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Paul (Sushi)
Paul is into scifi, which is always good.  And he gets the logs out right away, and regularly updates member lists, which is great, because I'm bad at not updating mine. lol. :)

I've probably learned more from Paul than from anyone since the person who taught me to read several decades ago.

Paul gives a lot of his time to keeping this group together. We couldn't survive without him.

Has more fires than most people have sticks to put in them

Good ole Paul. I love how he shares with the group, weather its an idea, joke, pictures or whatever.  Paul has always made me feel part of the group. That isn't always the case with some critique groups, I think that's what makes this one so special.
He's the man that keeps us all together.  I don't know how he does it, and Lord knows I don't want his job.
What can I say? A true team leader without being arrogant.
Paul is the glue that holds the group together, providing leadership, direction and plenty of side discussions. He is always encouraging and supportive of every submission.
Paul is a great host. He looks out for everyone, and keeps the conversations going with interesting comments that make us really think about the issues at hand.
He's the leader of the group that is made for you and me.  S-U-S-H-I.  Nope, guess that one's not going to work.  Guess you could say he is the spark plug for the group.  Keeps things going, when it would be easier to just quit.  Especially in view of the pay involved.  Of course he gets a lot of help from the other two HOST'S, right?
Hardworking, family man with good intentions and a strong faith. He struggles with his writing demons and thinks optimistically about the potentials of his writing success. I think one of the greatest writing difficulties he faces is in allowing himself to become 'intimate' with his characters, particularly his female characters. He is consistent, always trying to be a good guide and offer a safe place for newcomers into a valued writing group.
I imagine Paul as a modern day Leonardo DaVinci. He is THE Renaissance man (okay, gave myself away, he probably knows who wrote this now) This man has more knowledge in his little big toe than most people have in the left part of their brains.  I respect him. It is because of Paul that this group continues to existhe kept at it through various incarnations. Thank you, Paul.
The big boss. He's a taskmaster. An excellent writer.

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