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May your fingers fly over the keyboard!
Jasmine (Jsmnstrm)
Always plays well with others, (lol).  I love to read what she has to say about the work that has been submitted to the group.

Be careful of this one. There's a "Storm" going on in this ones mind.

Jas can always make you smile. She instinctively knows when you need her and is there. She has a ton of talent.

A true lady of fire, wit, charm, and grace
A true sweetheart, hiding behind a tough facade.  Probably the most improved writer in the group over the past couple years.  A lot better than she gives herself credit for.
Obviously, from her latest emails, has a great sense or humor.
Peppy, perky, positive, passionate. That passion for her writing comes through in the prose and makes it come to life.
Jasmine is one of the best writers I have ever met. She inspires me to greater heights than I thought I could possibly achieve, and she does it all with a cheerful, happy attitude.
A close tie for the most interesting person in the group.  She is up beat when she is with the group.  Does a good job of critiquing.
Jasmine is  . . . unique. She puts up with the Kansas jokes, and is almost as big a multitasker as her SF characters.
Bright, funny, like a spinning star blown by a cosmic wind. Determined to write her way out of the brown paper sack of her life, Jasmine is always a bit breathless and fresh. Her writing has improved dramatically over the years. She has been willing and able to ask for help then follow through with the suggestions she receives. One day she will set aside 'Storm' and the whole world will be treated to the words of the 'unmasked - non-superhero - full on woman' she will become.
New mom, good friend, funny person, interesting and unusual writer. Jas always puts a smile on my lips. Keep on writing.
Jaz, the coolest chic! I love her hard edged sci-fi and down to earth yet wild personality. She makes me laugh and gives great encouragement.

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