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Connie (CPeete)
Connie is an old group member who always says what she thinks and writes very well.

Connie seems to have developed the knack of getting her point across without causing any hurt feelings. In fact, sometimes, I'm not even sure whether I'm receiving praise or criticism. 

Connie is very talented at making her characters come to life.

Good recent addition - knows her stuff in writing

She's funny and a good writer at that. She is honest in her critiques of other writers work. All round good egg.
At a time when I've had thoughts of taking time away from writing, she has inspired me, by showing me that once a writer, always a writer.
Connie's enthusiasm for her writing is contagious. She has a gift for portraying her characters with unflinching honesty.
Connie is always friendly and outgoing. She writes stories that stick with you long after you finish reading them.
Been around and knows what she is talking about.
Connie has one of the best problems ever -- an incurable writing bug. Plus the talent to make us all glad she has it.
An emotional spitfire whose writing reflects both vulnerability and strength. Her writers ego remains a bit too tender and she rushes a bit in her eagerness to get through sections of work.
Connie is one of the older membersin length of time in the group, not age, of course! Finish that book! I want to read the ending of what happened with the sisters.
Known her for ages, she's such a sweet woman and always makes an effort to help out a fellow writer.

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