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Sryope (Lyric)

Sry.....  hhmmm.. what can I say about Sry?  My living muse?  THe only other person I know that's actually read Christopher Pike books?  The gal who puts up with me far more than she should ever have to...  all in all, a great friend.

Has perhaps the most intelligent comments in her crits. Maybe I feel that way because she seems to like my writing!?!

The sun is no brighter than her future.

Patient with the newbies, always gives that little nudge when needed and when (I forgot, are you a he or she) she/he has something to say in the Den, I always take notice.
The winner of the biggest heart award.  She is thoughtful and truly cares about her fellow members.  A storehouse of knowlege and a terrific writer.
Not one to mince words, but her criticisms are gentle.
Sryope makes everyone feel wanted, needed and special. She truly cares about people and goes out of her way to help anyone in need. She lends an ear for all troubles, a shoulder to cry on and a cheering section to celebrate victories large and small. Her writing reflects her skill, self-discipline and talent and she shares her wisdom unstintingly. She is creative, original and truly ahead of her time.
Sry is the heart and soul of our group. She is a top notch writer who is always willing to share her time and expertise. Even though our communications are electronic, one can feel her warmth shine through.
One of the legs of the Triad for the group.  Always seems polite and in control. Likes to Kick Butts of members that are not pulling their weight.  In a nice way of course.
This group might not survive without Sryope. She knows what everyone is going through, here and in many aspects of their lives, and has the compassion to encourage them.
Overt, wicked wit, very intelligent. The 'not-always-silent' engine of the critique group. An excellent writer with good instincts and a vast personal knowledge of people in many cultures. A feminist, artist, passionate human being who manages to not take herself too seriously and finds a way to bring laughter into the corners of her life. Sry's writing is one step ahead of the curve - restrained only by the roadblocks she places in front of herself, the fear of becoming the well known writer/activist she already is. One day she will face her fears and write a scene of vanquishment and surrender and discover what she has always known.
She has her fingers on the pulse beat of the group. People speak to her; tell her their dreams and their woes. Why? Because she is an active listener and a caring person. And, on top of all that, she is a wonderful writer! (P.S., did I mention how she just gets right in there and gets things done?) She is what Id like to be like when I grow up.
I love Sry! She's my captain, like in Dead Poets Society, because she gets me moving, thinking, imagining and believing in my abilities. She's a mentor and a confidante like no other, she's family. After all, who else would put up with a whining, depressed worrier, like myself but family.

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