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Tom (PHeeren)
Tom is new, and he puts forth effort, and was brave enough to show us his new work not long after joining.  Brave guy. :)

I don't know Tom, but am looking forward to remedying that situation.

Tom has incredible perseverance. He is improving with every critique. We learn a lot about less abled people through him.

Brings a sense of stability to the group

Tom has always made me feel welcome into the group, never made me feel that I did not belong. Thanks
A very brave soul.  One that doesn't let adversity stand in the way of his dreams.
He's too new to know well.
Tom is friendly, open, candid and quite determined. He has much to offer the world and has opened up a lot over the years. He never gives up and I'm sure he will one day be an inspiration to many.
Tom is very persistent in pursuing his goals. He doesn't let things discourage him. Instead, he continues to strive for excellence in all that he does.
Tom is a determined writer, and he has improved vastly in just a few weeks' time.
Tom eagerly wanted to join the group. There was no way anyone could hold him back, he knew what he wanted and he works hard for it. Someday, we will be reading his stuff, and remember when he first joined as a newbie. Work does make the master!
Interesting writer. Puts his heart and soul into the story, which is what every writer should do.

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