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[Kathi  3rd place]

The Call Of The Wild
By Kathryn Smith

      The phone in my pocket vibrated enticingly. I never answered on the
first ring. Rather, I let it massage my thigh for a moment or two, the
combination of sensation and anticipation adding weight to each call.
      "Dr. Goodman?"
      "This is Detective Justin. Got some lab reports back on your missing
Viagra case. I think your thief is a woman."
      That brought my head up. "Why is that?"
      "Trace elements of hand lotion in the latex gloves we found next to
the broken lock in the alley. Your own brand of gloves, by the way. Could it be
someone in your office?"
      I mentally ticked through my staff. Dora, my receptionist of ten
years? I watched her at the front desk, knitting booties for her latest grandchild.
I shook my head.
      Sandy, who kept my appointment book? Freshly back from her third
maternity leave in as many years, moaning at the coffee pot over how tired she was,
didn't fit the bill.
      My new nurse, Honey Bunz, came out of the lab and bounced and wiggled
her way down the hall. I turned away from her voluptuous behind packed tightly
into her white uniform. No underwear, either. I'd stake my degree on it. An
idea formed in the back of my mind.
      "Detective, you may be onto something there. I'll get back to you."
      I flipped the phone shut and followed Honey. Just before I caught up
to her Sandy called down the hallway. "Dr. Goodman, Miss White is on line four."
      I picked up the office phone from the wall. "Hi, honey," I said into
the receiver.
      Honey turned and wiggled her fingers at me. "Hi yourself, Doc."
      "Not you, Honey." She shrugged and started off again. "Honey, I need
to talk to you," I called after her.
      "Then it's lucky I called you," Lily said on the phone.
      "Not you, honey. I meant Honey. Hold on."
      Honey faced me again, the swell of her breasts straining against her
blouse. I wondered if they were from nature or nurture. As a doctor, I can
usually spot implants unfailingly, but hers seemed too jouncy to be fake, yet too
perfect to be real.
      With Lily waiting patiently on the phone, I motioned Honey into my
office to wait while I finished my call.
      "Okay, honey, what did you need?"
      "Just wondered what time you'd be over tonight. I've got something
special planned."
      So typical of Lily. Fresh-faced, innocent, pure. She'd be the ideal
wife. In these days of promiscuity and easy morals, my friends teased me about
my high standards, but I refused to lower them. I'd known all along there would
be a woman worthy of my worship, untainted by the vulgarity of women
like--well, like Honey. I knew the moment I met Lily that she was the one.
      I assured her that I'd be there on time and closed the office door
behind me.
      "Okay, Honey, let's have it."
      "Have what?"
      She was good. Her puzzlement would have fooled me completely had I not
been armed with the information from the detective. "The Viagra samples you
took from the cabinet."
      Her eyes widened, sinfully long lashes slanting up at me. "What would
I want with Viagra?"
      I looked her up and down. She had a point. So many men found her sort
irresistible. On the other hand, women like her were insatiable. No man would
ever be able to match her round for round, despite his willingness to die
      "Don't be coy, Honey. It's out of character."
      "What would you know about my character? You pompous little prick, you
only see what you want to see."
      "I see quite clearly, unlike most men around you. Your sort doesn't
interest me. Give me back the drugs and you can leave quietly, no charges
      Honey narrowed her eyes. "I'll leave, all right, but it won't be
quietly." The walls shook as she slammed the door behind her.
      I sighed. People were so unpleasant when confronted with their
failings. I reached for the phone and called Detective Justin to tell him I had
solved the crime.

      Lily greeted me with her sweet smile. It had been a rough day and her
soothing, uncomplicated presence was just what I needed to relax. After a
quiet candlelit dinner and two glasses of a new wine she had found just for me,
Lily led me to the bedroom.
      "I'll be out in a moment, after I change," she said as she disappeared
into the bathroom.
      I removed my clothes, folding them neatly over the back of a chair and
melted onto the bed. In my senior year, I was voted 'Most likely to be
disillusioned'. How prophetic that had been. I had given Honey a chance, despite my
misgivings about her obvious immodesty, and she had betrayed my trust, like so
many before her.
      My body felt flushed. The wine had left a bitter residue in my mouth.
Could I be coming down with something? Infectious diseases were a daily risk
for all doctors as we doled out help and healing to those in need. Just another
of the many sacrifices I made for the good of others.
      Thank God for Lily. Unfailingly gentle in every way, especially our
lovemaking. No obscene indecencies tainted our bed. The serenity of her face
each time I lay above her was proof of the purity of her love. I knew how
grateful she was for my consideration. I smiled at the knowledge of my gentle touch.
Most times her hair wasn't even mussed by the time we finished.
      I brushed a hand over my brow. Could I have a fever? I opened my mouth
to ask Lily to bring in the thermometer, but before I could utter the words,
the door opened.
      I blinked, certain my eyes deceived me. Lily stood framed in the
doorway. A black leather bustierre outlined with metal studs shoved her breasts up
so they spilled over the bodice. The tight fit pinched her waist to Barbie
doll proportions. A V-shaped panty drew my eyes downward, where her legs
disappeared into thigh-high boots with heels spiked enough to scar the floorboards.
Something snaked from her hand and slithered along the floor. Dear God, was that
a whip?
      Her eyes, rimmed in black eye shadow, raked over me and stopped,
riveted at my crotch. I followed her gaze, horrified to realize the flush I had
felt seconds ago now covered my body. Every nerve stood at rigid attention and a
tidal wave of urgent proportions threatened to submerge me.
      My mouth emptied of saliva, questions dried up. Lily, my Lily. What
had she done?
      "No more pussyfooting around, Dirk. I've had it with your Puritan
ideas of sex." Her words were a sneer of condemnation. With a flick of her wrist,
the whip coiled toward me. "I'm no goddess on a pedastal. I'm a woman, flesh
and blood, with needs." She growled low in her throat, blood red fingernails
clawing toward me.
      I tried to swallow but my throat didn't work right. Flu. That was it.
Severe fever often brought on hallucinations.
      I lunged toward her, my legs carrying me across the room without
volition. My hands were on her, pushing her against the wall. I willed myself to
stop before I hurt her, then my mouth was on hers. Our tongues warred. I
immersed myself in the musky scent of her skin, my hands sliding over the leather,
searching for flesh on flesh. As I suckled her, I felt the vibration of her
groans. What pain I must be putting her through, what agonies of disappointment
and fear she must be suffering. I tried to stop but, God help me, I was an
      I felt her boot in my stomach and she shoved me away. I sprawled at
her feet. She towered over me, legs spread. Raising her arm, she trailed the
whip across my body, the supple leather both hot and cold at once. My soul
erupted , an explosion of lava running over my skin. A roaring filled my ears. It
was I, noises bursting from my raw throat, animal sounds that I couldn't be
capable of. I closed my eyes in shame.
      "Don't rush so, Dirk. We've got hours yet."
      I opened my eyes. I was finished, I knew. Humiliated, I watched as she
lowered herself slowly onto me, her thighs taut. Her hands roamed wantonly
over her body, her eyes grew slitted and dark.
      "Lily, stop. I can't--"
      "Oh, yes," she hissed, "you can."
      Apalled, I saw she was right. I should have been limp, satiated, but I
was ready, more than ready. I arced toward her, voltage leaping between us.
She smiled down at me, triumph etched over her normally serene face.
      Something fluttered at the back of my mind, futile moth wings against
the heat. Understanding dawned. The wine.
      "It was you!"
      I pictured Honey being led away in handcuffs, crumpled in a stark
cell. What had I done? Even as I realized my folly, faced the agonizing knowledge
of my arrogance, hunger swept away my guilt. I succumbed to hedonism. Lily,
dark and insistent, swallowed me.

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