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May your fingers fly over the keyboard!
Ash (Mod Gonne)
Has a most "interesting" outlook.

Ash has a poetic soul. She is talented in both English and in Science. She loves Irish authors like Joyce.

Needs faster hands to keep up with her thoughts
Ashley's love for writing come across in her critiques. I'm looking forward to reading something she has written.
Seems nice.
Has a unique writing voice, distinctive. It will make her stand out from the crowd one day.
Ash is a truly gifted writer. She can show you things so vividly, that you smell the changes in the atmosphere
Ash provides us with a special, much-needed view from "left field," both in an ideological and writing-style sense. She is also a literary expert.
Multiple quirky personalities that seem to manifest in flowery abundance. Her struggle of self is powerful and all consuming. Her ability to write has never been in question although she veers toward avante-garde style and odd material. A difficult commercial style which may make her a hard sell to the large publishers but offers a strong potential that she will find success with a similar, smaller, avante-garde quirky publisher. She is always interesting.
Ash has more quiet writing skills in her head than some of the published writers of today. This girl is going to break out one day, and just watch that butterfly take to the sky. It will dazzle us all!

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