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Dale (Deluge3)

Another of my favorite people. Dale's comments always add a lot to our meetings.

Dale is wonderful at remembering all kinds of chemical formulae, and tries to get us all interested in science.

Another tried and true old hand who steadies the course
Dale is really into scifi, which by my gauge is a great thing. :)
Loves to write as well as loves to be in the company of other writers.
He is cool.
Dale comes and goes, but he's unfailingly helpful and kind. Always a pleasure to work with.
Dale's observations cut to the heart of the matter. He sees the issues very clearly, and helps us see them too.
Dale provides us with a keen, logical viewpoint that's hard to bamboozle. Plus, he writes great science fiction.
Quiet and reserved, patient and persistent. He tends to remain steadfast in his efforts and dealings with the group
Dale is quiet and deadly in his observations; they go right to the center. Being a s/f enthusiast, he looks for the science and soul in his own writing and in ours. Admit it gang, doesnt that add magic to what we all do in the group?
Very logical person, he always makes sense in what he says. A good person to talk to about issues in writing.

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