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The Worlds of The 13th Doctor


Bookhunting for Beginners

Revision date: 02 April 2000

This is a page devoted to searching for my second favorite vice in the whole world: Collecting books. I'm an amateur book hunter and collector. And yes, I do look for books for people. I have ten years experience doing it. This page has tips on searching for books as well as my Want List and Swap List.

The Writings of the 13th Doctor

Revision date: 01 January 2000

This is the page for all my writings. I am a writer of Science Fiction and an occasional poem. Currently on the page are the following: A Star Trek - Deep Space Nine short story, two pieces of my poetry, and a novella set in my "Earth Fleet" universe.

Favourite Links

Revision date: 09 April 1999

This is a list of some the Web Pages I've found and liked. I hope you like them too.

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