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10/28/02 6:59:50 PM Opening "Chat Log 10/28/02"

HOST WPLC Lyric:    Dirk, these are our other hosts, Deer, is Donna and Sushi
is Paul
Sunan21:    hi all
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Hello everyone
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Hi Tom
sh021902:   Hello Fjm and all
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Just so everyone knows, Dirk Wyle, our guest is using the
screen name DuncHayn
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Hi Dirk, glad you are here.
DuncHayn:   Hi.
WriteWithHeart: so Dirk....before we start.....single or married?  a girl has
gotta ask...
DuncHayn:   Married.
WriteWithHeart: kids?
DuncHayn:   two, both self-sufficient.
WriteWithHeart: cool....means you did your job...
DuncHayn:   One is businessman. other is actor.
Sunan21:    A mothers dream
WriteWithHeart: that's wonderful
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Cindy BEHAVE!
WriteWithHeart: tee hee
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, looks like we've got a pretty full house here
JsmnStrm:   yeah we do. ;)
Fjm3eyes:   who's Cindy?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    So I'd like to introduce everyone to our guest speaker,
Dirk Wyle
JES No Time:    Standing room only <g>
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Dirk is using the screen name DuncHayn
OnlineHost: LittCrazy has entered the room.
JsmnStrm:   Just the way it should be, Jes. :)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Welcome Dirk!!!!
DuncHayn:   Glad to be here.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Great to have you here
OnlineHost: Allturegoo has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Dirk has authored six Ben Candidi Mysteries, all of which
are Medical Thrillers
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Is that right Dirk?
DuncHayn:   Three are published.
Kathi Smith 116:    is the sound of automatic weapons fire an odd thing to
hear this time of night?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    He is also a scientist in his own right and uses that
knowledge in the field of pharamaceuticals to write his books
DuncHayn:   About 12 to go.
Kathi Smith 116:    glad to have you, dirk
DuncHayn:   I was asked to talk about the process of writing a novel.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I met Dirk at the Bouchercon Mystery Conference last year
and can tell you that in person he's a pretty charismatic guy
HOST WPLC Dee R:    I noticed a blurb from Edna Buchanan complimenting one of
your books...
DuncHayn:   Yes, she's a great gal.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    He also has an interesting way of marketing small press
books that maybe he'll also share with us at the end of his presentation.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Yes, just so you know, that link was sent to the entire
OnlineHost: KristyMontee has left the room.
Kathi Smith 116:    dirk, where's your website? i had it, but it's on the
other computer
HOST WPLC Dee R:    I imagine she is a character.
JsmnStrm:   do you maintain your site, Dirk?
DuncHayn:   She's a great newspaper gal who's an even better novelist.
Kathi Smith 116:    thanks
OnlineHost: TheClassicQuill has left the room.
DuncHayn:   I do the HTML myself.
JsmnStrm:   :) :) :)  Isn't html fun?? lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Why don't we let Dirk do his presentation and then we'll
ask him questions at the end?
DuncHayn:   Hi, everybody. I am Dirk Wyle (www.dirk-wyle.com). Thanks for
coming to hear me talk about organizing your manuscript and the process of
writing a novel.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   lol
DuncHayn:   Having published three novels in my Ben Candidi Series, and
having completed a fourth, and working now on my fifth and sixth, I have given a
lot of thought to what can make the writer efficient or inefficient at his
DuncHayn:   I have also critiqued a lot of manuscripts for colleagues
DuncHayn:   So here are two pages of thoughts on the subject, illustrated by
my third novel Medical School Is Murder:
FASCINATION or, better yet, by a combination of the two.
DuncHayn:   (Sorry, unable to respond off-line to moderator.)
OnlineHost: CPeete has entered the room.
EVOLVING STORY.  If the story were a trip on an elevated train, the reader
would be positioned three feet behind the motorman.
DuncHayn:   Does that make sense, gang?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Can you give us some examples Dirk
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Yes indeed. (Out here we have BART)
CPeete: Sorry I'm late...hello to everyone and our guest.
DuncHayn:   Some novelists tell the story like it has already happened. That
is the tail end of the train.
OnlineHost: Valatin has left the room.
DuncHayn:   Some tell it as it happens, but without suspense or reader
involvement. That is like the side window of the train.
DuncHayn:   The best novelists puth the reader right up front where he
OnlineHost: LittCrazy has left the room.
DuncHayn:   These are the landmarks of your story. Doing this will free you
up to be creative as to how you get from point C to point D, without having to
worry about whether that will eliminate point H (and youll have to rewrite
your story).
HOST WPLC Sushi:    ring true?
JES No Time:    Looking for the happy balance
DuncHayn:   You all know wooden writing when you see it.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    So hit the highlights of the plot in the outline?
DuncHayn:   The writer tells you that something happened, but it doesn/t feel
like it happened.
DuncHayn:   Yes, I have some highlights from my third novel.
JsmnStrm:   cool!  Story previews.. gotta love it.
DuncHayn:   In Medical School Is Murder, the first scenes to write
themselves were (1) the phone call that served as Bens call to action, leaving
Rebecca temporarily to return to Miami and take over a deceased scientists
DuncHayn:   2) the Unitarian memorial service for the deceased Prof. Peter
Peterson in which the minister surprises Ben by asking him to say a few words
about his predecessor,
DuncHayn:   3) Bens strange conversation with a medical school official,
DuncHayn:   (4) spying on animal rights activists,
DuncHayn:   (5) Bens attempt to pry information from a scientific do-gooder
sub-group at a national scientific meeting, and
DuncHayn:   (6) a cliff-hanging ending.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Everyone should know that Rebecca is your protagonist's
fiancee, right?
DuncHayn:   Yes.
DuncHayn:   So these are the highlights and the strongest scenes.
DuncHayn:   But the rest of the story has to be told.
Kathi Smith 116:    can you define plot points for us?
DuncHayn:   Hard to define. Take an intuitive approach.
DuncHayn:   Maybe you would call them landmarks in the story. Turning points.
DuncHayn:   Think of them as gates through which the story passes.
Fjm3eyes:   bye everyone
DuncHayn:   For example, between #1 and #2 the question was whether Ben could
rise to the occasion and play the role of Research Assistant Professor.
Between #2 and #5, I used job pressures and other problems to put Ben under
OnlineHost: Fjm3eyes has left the room.
DuncHayn:   Spin is important. Without subtle direction of the reader, your
story or intent will be misinterpreted.
DuncHayn:   Some authors call it "voice."
OnlineHost: sh021902 has left the room.
OnlineHost: Fjm3eyes has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    interesting term & concept
DuncHayn:   It makes the author "distinctive" and helps the reader know what
to expect.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    so you think spin and voice are the same?
DuncHayn:   No.
OnlineHost: PPPRINCESSWHITE has entered the room.
DuncHayn:   Voice has more to do with uniformity.
OnlineHost: PPPRINCESSWHITE has left the room.
OnlineHost: CPeete has left the room.
DuncHayn:   Are there more questions?
TheDuffer:  !
OnlineHost: Elclogger has left the room.
OnlineHost: CPeete has entered the room.
JES No Time:    Do you think that voice is something you can develope or is
it a natural talent?
DuncHayn:   Yes, duffer.
TheDuffer:  I've visited your website.  Wonderful background, but a bit
DuncHayn:   You can develop it.
TheDuffer:  that there are no excerpts from your work.
DuncHayn:   How so disappointed.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    [moderator?]
TheDuffer:  GA
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Duff, we're going to take questions at the end
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I'm sure Dirk will be glad to discuss that with you in a
few minutes
DuncHayn:   There are excerpts of Pharmacology is Murder. You can get
excerpts of the others at Amazon.
TheDuffer:  Cool, Lyric, I thought it was open for questions and comments.
JsmnStrm:   Dirk just asked if there were any questions... :)  didn't he?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    I saw the ones at Amazon
DuncHayn:   Good, I will go on with what I had planned.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    only on the point being discussed.  <G>
HOST WPLC Dee R:    you're doing good, Dirk...great stuff
JES No Time:    opps
OnlineHost: SteeIBtrfl has entered the room.
JsmnStrm:   ((( ooops, sorry)))))
DuncHayn:   Thanks. Lyric. In the early phases, I sometimes develop
character cards that I lay down against each other to generate actions and character
properties, which I continue to revise until they are just right.
PHeeren:    ?
DuncHayn:   When the plot becomes complicated, I generate tables, giving each
major character a column, and filling the rows with actions and reactions.
DuncHayn:   Every plot point becomes a separate page in a looseleaf notebook,
with the actions written in BOLDFACE.
DuncHayn:   Inspired scenes are written and inserted. When I am writing
inspired I don't worry about grammar or {words that I can't find}
DuncHayn:   because that kills inspiration {which lives in the moment}.
Later, I can make myself a note to [ADJUST THE ABOVE].
DuncHayn:   (Bear with me for a few minutes.)
JsmnStrm:   :)  we can do that. :)
DuncHayn:   The looseleaf notebook undergoes constant revision. I look it
over, think hard and pen in changes and things to add.
DuncHayn:   These brainstorming sessions may take 1-2 hours. If a new scene
or narrative paragraph suggests itself, I sit down at the
DuncHayn:   keyboard and write it immediately while it is fresh. After the
pages are full of notes to myself, then I rearrange it in my computer and type
out a new version.
DuncHayn:   If I am not inspired, I do now write dialogue or even narrative.
I write notes to myself about things to do or think about. Usually, I become
inspired while writing the notes.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    (do not?)
OnlineHost: HOST WPLC sunnyG has left the room.
DuncHayn:   "to do or to think about."
DuncHayn:   After I have done that a dozen times, I can start calling it a
novel. Then I go over it for tone, action, fascination, logic, balance {and the
checklist goes on}.
DuncHayn:   My next step is to draft a back cover synopsis. This usually
takes the equivalent of two days. With that written and optimized, I go back over
the novel, page by page, to be sure that it lives up to its promise.
PHeeren:    ?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    We should start Tom...(PHeeren)
JsmnStrm:   :)  good presentataion. ;)
DuncHayn:   Thanks.
PHeeren:    all right....do writers often use an outline like we did for our
term papers in hs?
PHeeren:    ga
DuncHayn:   Pheeren, the outline should be convenient for you.
DuncHayn:   It should help you visualize your major points.
Nsummers882:    ?
DuncHayn:   You don't have to turn it into anyone.
DuncHayn:   You can do as much or as little as you want.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    ?
DuncHayn:   GA
JES No Time:    ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Nsum ga
DuncHayn:   Go ahead, Jess
Nsummers882:    about the character cards this has the discriptions and
everything about them.
DuncHayn:   Whatever works for you.
JES No Time:    Your character cards, do you move them around like chess
peices or use your imagination.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    (jess next)
DuncHayn:   You can try putting the ones together who are interacting
DuncHayn:   Or the ones who are in opposition to each other.
Nsummers882:    ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    (after jess Donna)
DuncHayn:   Whatever helps you to visualize.
DuncHayn:   Yes, Donna.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Sometimes I get to the middle of the story and it's hard
to keep up the enthusiasm...any suggestions on a jolt to get the juices going
Fjm3eyes:   ?
DuncHayn:   Do you know how the story ends?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    yes
CPeete: good question, Donna
OnlineHost: Allturegoo has left the room.
DuncHayn:   Then you know the steps necessary to get from beginning to end?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    I always know how they end...when I start the story and
how to get there...I've started to do a "light" outline
HOST WPLC Dee R:    thanks to Paul's encouragement, lol
DuncHayn:   You should have no more in the middle than necessary. And you
should always look at your material to
DuncHayn:   be sure that the drama or fascination is building.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    (Nsummer next)
DuncHayn:   Anything that the readers already know can be gone over lightly.
Nsummers882:    so you don't put the witing together untill you are ready to
write the whole thing at one time? this sounds greatly organized and easy.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    please wait to be called on By Dirk, guys
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I'm just reminding him of the queue
DuncHayn:   Who is next?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    nsummer
HOST WPLC Dee R:    thanks, Dirk
DuncHayn:   Go ahead, nsummer.
Nsummers882:    its above
HOST WPLC Lyric:    paste it again so he can see it Nsummer
DuncHayn:   I get a minimal outline. Then I look for inspiration.
DuncHayn:   Some of the actions and scenes will be inspired.
DuncHayn:   So I write them.
DuncHayn:   But I don't overwrite them.
DuncHayn:   After I have written with inspiration on parts of the story,
DuncHayn:   I go back to the outline and fill in more
DuncHayn:   or adjust it.
TheDuffer:  !
HOST WPLC Lyric:    (Frank is next)
Nsummers882:    so you dont put the writing together untill you are ready to
write it all down. sounds just very organized and easy.
DuncHayn:   It is a continuous process until I have the whole story roughted
JES No Time:    ?
DuncHayn:   Then I polish it.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    (if I forget anyone IM me!)
DuncHayn:   Frank, you're next?
Fjm3eyes:   Do you write short stories as well as novels? GA
DuncHayn:   I have written a couple. One is "Gems of Yiddish" with
DuncHayn:   Jewish gangsters. Diamond merchants, actually.
DuncHayn:   Another is about how a dog attacks his writer master
OnlineHost: JsmnStrm has left the room.
DuncHayn:   to get him off the computer and out
DuncHayn:   for a walk.
JES No Time:    Do you use the same characters in your novels, or introduce
new ones in each book?lol
HOST WPLC Dee R:    lol...just kicked my dog, just in case
DuncHayn:   Written from the dog's point of view/
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Oops we missed Duff, so duff will be after Jess
JES No Time:    Sorry I didn't mean to send the question out early.
WriteWithHeart: hahahahaha
DuncHayn:   Yes, Ben and rebecca are the characters in my series.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    that's a funny idea, Dirk
DuncHayn:   Yes, the dog was trying to live up to his wolf heritage.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Duff is up next
DuncHayn:   Who's next.
TheDuffer:  Good point, Guest......  My problem with students is they have a
horrible tendency to overwrite, and under-edit.
DuncHayn:   Yes, but we are all students.
TheDuffer:  Do you agree? ga.
DuncHayn:   I did a lot of overwriting on my first novel.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    (queue is empty guys)
DuncHayn:   And I had to take a lot of stuff out.
DuncHayn:   And that is painful.
DuncHayn:   It's like putting up the drywall and plastering it and then
having to rip it out.
WriteWithHeart: i'll drink to that
DuncHayn:   (End of answer.)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    What is the best way to avoid that, Dirk, we're all
guilty of that around here!
DuncHayn:   So write with heart writes with brain, too.
TheDuffer:  Thank you.
DuncHayn:   The best way to avoid wasted
DuncHayn:   work is to outline.
OnlineHost: JsmnStrm has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    go ahead dee
DuncHayn:   Go ahead.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    What do you consider "overwriting"? Just curious..
DuncHayn:   Taking 5 pages to get through a minor scene.
JsmnStrm:   good question!
DuncHayn:   Writing one page of description of a house or room.
DuncHayn:   Any description that is not combined with action.
Kathi Smith 116:    ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Donna has another great question I'm dying for her to ask
too  -- about your batteries!
HOST WPLC Lyric:    go ahead Kathi
HOST WPLC Dee R:    that's a good one..
JsmnStrm:   ((( never done that.. lolololol))))
DuncHayn:   Drawing out a major scene past the point
HOST WPLC Dee R:    lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we'll get back to Donna right after Kathi!
DuncHayn:   where the reader gets it.
Kathi Smith 116:    Did you take any formal education in writing or was it
more by trial and error?
DuncHayn:   Who's next?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Kathi just asked her question..
DuncHayn:   I have always read as a hobby.
OnlineHost: PHeeren has left the room.
DuncHayn:   And I have always analyzed what i read.
OnlineHost: Suspensewriter has entered the room.
DuncHayn:   And for about 6 years, I belonged to a critique group.
DuncHayn:   Now I have a circle of readers for my manuscripts.
DuncHayn:   (End of answer.)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    go ahead Donna
HOST WPLC Dee R:    I read an interview where you said you started writing on
your laptop during a 6 week power outage...my question is: how did you
recharge your batteries? Mine only last 2 hours! lol
Fjm3eyes:   ?
DuncHayn:   That's true.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    a trick question for you...  :-)
JsmnStrm:   donna, you smart alec! :)
DuncHayn:   Went through a lot of batteries. Ha Ha.\
Kathi Smith 116:    ?
HOST WPLC Sushi:    trick or treat!   ;-)
G1ft0fgabn0t:   tee hee
HOST WPLC Lyric:    As you can tell we all think a lot of our critique
partners here
HOST WPLC Dee R:    <----dodges the tomatoes being thrown...
JsmnStrm:   lol
HOST WPLC Lyric:    but I always think that it's as important to do critiques
as to receive them
OnlineHost: Suspensewriter has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    do you agree
OnlineHost: Suspensewriter has entered the room.
DuncHayn:   Golden rule.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    I think Fjm3eyes is next and than Kathi...
SteeIBtrfl: :::tosses candy corn:::
DuncHayn:   Got to be "clinical."
HOST WPLC Lyric:    more than that, I think you learn more when you critique
DuncHayn:   True.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    (I had to slip in here somewhere!  Yes Frank next LOL)
JsmnStrm:   :::waves at steel, grabbign candy:::::
Fjm3eyes:   Did  your critique group help with the finding of your circle of
readers?  GA
DuncHayn:   No, they were unpublished.
DuncHayn:   But they knew how to find weakness in each
DuncHayn:   other
DuncHayn:   's work.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Kathi is next
DuncHayn:   And that's important.
DuncHayn:   Kathy!
Kathi Smith 116:    What sort of writing schedule do you practice?
DuncHayn:   I try to do 6 hours a day when I am not
HOST WPLC Lyric:    :::::::::::FIVE MINUTE WARNING:::::::::
DuncHayn:   promoting (which takes 40% fo my time.)
DuncHayn:   But I am always thinking
Kathi Smith 116:    ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Dirk will you tell the gang about your side business?
DuncHayn:   about my in progress novel, even when
DuncHayn:   not at the keyboard.
OnlineHost: Suspensewriter has left the room.
JsmnStrm:   ?
DuncHayn:   What do you mean?
Sunan21:     ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    About how you also promote other books when you sell yours
DuncHayn:   Jump in, anyone.
DuncHayn:   Readings at bookstores and libraries.
DuncHayn:   Trade shows.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Like your booth at Bouchercon
DuncHayn:   Radio interviews.
JsmnStrm:   do you constantly think about your novel?  Work out things in
your head and stuff?
DuncHayn:   No booth at Bouchercon, but at scientific meetings.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   ?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    I missed Duff so it's his turn, guys, I apologize Duff
DuncHayn:   I do a lot of work while walking the dog.
DuncHayn:   Yes, duff.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Jsmn, Sunan, and Gabby
SteeIBtrfl: sounds like you have a stephen king type dog
DuncHayn:   He's a yellow lab.
DuncHayn:   Scotty!
Kathi Smith 116:    (I had another question too...above...maybe you missed it)
DuncHayn:   ok.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    no I didn't Kathi, Duff first and then Kathi
JsmnStrm:   take my spot, Kathi.. I've already been answered.
DuncHayn:   ok
DuncHayn:   Hey, folks, it's been swell. Thanks a lot.
SteeIBtrfl: thanks Duncan
SteeIBtrfl: nice chat
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Can you stay for a couple of more questions Dirk
JsmnStrm:   yeah, thanks for coming!
DuncHayn:   Fine.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    just to finish those who've already asked
OnlineHost: PHeeren has entered the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    GA Duff
SteeIBtrfl: :::peeling rubber out-o-here::: nighters all***
OnlineHost: SteeIBtrfl has left the room.
PHeeren:    sorry I was bumped off
DuncHayn:   Keep the rubber on the road.
JsmnStrm:   night steel. ;)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    okay, if Duff isn't ready, Kathi
PHeeren:    my apologies
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ga
Kathi Smith 116:    At what point did you decide to leave your crit group and
DuncHayn:   After a while, everyone
DuncHayn:   gets to know what the other one will say.
Nsummers882:    good night, thank you. really enjoyed and have 4 pages of
notes from tonight.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    welcome back, Tom
DuncHayn:   So you are "calibrated" for that type of person.
DuncHayn:   Then you need to find new critiquers.
Kathi Smith 116:    follow-up?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    GA Jas
JsmnStrm:   skip me..
HOST WPLC Lyric:    GA sunnan
DuncHayn:   Sunnan?
Sunan21:    What do you do when you have a block
DuncHayn:   block?
DuncHayn:   Oh, writer's block!
JsmnStrm:   writers block stinks.
JsmnStrm:   :)
DuncHayn:   Never do.
Sunan21:    When you cant seem to express what you want
DuncHayn:   That';s what I was
Sunan21:    lucky you
DuncHayn:   talking about. If you lack inspiration
DuncHayn:   you go back to outlining.
Sunan21:    yes
DuncHayn:   And when you outline
DuncHayn:   you get inspired.
DuncHayn:   Consider it "directions to yourself."
HOST WPLC Lyric:    GA Gabby
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Was it hard to get your first novel published? How long did
it actually take?
DuncHayn:   I called it a novel
DuncHayn:   in 1994. It was
DuncHayn:   published in 1998.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   wow
DuncHayn:   It was revised many times between 94 and 98.
DuncHayn:   That was where I LEARNED
DuncHayn:   writing.
DuncHayn:   (over)
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Thanks for staying for the last questions Dirk
HOST WPLC Lyric:    we really appreciated your talk tonight!
HOST WPLC Dee R:    I've heard that it's best to put your first finished
novel behind you and concentrate on the second one.
Sunan21:    Thanks much!
DuncHayn:   La gusta es mia.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Yes, thanks you     :-)
BALSKANDER: great chat  thank you
WriteWithHeart: You've given me a lot to think about Dirk, thank you
HOST WPLC Dee R:    Dirk...fascinating material...thank you
JES No Time:    Excellent chat!
G1ft0fgabn0t:   thanks very much
HOST WPLC Dee R:    we'd love to have you come again...
HOST WPLC Lyric:    ::::::::::Applause!!!!::::::::::::::::
CPeete: It's been a blast, but I must depart
DuncHayn:   Danke schoen.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Would you come again Dirk?
HOST WPLC Dee R:    night, Connie
Kathi Smith 116:    Thank you, Dirk...very informative chat
G1ft0fgabn0t:   niters CP
OnlineHost: BALSKANDER has left the room.
DuncHayn:   You're welcome.
CPeete: great to have you with us tonight, Dirk
CPeete: do come again
DuncHayn:   okay.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Hooray!!!
CPeete: you all have a good week!
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Great job Dirk
WriteWithHeart: thanks again Lyric....Kathi, nice "seeing you" tonight...
DuncHayn:   Lyric, I couldn't get
HOST WPLC Lyric:    again thanks and stop by anytime!
DuncHayn:   the off-line screen to show.
OnlineHost: Nsummers882 has left the room.
OnlineHost: BaxterBK22 has entered the room.
Kathi Smith 116:    nice to see you too, cindy...come back soon
DuncHayn:   And thank you.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    That is the IM
OnlineHost: CPeete has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    it might have been hidden behind the main screen
OnlineHost: WriteWithHeart has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric:    move your chat screen by dragging it and see
HOST WPLC Sushi:    you have to double click their name in the "People Here"
PHeeren:    dee, I have a ?, dee'
TheDuffer:  Thank you Guest, for your insight.....  Good stuff.....
DuncHayn:   Sorry lyric, too dangerous to minimize it.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    sure...want me to IM you?
HOST WPLC Lyric:    thanks everyone for coming
DuncHayn:   Thanks, Duffer.
JsmnStrm:   LOL..
PHeeren:    yes
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Remember everyone Tom, Pheeren is up next week
HOST WPLC Lyric:    so get your crits in!
Kathi Smith 116:    or click on the windows thing on the first line of the
screen, shows all the open windows
JsmnStrm:   Well, Dirk, we can chat HTML some other time. lol
JsmnStrm:   :)
HOST WPLC Dee R:    tom, just IM'd you...
DuncHayn:   Great. Thanks again. I'm gone.
JsmnStrm:   night.
HOST WPLC Dee R:    night, Dirk...
HOST WPLC Dee R:    thanks again
OnlineHost: PHeeren has left the room.
OnlineHost: TheDuffer has left the room.
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Tom, then an educational session with Roy
HOST WPLC Lyric:    Bye!
OnlineHost: BaxterBK22 has left the room.
JsmnStrm:   Okay, folks, I'm outta here...  must go play a bit before
bedtime... lolol
HOST WPLC Sushi:    Then Jes
OnlineHost: DuncHayn has left the room.
G1ft0fgabn0t:   Me too y'all. Niters
JsmnStrm:   nighters!!!

10/28/02 8:03:36 PM Closing "Chat Log 10/28/02"