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Barry (Born To Vector)

Barry has a heart of gold, and is working his hardest to succeed at becoming a writer. He takes criticism well, and always has a helping hand to offer.

Barry has to potential to be a great writer; someone needs to notify the publishers.

Barry is always good about getting a crit done right away and prompt to let us know if he can't make it to a chat, which I greatly respect.
I've had the pleasure of meeting Barry face to face and I must say he is a very nice young man. Not only is he a very good writer, but loves his family as well.  I'm very proud of the contest where he placed second, not many writers can say that. Very proud of him.
Seems like an easy-going guy; not one to let insignificant things or people faze him more than necessary.
Barry earned my respect by his never-say-die attitude toward learning and improving in his writing. His dedication and determination are an example to all of us.
Barry is a gentle giant. His writing is superb, yet it never goes to his head. He's unpretentious and friendly. You can always count on him to be there for you with a smile and kind words of advice.
OK, easy one.  One of the best critique's in the group.  Comes up with some interesting ideas.
Barry is one of our most steady, long-time members, and he's always cheerful.
A strongly improving writer with good potentials. Always handles himself with maturity and thoughtfulness and is a strong asset to the writing group. He often provides quality critiquing of writing and grammar detail.
When Barry talks, people in the group listen to him. That is because he speaks, he speaks with the confidence of a good writer willing to share his ideas.
Barry knows his grammar, thank god for that. He's very easy going and a good guy.

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