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(Formerly the eWorld Fiction Writers)


   We are a critique group dedicated to helping aspiring fiction writers develop their talents and get published. We meet "live" each Monday at 10 PM Eastern time (7 PM Pacific), in the America Online Writer's Den.
(Link for AOL users only)
     This site showcases the work of our group members, as well as assisting all writers in improving their skills.
     We're always adding helpful links and advice, so do check back with us from time to time.

Writing To Publish is a site designed to help writers in all aspects of their writing careers.  We work on individual submissions, and also have guest speakers, and great lectures covering all the aspects of writing, from plot developments and hooks to writing that querey letter and how to market your book.

There is a brief summary of our group's history and work located on the page titled Becoming a Member. If you've been referred here from our chat session on AOL, or encountering us for the first time, this section will answer many of your questions and explain how to participate.


We invite you to visit us or attend a weekly session. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the group and how you can join.  The sessions are however focused on a specific members writings each week and we ask that once you join the session, that you wait for the greetor to Instant Message you.
Note:  Make sure that you have AOL set up to allow Instant Messages.

11.17.2003 Site update
We've completed the archives for the past short story contest, so please check and make sure I have your bylines and email addresses the way you want them.  We've also added Michaels new book, Pawns, to the Writers and Reviews page and Diane's homepage to the Members page.
10.20.2003 Site update
We've added a link on the Archives page for previous educational session chat logs, a total of 25, I think.  We've also added a few more books to the Writers and Reviews page, thanks to help from Paul.  Cecil has graciously offered to run an add for the group and the website in Skyline Magazine, where he recently has published one of his stories.  And lastly, we have added a guest sign in book on the home page.

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