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Sarah (SHoffer)
Sarah, who shares the same warped sense of humor I have, is always good with the email joke, even though she's had a tough year with stuff being stolen and personal difficulties.  She's a trooper! :)

Her comments always make me think, and sometimes that scares me (But in a good way.) LOL

Sarah is a very talented writer. She always picks herself up after every fall with incredible determination. She is sure to succeed.

Keeps on trying and making progress.
Sarah has always been very nice to me and I thank her for that. She is honest and sticks by her convictions, which is rare these days.
Truly talented, and her charming and witty presence is very much missed.
An imaginative writer who takes her work quite seriously.
Sarah writes stories that have me green with envy. Her plotting is excellent, and the tension doesn't let up till the story's through.
Seems pretty sharp, but I don't recall seeing her that much recently.
Sarah is a great Fantasy writer, and has kept up with it despite life's many curveballs. In real life she'd make a great magical heroine.
I envy Sarahs youth. She is at the start of something great and wondrous. No need to be afraid, just relax and enjoy the ride. Keep using your imagination, and hone those skills so sharp that they will just slash the page with your words.
Sarah writes of worlds we all wish we could visit.
Keep at it.keep at it.keep at it.keep at it.WHY? because some day you will get exactly where you want to go.

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