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Renegade Rhetoric

My dear friends it is quite clear to me
That in order to use A through Z
To the fullest extent
You must state your intent
In a way that creates no quandary

Many authors have done so for ages
All we need do is turn a few pages
In a comic or three
While we read with much glee
Of our favorite heroes and sages

Let's take Tintin by Herge for instance
Captain Haddock's skills sure went the distance
He would curse: "Parasite!
You're a true troglodyte!"
While guzzling wine with persistence

Now if he can curse while he expounds
There's no need to fear large verbs and nouns
We should join in the fun
Let imagination run
To create tales without any bounds

Please consider my friends in addition
Today's kids speak with great erudition
On all topics computer
Without need of a tutor
So have faith in the human condition

We've no wish to create any schism
Avoid Hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedalianism
When a word is misused,
It complains it's abused
Promptly drowning you in criticism

But the readers can deal with bombast
If we hold our course true and fast
Tightly pacing our tale
So the tension won't fail
They will stay with us from first to last.

Most importantly, please bear in mind
Our thoughts unilaterally wind
In that as we unite
Dreams and talents to write
We spin tales for all humankind.

That is why we join forces each week
The disparate opinions we seek
While we argue and dispute
(On one issue to boot)
Our stories are no longer weak

Therefore as we all meet without fail
And continue to send tons of email
Please just merciful be
When it's my sub you see
Close your ears while I read crits and wail

- Gabby

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