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Donna (Dee)
Donna has always been a sweetie who helps out whenever she can for anyone.

I don't know how she does it. Donna has been around forever, yet she stays so young.

Donna is always there with a helping hand and an open heart. She is also a wonderful writer.

A true lady of heart and spirit
I like the way Dee causes me to stop and think when discussing the submitted work of the week. I'm looking forward to reading her work, which I know will be among the best submitted.
Dee R (Donna) Donna is always there with words of encouragement, and is the one who inspired me to finish my novel.
My girl!! I envy her for being so great a storyteller. She's a bit of a nut, too--but a loveable nut.
Donna is gracious with her criticism, lavish with her praise and extremely skilled in her writing.
Donna weaves a fascinating tale. She's always there with a kind word or observation that lifts the spirit.
One of the legs of the Triad for the group.  Always seems polite and in control.
Donna is our eminance grise. Whether taking charge or silent in the background, she always provides great support.
Always solid, good writing skills and a strong commitment to the group and the people in it. Her struggles in life show in her writing, her choices of difficult topics and her strength of will to 'stick with it'. Always offering her help to anyone who encounters hardships and difficult things - proves herself a steadfast friend.
My favorite thing about Donna is that whenever I submit she is always positive and enthusiastic. the first thing she says, everytime, is how my writing has grown and gotten better since the first submission I did, which she still remembers despite it being 5 years ago; I don't even remember what it was anymore.

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