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Shirley (SPultz)
Shirley has always been really nice to me.   We've chatted quite a bit over the last year or so, she's very nice, even though she hasn't had a good year this year.

Challenges me to work harder at what I'm doing. I like that. It can only make me a better writer.

Shirley loves to garden and travel. I wish we'd see more of her!

Does a good job of being non-offensive.
Shirley is honest yet gentle in her remarks. Has made me feel very welcome in the group and for that I thank her.
Pleasant to chat with.
Quiet, but persistent.
Shirley always has a kind word for everyone.
Interesting member.
Shirley is like everyone's grandmother, both here in the group and in 'real' life at home. Her stories have a special home-life touch.
A genuine, generous spirit whose best writing has always come out of the windswept beauty of her surroundings. I would love to see her writing purely of the minutia of her life, the encounters with the postman, the way the gulls fly along the edge of the water. She knows far too much of life; has seen deeply into the darkness and can now touch the great beauty in the smile on a childs face.
Shirleys writings remind me of those Southern writers who write about their lives, and yet, she lives far from the south. She is someone who can share her view of her surroundings and you feel as if you were standing right there next to her.

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