you do not write the whole story fromRosh's perspective?
Omalleywriter:    I like the direction it's going
BrownDvs:    Goodnight Nance.
Fjm3eyes:    bye Ns
Nsummers882:    good night and Paul I cant wait to read your finished work ;-)
Witnes4JC:    Paul you can make one out of a shot gun or rifle aswell lol
SteeIBtrfl:    nighters Nancy
Vladytoe:    The part about the weapon does not bother me, this is in the future
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Yes Adam you are correct
BrownDvs:    Okay, cool.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Rosh is not present in mnay scenes
Roy Gugat:    I can deal with futuristic weapons
HOST WPLC Sushi:    including her father's belated rescue attempt
Roy Gugat:    but where does the shell go off?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    no more, Roy    ;-)
SteeIBtrfl:    why is Rosh in the story?
Witnes4JC:    Roy Miles away lol
Roy Gugat:    bull
CPeete:    If she's not present in many scenes, why the title?
Vladytoe:    Maybe the shell is like I see it, explodes just before it hits its target causing a concusion blast. They have those now in the military
Roy Gugat:    it does matter
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I finished the part where Rosh returns t school
HOST WPLC Sushi:    there is a mystery around her
HOST WPLC Sushi:    just now (ch 6) she fends off a molesting hiker
CPeete:    then you do mention her, at least?
BrownDvs:    Good one Violet. There are a lot of crazy doodads we don't hear about very often.
CPeete:    at times throughout the story?
ClayHandlr:    paul...why are you writing an adult book about a child?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    uses skills she is not "supposed' tyo have
BrownDvs:    A molesting hiker? So what, the hiker molested her or what?
JES No Time:    One thing that bothered me Paul.  If the bad guys want to capture the kids, why are they shooting at them at the end?
SteeIBtrfl:    is Rosh incidental to the story?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Connie, she is in every chapter    :-)
BrownDvs:    What are you hitting on Mary?  lol
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Jes, as I mentioned, the arguments are key clues
Vladytoe:    In writing a YA book, publishers likes a lot of violence in them, that's the trend today
HOST WPLC Lyric:    This isn't YA, Violet
HOST WPLC Sushi:    the enemy is new and still divided, otself
ClayHandlr:    the title is Roshanna's Lives
HOST WPLC Lyric:    it's adult Thiller Sci Fi
HOST WPLC Sushi:    its factions want different things
BrownDvs:    YA?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    young adult, which it isn't
JES No Time:    ok
ClayHandlr:    adam, young adult
Vladytoe:    Sry, everyone keeps asking paul about a childrens book, thats the only reason I said that
BrownDvs:    <------------------is kind of embarrassed to say he doesn't know what that is.
SteeIBtrfl:    Jazzy*** wb
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, lets give Paul a breather for a sec
G1ft0fgabn0t:    WB Jas
BrownDvs:    Ohhhhhh, okay
JES No Time:    wb jaz
Kathi Smith 116:    why is it rape if it happens to an adult, and molesting if it's a child? rape is rape, no matter what you call it
CPeete:    It came off more to me as a military thriller
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we have some announcements.
JsmnStrm:    Sorry, stuff happens occasionally. ;)
JsmnStrm:    Announcements?? 
BrownDvs:    I can go along with that Kathi.
JsmnStrm:    Cool!
JsmnStrm:    :)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    and can return to the discussion after Paul takes a break
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Kathi, I have no idea    :-/
HOST WPLC Lyric:    First in the good news department
HOST WPLC Sushi:    I am onyly foolowing convention in that
BrownDvs:    When he said molest, I thought he meant she was sodomized in some way.
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Good news Sry?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Announcement time by Sry...
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Kathi has received a rejection letter from Esquire where the editor took the time to write, by hand, that her prose was excellent
SteeIBtrfl:    a good way to get around that is to call it what it is - sexual assault
Mod Gonne:    announcements..a harder way to die, a harder way to die...a harder way to start the day, a harder way to die.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    announcements?   oh Goody!
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I think that bodes well for her future, even though they didn't need her piece right now
HOST WPLC Dee R:    good news, Kathi
HOST WPLC Sushi:    WOW Kathi!!!!!     :-D
G1ft0fgabn0t:    whooooo Kathi
HOST WPLC Dee R:    nice to have that bit of info
BornToVector:    exactly.  great Kathi
Kathi Smith 116:    lol...that's the good news?
BrownDvs:    Well Congrats anyway Kathi.
CPeete:    way to go, Kathi
Witnes4JC:    congrats kathi
JES No Time:    Keep it going Kathi
SteeIBtrfl:    excellent mag Kathi
ClayHandlr:    GOOD GOING, KATHI
HOST WPLC Dee R:    hey...it is to us!  lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Next, we should all congratulate Barry, whom the Hosts have asked to be the new Contents Editor for our website, and his assistant on that project, Jas
Kathi Smith 116:    thanks all
pvogelbacher:    a hand written response is very good
SteeIBtrfl:    our site will have content???
SteeIBtrfl:    no way
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Congratulations Barry, Jasmine :)
G1ft0fgabn0t:    lol Steel
BornToVector:    What ever this fancy title means . . . Well I dont know, but I will do what I can
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Barry needs all the help he can get from ALL of us
Witnes4JC:    Congrats barry and Jas
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Congrats, Barry and Jas...thanks lots.
Mod Gonne:    content along with a pretty face? my goodness.
ClayHandlr:    expecially from esquire, re the handwritten response
BrownDvs:    Congratulations Barry!
JsmnStrm:    Congrats Kathi..
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Bet Paul is happy!
CPeete:    congrats Barry and Jas
JES No Time:    Congrats Barry and Jaz
HOST WPLC Sushi:    yeah Barry!!!!!!!!!!!
SteeIBtrfl:    Barry - are you and Jaz going to put a wiki on the site?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    less work for me     :-)
JsmnStrm:    Yeah, STeel!  It's gonna be cool!
SteeIBtrfl:    a wiki???
HOST WPLC Lyric:    They've already done tons of work and you won't believe your eyes when you see the new unveiled site
SteeIBtrfl:    cool
Vladytoe:    way to go Barry
G1ft0fgabn0t:    wiki? wazzat?
Roy Gugat:    Paul -- if you want the battle to go as you have depicted, you need to come up with some plausible explanations that do not violate rules of science
Roy Gugat:    hello
BornToVector:    A wiki?  of course.  now someone tell me what a wiki is
JES No Time:    Wookie?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    And I have a bit of good news from a visitor...Omalleywriter
JsmnStrm:    I dont' know what that is.. lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    So, please, he's looking for volunteers, as well as old contest winning pieces, other prose, etc
SteeIBtrfl:    LOL
SteeIBtrfl:    okay lemme shoot you a link
BrownDvs:    Are you talking about Chewbaka Jes?
JsmnStrm:    How about a message board?  will that be okay Steel?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    James Pratt, author of Last Valentine, asked him to send a couple of his books to his agent...
JES No Time:    Yep
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Congrats, O'malley...nice to hear that stuff
G1ft0fgabn0t:    thanks Steel
HOST WPLC Sushi:    cool OMalley!    :-)
SteeIBtrfl:    http://www.c2.com/cgi/wiki?WelcomeVisitors
Omalleywriter:    thanks
Vladytoe:    Yes, very good Omalley
CPeete:    Congrats O'Malley
Witnes4JC:    way to go Omally
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Congratulations O'Malley
HOST WPLC Lyric:    next, Violet just told me she's received interest from three agents in her nonfiction short story project that she's planning with her brothers and sisters as coauthors
BrownDvs:    heh heh
OnlineHost:    Janet Amundsen has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    It was Lyric and Donna's idea to have a site-wide contest
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Way cool O'Malley, and welcome to our group!
CPeete:    Violet, you go Girl!
HOST WPLC Dee R:    great, Violet...gee, the good news just goes on and on...love it.
SteeIBtrfl:    Jazzy - look at the wiki before you choose a db okay?
ClayHandlr:    contest for what, paul?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    sort of like ours but involving all of the writers chat groups
JES No Time:    Good luck Violet
JsmnStrm:    I sure will, Steel. :)
Vladytoe:    Except now, Sry, it is turnning into a full book with just me and one sister writing
HOST WPLC Sushi:    WOW Violet!!!!!     :-D
CPeete:    what the devil is a wiki??
G1ft0fgabn0t:    wow violet
pvogelbacher:    a wikkie is like a widget
SteeIBtrfl:    a global virtual community
Kathi Smith 116:    wow, o'malley, that's wonderful! congratulations
SteeIBtrfl:    interactive
Omalleywriter:    I had a Wiki on my neck once, a long time ago
HOST WPLC Sushi:    an Australian widget?
Vladytoe:    Now all I have to do is write the darn thing. Thanks everyone
HOST WPLC Sushi:    LOL Violet
SteeIBtrfl:    very very neat way to add content to a website
Kathi Smith 116:    great violet! congrats!
PHeeren:    ok, I better go now....the pca is coming in a few minutes so I am gotta get my lantus shot..I am a diabetic
HOST WPLC Dee R:    get crackin' on that writing
PHeeren:    btw
G1ft0fgabn0t:    lol o'malley
JsmnStrm:    It' looks pretty cool Steel. :)
HOST WPLC Dee R:    night, Tom...take care of yourself
G1ft0fgabn0t:    I think you mean hickie
BrownDvs:    Ah, congratulations and salutations Omalley!!!!!
HOST WPLC Sushi:    pca?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, anyone who want's to continue the discussion with Paul, please go ahead
CPeete:    nite Tom
PHeeren:    personal care aide
HOST WPLC Dee R:    sorry for the interruption, Paul...
G1ft0fgabn0t:    nite Tom
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Congratulations to everyone!
PHeeren:    for the disableds
Vladytoe:    Nite Tom
SteeIBtrfl:    Jazzy - I have become a convert
Fjm3eyes:    bye PH
PHeeren:    I am in a wheelchair, paul
HOST WPLC Sushi:    no problem     : : : pant, pant : : :
SteeIBtrfl:    it is an excellent way to share information
JsmnStrm:    :)  lol Steel. :)
SteeIBtrfl:    oh I have another link to share too
JsmnStrm:    It seems to be pretty cool
HOST WPLC Sushi:    i am kneeling  -- no chairs unpacked yet
BrownDvs:    Paul, do you have an upward moving direction for your heroine, Rosh? For example as with Harry Potter, have her grow up and be a strong soldier or diplomat?
G1ft0fgabn0t:    for so long? ouch paul
SteeIBtrfl:    http://psyche.cs.monash.edu.au/v2/psyche-2-10-cytowic.html
Vladytoe:    Paul, you have been on your knees this whole time?
SteeIBtrfl:    for those of you considering writing about people who taste in colors
BornToVector:    Thank you all, I'm going to look at the wiki and hit the sack too
SteeIBtrfl:    and hear in tastes
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Yes Adam   she grows up too fast
SteeIBtrfl:    synesthesia
BrownDvs:    Take care Barry
HOST WPLC Dee R:    gee, Paul...that is dedication...
Vladytoe:    I need to go as well. Man, this hour certainly went past really fast.
SteeIBtrfl:    the subject of a documentary recently
HOST WPLC Sushi:    takes the reigns -- but always in the background
BrownDvs:    Cool
Omalleywriter:    nite all, and thanks
G1ft0fgabn0t:    nite Barry
HOST WPLC Dee R:    night Violet
SteeIBtrfl:    very cool info for book content
HOST WPLC Dee R:    and Barry and Omalleywriter
BrownDvs:    Yes, I have heard of this Steel.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    thanks
Vladytoe:    Nite everyone, take care and stay safe. Until next week, Happy Trails To You!
BrownDvs:    I found it interesting too.
G1ft0fgabn0t:    niters Violet
CPeete:    bye Violet
BrownDvs:    Take care to thee Violet.
SteeIBtrfl:    Brown - strange stuff is right up my alley
SteeIBtrfl:    :)
HOST WPLC Sushi:    LOL steel
CPeete:    I'm going to clean out my mailboxes.  Have a good week everyone!
BrownDvs:    ;-)
SteeIBtrfl:    bye CPeete
G1ft0fgabn0t:    you too Connie :)
Fjm3eyes:    bye CP
Witnes4JC:    bye peete
BrownDvs:    Hey I watched a lot of Sightings, Beyond Belief, you name it.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    night Connie
Sunan21:    Good night and a great week
pvogelbacher:    lol mines cleaned out already now if I could just get my laundry done
G1ft0fgabn0t:    g'nite Sunan
Roy Gugat:    fourth time this hour I got bumped
Roy Gugat:    back again
G1ft0fgabn0t:    who ever gets all the laundry done Peggy?
pvogelbacher:    lol not me
ClayHandlr:    behind every successful woman is
BrownDvs:    wb Roy
Roy Gugat:    will have to read the log carefully to see what I missed
ClayHandlr:    a mountain of unwashed laundry
G1ft0fgabn0t:    is a huge pile of laundry
pvogelbacher:    a pile high of laubdry
G1ft0fgabn0t:    lol
Witnes4JC:    HEY FOR ALL LEFT Any one successfully kick Windows for Linux?
pvogelbacher:    lol
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Aol roller coaster ride, right, Roy?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    nah, I'm a mac person...don't need Windows or linux
Roy Gugat:    Dee -- what a ride !
ClayHandlr:    waiting for more effective software to go with it, medic
HOST WPLC Sushi:    want to get into Linux
HOST WPLC Dee R:    guys...I'm taking off...
Kathi Smith 116:    paul, good session, good work. see you all next week
ClayHandlr:    my son just bought a mac just to run Linux
BrownDvs:    Oh yeah Donna?
G1ft0fgabn0t:    nite Donna
HOST WPLC Sushi:    The newer Macs can boot both, Donna    :-)
Fjm3eyes:    bye Dee
JES No Time:    night Donna
pvogelbacher:    I used to be able to stay online for 5 minutes then got bumped replaced all wires in and out of the house all the way to the pole... don't get bumped any more
Witnes4JC:    latter Dee
HOST WPLC Sushi:    thanks so much everyone
G1ft0fgabn0t:    bye Kathi
BrownDvs:    Goodnight Donna.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    guess I'll have to wait til I get a new mac, Paul...I'm bugging my husband for one...maybe in spring
HOST WPLC Sushi:    especially those I did not have time to thank individually
pvogelbacher:    your welcome paul
HOST WPLC Dee R:    anyway...night all
ClayHandlr:    night all
HOST WPLC Dee R:    good session, Paul...quite hectic.
Roy Gugat:    good night all
G1ft0fgabn0t:    Thanks for a great session Paul
HOST WPLC Dee R:    as usual with your sessions, lol
BrownDvs:    You are more than welcome Paul.
SteeIBtrfl:    Donna - thank you for the email
HOST WPLC Sushi:    hectic is my middle name    ;-)
BrownDvs:    Goodnight Mary Lynn, it was good to see you again.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    no problem, Steel  :-)
Witnes4JC:    Oh add the fact that Im back into collage to the news letter Its good news for me guys
SteeIBtrfl:    revisiting courtesy among members is a great idea
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Paul, want me to send out the log?
BrownDvs:    Donna, do you have the new Mac that was advertised by Jeff Goldbloom?
G1ft0fgabn0t:    good luck with college
HOST WPLC Dee R:    or do you want the honors before your trip?
SteeIBtrfl:    I mean - who wants to be trolled in a writers chat ???
HOST WPLC Dee R:    lol, Steel
G1ft0fgabn0t:    you can say that again Steel
Mod Gonne:    Yes, Donna. Thank you.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    mine is a Powerbook G3...old
pvogelbacher:    sreel ?
Roy Gugat:    better to be trolled than tolled
Witnes4JC:    Steel its been a while and sounds painfull but go on make me a troll if you can lol
pvogelbacher:    steel? sorry
HOST WPLC Dee R:    it came from all three hosts.
BrownDvs:    Ohhh
SteeIBtrfl:    not better to be trolled when you are working
SteeIBtrfl:    writing is working
Mod Gonne:    still, it's appreciated.
pvogelbacher:    what's all that about anyway
SteeIBtrfl:    trollers should take their business off to a dating service
SteeIBtrfl:    or open chat room
BrownDvs:    You said the truth Steel Butterfly.
Witnes4JC:    Steel I think Trollers should be shot on sight lol
HOST WPLC Dee R:    night all...and be good.
SteeIBtrfl:    PV - basically it means someone is using inappropriate behavior
pvogelbacher:    night dee
pvogelbacher:    I figured that one
BrownDvs:    Goodnight Donna Reed.
BrownDvs:    Luv ya

1/27/03 11:28:04 PM    Closing "Chat Log 1/27/03"