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Kathi (KathiSmith)
Kathi is a devoted member of the group, even with a broken hand, she still sent out crits and came to chats.  That's devotion.

Never a dull moment when Kathi is around.

Kathi is one of the smartest women I've ever met. She has an enormous heart, and is intolerant of stupidity of any kind. She is a wonderful mother, and keeps us all on our toes. Above all she has fortitude. She one of the best writers I know.

A magnificent talent who has time for others.
Now, Kathi is one of my favorites. She seems to find the lighter side of things and causes a smile to come across my face, even when I don't feel like it.
A real trooper.  Even in times of injury, she doesn't slow down.  In my opinion, the best at writing humor in the group and among the tops in short stories.
I've learned a lot about making my writing better in the short time I've known her
Kathi has amassed an incredible amount of information on writing techniques. She graciously shares that knowledge with anyone who needs assistance.
Kathi could come close to being a fourth leg for the group.  It wouldn't be a Triad any more of course.  I always like to see what she has to say about someone's work.  I compare it to what the other hot members say.  Then I compare the result to what I came up with.  Very interesting.

Kathi is very modest. She never brags yet knows a great deal about writing, and life overall. And she can research the rest -- fast.
The first words that pop to mind are - Superlative at skill, craft, grammar, details. An excellent writer who is often quiet and apparently demure of her gift. She will one day surprise everyone around her when she quietly and easily corrals a fabulous book contract and begins signing her autograph on bestsellers. She needs to take care of her wrists because she isn't yet 'typing' the truth those wrists need to type and consequently 'pain' is lodging in her hands, fingers, joints.
Kathi is the greatest critiquer. She's smart and quick, and knows how to say what needs to be without major harshness. She's stern and fair.
Now, this is one dedicated WritingtoPublish member. Imagine typing out crits when your wrist is brokennot many people would do that. I worry she wont let herself heal. She has such wonderful hints to share with us on the art of writing. I have a folder full of stuff on my computer that she sent me. Did I mention she is an excellent and skilled writer? Probably didnt have to, everyone already knows it.

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