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Steel (Steelbtrfl)
A steel butterfly is a great name for her, and yes, she can be firm, but also, her opinion is one to respect.  She has worked hard, been published 11 times I think and dealt with all kinds of crap, but she still works hard and is to be respected.  :) 

Steel has a wonderful, sometimes frightening sense of humor. I love it.

Steel is the strongest women I've known. She would do anything to help a writer improve, has little patience for whiners, and is one of the best writers in our group. She also has an incredible ability to forgive those who've wronged her deeply.

Quite intelligent.

Steel (is that in the same sense as 'Wo-Man of Steel)?  I try and read everything she has to say, but many times the conversation goes so fast I have to scroll back to read. It has been my pleasure of meeting you, even if it is on line.
Though brutally honest with her comments, I have always felt her intentions were nothing but to help the other writers in the group.  She has been a great help and inspiration to me personally.
Another literary voice of wisdom we all can learn a few things from.
Steel has a wry, sharp wit (my kind of gal) and is never afraid to speak her mind. Whether I agree or disagree with her, it's refreshing to always know she's being honest. A rare quality. She's a writer whose opinion I respect. I consider a piece well-done if I can just her to read it all the way through. She is fearless in her life and her work, or at least presents that face to the public, which is usually the same thing.
Steele has taught me that the ability to laugh at myself and my writing will make me a stronger, better person.
And the winner is . . . Shoot you already knew that.  Sharp, in capitol letters.  VERY INTERESTING view on things.  She makes me feel a bit moronic when she and Paul are having one of their bouts.  Talking about stuff that I barely understand.  But, it is so much fun watching them.
Steel knows something about darn near everything -- and a great deal about our chosen path of writing to publish. She even puts up with a group leader who has beleifs nearly the opposite of hers.
If Paul is the Rennaisance man, then Steel is our very own Virginia Wolff. They are Ying and Yang. When Steel talks about writing, I stop and listen hard to her. She knows! Steel will tell you truths you might not want to hear, and she will pass on information you eagerly want to absorb in your blood stream.
Steel is talented, smart and successful. This is someone you know that if they put their mind to something, they'll get it done, and do it their way.

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