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Frank (Fjm)
I don't know him well yet, but I look forward to getting to know him better over time.  Writes a good short story. :)

I don't know Frank at all. That's my loss, though. Soon to be rectified.

Frank writes wonderful short stories and always has great comments.


Frank, now what can I say about Frank? I like him, he's always nice, helpful in any way he can be.  Understanding when something is not explained in a way another writer doesn't understand, you can count on Frank for help.
Too new to know too well.
Frank knows what he likes and sticks to his guns.
Frank makes a point of greeting everyone in the group. His soft, thoughtful words always make me feel special.
Frank always has some interesting, incisive comments for us.
Frank is fairly new, but doesnt hesitate to join in the discussion as if hes always been here with us.
Franks humor sneaks up on you, and keep you chuckling. Subtle humor and I like that lots.
Glad that Frank has joined our group. He will be a valuable member.

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